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3 ways that you can reach new prospects by using conversational marketing (especially using chatbots)

Conversational marketing is a relatively new marketing term, however, dates back to the beginning of time.

People buy from people. We all should have realized that by now, and if you missed the memo, dig into your past and think about who you buy most of your stuff from.

So, what is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is all about creating relationships with your prospect. We aim to build relationships because we deliver value. Value is often subjective but can be explained in a very simple way that gets the point across.

Imagine its the 1800's in a small town down south in the USA. There are two bakeries in the small town of fewer than 1000 people.

The first bakery is owned by Jack. Jack & Co, have a policy of always pricing their products cheaper than the competitors. They rely on price to set themselves apart. Every time you walked into Jack's bakery, you would be greeted by a “Yes, how can I help? No smile, no thank you, and a grunt as a bonus.

The second bakery is Harry's bakery. Harry sits behind the counter and his sole job is to talk to the clients. He has a notebook with him, and every time a customer walks in, he says, hi, flicks open his notebook, where he has been writing all the information that he has collected over the time that customer walked in the first time. He writes, birthdays down, kids names, makes note of the clients' favourite items, and quite often will sneak an extra bun in the bag with a thank you note.

Comparatively, Harry's bakery is always full, and always busy. Jack's only lasted a year and had to close down. This is because people buy from people, and in this case, the customer experience was far superior at Harry's. The market gave its verdict. This experience far out weighed the lower price offered by Jack's.

Conversational marketing is about creating memorable, impacting conversations that are relevant and provide value. Focused on the clients' needs and always ensuring that you put the relationship first.

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Here are 3 ways that you can do that in today's society.

Using the Dream 100 strategy, designed by Chet Holmes. Building relationships with key partners and associated businesses for cross promotion and partnerships are a fantastic way of delivering one's message to a much wider audience. Ensuring that you select 100 key partners who will represent and promote your brand effectively is only obtained by conversational one-to-one personal relationships. This may involve, sending personalized notes or gifts to your Dream 100, offering a preferential rate or providing valuable barter arrangements to solidify the relationship.

Chatbots providing valuable information are being used to automate some functions of conversational marketing without seeming robotic or impersonal. Speakerbot is a platform that uses chatbot technology to enable public speakers, coaches and consultants to continue the conversation online after a face to face meeting or from a live webinar or such. They use the platform to drip feed valuable content to their audience and use interactive conversations to ensure that they are always delivering value to their audiences. A perfect way to increase the touchpoint with their potential audience.

With open rates of 98% and higher, chatbots are an incomparable method of getting fantastic results unseen since the early days of email. Conversational marketing strategies are being used by The Funnel Guy for clients all over the world. The marketing agency uses giveaways on behalf of their clients, delivered by chatbots, to not only give products away, but to collect critical data. This data could include finding out the audiences' preferences, personal tastes, feedback, surveys and much much more. The chatbot provides a fantastic conversational platform to make this interaction as human as possible without bombarding the user, or making it intrusive.

Full Disclosure: Jerry Jariwalla is the CEO of Funnel Guy and has been using chatbots for his clients, to collect leads, save time and automate aspects of their business whilst adding value to the user.'

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