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Teams can be work more efficiently when they have clear visions and goals. The organization of this team should value teamwork and encourage them to work with each other. According to this model, Eric had good team but he had a lot of problems in its team members. FireArt team is experiencing serious issues. It is a team of leaders wants to resolve the problems, but internal team issues lead to significant failures and inability to set clear goals.

The main reason for the problems with the company was in its management team. The team was not efficient due to different goals and values of the members. Team development and proper diagnosis of issues is possible only if the team possesses reasonable interpersonal relationships, procedures, roles and goals. Recommendations will be made for the team on how to address the main team issues and set clear goals.

Poor teamwork performance

The team lacked of effectiveness and collective work so it was hard to manage decisions and reach to team's goals. Team can't be success unless they work with each other. Eric's team could be more effective but one of its team member who was Randy, although he is experienced and a good professional, he does not seem to respect other team members, while respect is an essential part for every team to make its members confident and willing to cooperate. This affected on Eric's team where they could not reach at any achievement nor decisions or conclusions.

Weak team leadership

Eric was not a great leader. He could not control Randy's attitudes. Randy allowed himself to be a leader by his disruptive behaviors and actions, so the team members could not work with each other. In addition, lack of Eric's leadership, weakened the entire team. He did not try to solve conflicts or stop Randy. He did not exert himself as a leader and allowed Randy to take his role. Therefor, Eric failure to set common goals for all team members.

Poor communication

The first cause for poor team performance is interpersonal relationships among FireArt team members. It seems that Randy, although he is experienced and a good professional, does not have good relationships with others and wants to do what he considers the best. He is often pessimistic and does not believe in ideas proposed by others. Randy always controlled the discussions of the group by dropping proposals or completely secession from the discussion.Moreover, he is too self-confident and he does not listen to advice. It is impossible to make an effective team when one of the team members acting this way. listening  and communication are the most important leadership skills. Randy does not provide any solution and he does not agree with his team members. He always criticizes the ideas. The leader should influence his team by encourage them to achieve their goals. Also, he should work with them and improve their weakness. Randy does not seem to respect other team members, while respect is an essential part for every team to make its members confident and willing to cooperate. Thus, interpersonal relationships in this team are problematic and lead to conflicts. Without positive relationships, it is impossible to build a good team.

 Negative dominance and poor internal team processes

Despite Randy had a negative behavior, he still attracted his group members. He posed a big challenge to the group members. They thought he was  well versed with the operations in which they were involved, but he was unwilling to cooperate despite his capabilities. It does not seem that all team members have clear procedures of how to run the company and improve its performance. They had procedures do not work properly. As a result, the company lost its market position, team members did not agree on new procedures.  As for roles in the team, they are relatively clear, because all managers have their roles and responsibilities. However, Randy does not want to cooperate with others and to combine roles together to reach team cooperation and the goals of the company. While they could agree with each other on some issues, Randy was pessimistic and always introduce conflict and negative dominance.

Team success depend on the internal team processes. The person who can make a positive impact on his team knows how to direct his team very well. While Eric tried hard to make a good team, Randy was a biggest obstacle for him. He always disrupted the processes of the team and lead team members to the wrong direction. He actually had a good assistance to help this team but he also was disrupting the work of the team. Team members should help each other to make a good decisions and to be accountable to each other. Finally, this team shows problems with goals, because its members do not agree on common goals related to further market growth, niche marketing and costs management. Thus, the key causes for poor performance of this team include problematic interpersonal relationships, unclear procedures.  

Problems that are experienced by the team have different roots. However, poor leadership of Eric Holt is the main cause of problems. As it can be noticed from the case, Eric Holt demonstrates some failure as a leader, and they contribute to problems for a whole management team of FireArt. In particular, he is not powerful as a leader, and from dialogues among several team members, it seems that Randy, director of sales and marketing, has more power and more abilities to give mood and position to a team. Moreover, Eric worked hard to prepare structure and guidelines for his team; however, Randy mostly ignores them. One more issue is that Eric cannot organize team members properly and does not stimulate them to give their opinions or recommendations. For example, Ray who managed manufacturing did not say much on team meetings, although his opinion and recommendations could be important. Thus, Eric does not represent integrity in his role of a leader. It should be admitted that integrity is vital for any leader. A good leader should represent connection with honesty and being trusted by team members. Only with such integrity, a leader will be able to lead team members and to make team members trust him or her. Integrity of a team leader also contributes to development of openness and honesty in the whole organization. Eric does not have integrity as a team leader, because it does not seem that all team members respect and trust him. They have their own options and want to reach their own goals, but they are not open and trustful enough to agree to have common goals and interests,. Randy shown such attitudes the best, as he wants to reach his own goals and he does not trust other team members because he believes they will benefits from reaching goals but will not share their success. Finally, Eric does not possess enough emotional intelligence because he is not confident in the goals and abilities of the team, he cannot make impression on all team members and he cannot provide reasonable motivation to them. All those features of Eric lead to an inefficient team. During the last meeting, it was clear that  Ray had a stronger impact than Eric when he confronted Randy. Randy had negative effect on the team served in weakening the group and bringing about disharmony and conflict. Negative team dominance come from poor leadership, it does not stem from Eric, but from Randy. They brought Randy to their team because he had good performance. They expected that he would  be able to lead this team. He failed to understand how this team work. Randy should know that there are a common objectives towards which the whole team is working.

As the main goal of creating team is achieving its objective, this objective should be active through a great leader. It is important fo Eric to know that such as this team needs to influence and power. Unfortunately, Eric did not  exerted full power in his group. For Example, in the meeting Randy did not provide his presentation, while other team members did it. In this case Eric should control that by having strict instructions for all team members. Eric should talk with each member about the problems that facing their team and discuss what they should do in order to enhance their team. He also should encourage his team members to communicate with each other and contribute their ideas. In addition, team members and their leader need to discuss issues collectively, this would help them to work effectively in solving a collective problem. Also, they would able to see things from each others point of view.

Randy was a biggest obstacle in Eric's team. Eric  as a leader should use an appropriate leadership style with him. He should talk with Randy out of the team to seeking to his opinion independently. He should realize that Randy did not prefer to work in group. Randy wanted to work alone. For this reason, Eric could encourage him to work individually then share his work. Eric should do this because Randy affect negatively in team members. In addition, Eric with his team members could talk with Randy and tell him about their feeling when he made some comments on their work and how he could build a strong team. Also, Eric must encourage all team members to respect each other.

Finally, Eric could show that all team members are equal and all of them should listen to each other's ideas in order to make a great team and enhance their team effectiveness.

In addition, there are some actions should be taken to address the main problems. The first action recommended for Eric Holt and the FireArt team to take is to address the personality of Eric as a leader and his leadership features. In particular, he should become more confidence and improve his emotional intelligence skills. He should train how to organize the team and make team members respect and trust him. Eric should also develop his personal integrity of a team leader, and with integrity, he will be more trusted and team members will follow his recommendations and goals. The second recommendation for this team is to address key problems identified. According to this model, team members do not have good interpersonal relationships, clear procedures and goals. Thus, it is necessary to build good relationships first. Eric and other team members should focus on Randy because this team member represents the highest level of failure to follow all team goals. He is rather egoistic and focused on his interests, and he does not respect others. Team members led by Eric should communicate with him and try to explain his negative features in order to stimulate to overcome them. If he agrees, it will be easier to set common team goals and to follow them, and all members will share responsibilities and benefits. Finally, Eric should develop his leadership style. Via it, he will be able to persuade and stimulate all team members efficiently. Moreover, due to emotional intelligence, he will inspire others and persuade them to do everything as he requires. Thus, Randy and other members who do not follow him will change their behaviors. All those recommendations can help to improve the team and to set clear goals.

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