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The Development of Creative Cartel E-Marketplace for Malaysian Citizen Using Sort and Search Algorithm


This chapter provides an overview of the research project and discusses about the research background, problem statements, research objectives, research scope, research significance, and focus element as well.


Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content and can take place in an instant or over a long period of time (Juliette, 2017). The artwork form can be physical or virtual and can include images, words, or graphics. The one who experience the environment of creative art are the designers themselves. The graphic design also happens at any scale, from a simple design to a complicated one.

In addition, the purpose of graphic designing is for commercial, business, educational, and personal use as well. The graphic itself explains things using graphic language such as visual messages. Sue (2017) stated that, as with all designing, it is a planning and problem-solving discipline, concerned with purpose, process, visual judgement, engagement with users, and circumstances of use.

Technology definitely has enabled brands to have more exposure online, allowing businesses to interact with their clients, also allowed the ability to review and analyze real-time data to measure and even see what sources are giving more traffic. (Natalie, 2017). As the internet and technology is evolving fast from time to time, the nature of graphic design also had reach its peak. Content marketing and the evolution of graphic design for digital marketing is continuing to rise Implementation of business on the internet has been applied in the field of graphic design, which is the graphic design can have a process of buying and selling between designers and their clients through internet communication.

The use of E-commerce actually has its own recipe as we acknowledged the existence of graphic design websites as outsourcing platforms either intentionally or unintentionally. According to Alex (2017), now is the time where cloud is taking over the development world and many of the mundane tasks, it would make sense that companies would see outsourcing as a potential increase in productivity. This statement showed that nowadays, outsourcing is the best way to increase in the productivity and internet is a token for people doing job efficiently. A report from IBISWorld (2017) stated that, the emergence of the internet and social networks have presented new market for product sales as well as opportunities for graphic designers to create advertisements for these mediums. It is believed, by making a centered platform for graphic designers definitely boost up the demand and surely, increase the chances of getting freelance jobs as the online communication has guaranteed for that.

Although, the cover area of geographical location is not widely covered to provide graphic design services. Some area have dealing difficulties in term of intercommunicating between different locations and cultures. Davey (2015) pointed out that, an advantage of crowdsourced marketplace could act as a kind of eternal retail store, where a huge infrastructure don't have to be built in order to try something new. The approach of building up a hub of e-marketplace platform for various graphic designers can intercommunicate with people all over the place.

To enhance revolutionize ways of implementing the graphic design service, this research considerate the important factors on the development of Creative Cartel e-marketplace for Malaysian Citizen. The website definitely cover the entire Malaysia for local graphic designers and clients for business use.


One of the main problems with designers and their marketing is the haphazard marketing efforts are worth a little unless they can reach the right people and deliver the right message at the right time (Ilise, 2018). It explains that the method of marketing efforts from designers undoubtedly disorganized all over the place. The designers do not have a true platform such as e-marketplace web-based for them to market themselves and finally their marketing efforts are inconsistent and less worth.

Survey was conducted towards 15 Malaysian people, which consists of graphic designers who provide the graphic design services and people used to be a customer for this services. There are different factors that influences the usage between international and local graphic design service platforms by the experienced user.

a. User experience

i. About 53.3% of 15-experienced users find out about the graphic design services from their acquaintances such as friends and colleagues rather than advertisements and social media.

ii. Event purposes has taken first place, which is 46.7% of users, after business purposes and personal use for employing the graphic design services.

iii. Most of the platforms used to contact with the designer is through online text messaging which is 66.7% that consists of 10-experienced users. Meanwhile, only 6.7% of users use website and 13.3% of users use e-mail platforms to deal with the designers.

iv. Expected payment method in paying the graphic designer is through online banking where 10 out of 15 people did use it.

v. About 33.3% of 19-experienced user used the graphic design service for 2-5 times/year, while 6.7% of users used the service for more than 5 times/year.

b. Advantages & disadvantages in using international and local graphic design services.

International Local

Many choices of designs and templates About 53.3 % users ‘strongly agree', that international's graphic design services serve more choices of designs and templates. Followed by 40% and 6.7% of users voted for ‘agree' and ‘neutral' respectively.

From the results, shows that 53.3% of users ‘strongly agree' that local graphic design services serve many choices of designs and templates. However, there is 6.7% of users ‘strongly disagree' with this statement. Other than that, 26.7% and 13.3% of users voted for ‘agree' and ‘neutral' respectively.

Offer user-friendly website browsing experience Survey results estimated 53.3% of users ‘strongly agree' that international websites did offer better browsing experience. Meanwhile, 33.3% and 13.3% of users voted for ‘agree' and ‘neutral'. There is about 46.7% of users ‘strongly agree' that local websites offer good browsing experience. Followed by 33.3% and 20% of users who voted for ‘agree' and ‘neutral' for this statement.

Easy interaction with the designer The number of users voted for ‘neutral' and ‘strongly agree' for easy interaction with the international's designers are similar, which is 40% of users each. While, there is 6.7% of users ‘disagree' with this statement. More than half of users figured about 66.7% ‘strongly agree' that interaction with local designer much easy. Meanwhile, the percentage of users who are ‘disagree' with this statement is 6.7% yet same as the ‘agree' users' percentage.

Easy communication in term of language 7 out of 15 users are ‘neutrally' between agree and disagree towards the ease of communication even with language barrier between designers and clients. There is about 33.3% of users ‘strongly agree' and 20% of users just ‘agree' with this statement. 66.7% of users consist of 10 Malaysians ‘strongly agree' that, it is easy to communicate with the local designers. Followed by 20% of users who ‘agree' with this statement. While, the percentage of users voted for ‘disagree' is 6.7%.

Cheap and affordable price offered The survey shows that 33.3% of users ‘strongly agree' that the international platform offer cheap and affordable price for graphic design services. Yet, there is 26.7% of users ‘disagree' with this statement. About 46.7% of users that consist of 7 people ‘strongly agree' that local design services offer cheap and affordable prices. Meanwhile, 6.7% of users ‘disagree' and another 20% of users only ‘neutral' with this statement.

Easy to make payment About half of the users consist of 8 people ‘strongly agree' that dealing with international platform is easy to make payment. On the other hand, about 13.3% of users ‘strongly disagree' and the percentage same as users who ‘disagree' with the ease of payment by using international graphic design platform. From the survey, it is likely more than half of the users, which is 66.7% ‘strongly agree' that, by using local graphic design services makes payment easy to apply. While, there is 6.7% of users ‘disagree' that the payment is easy to make.

Payment is easy although using different currencies Percentage of users who ‘strongly agree' that the payment is easy although using different currencies is 46.7%. Then, the percentage of users stay the same for ‘agree', ‘neutral', ‘disagree', and ‘strongly disagree' which is 13.3% for each. 60% and 33.3% of Malaysian users who ‘strongly agree' and ‘agree' that the payment is easy to be made if using same currency respectively. However, there is 6.7% of users ‘strongly disagree' with this statement.

Based on the survey analysis, some problems had been found from the current graphic design e-marketplaces. The survey results show that the interaction between international designer and Malaysian client would be an issue. The Malaysian respondents were more likely to interact between Malaysians in order to make business runs smoothly. As the culture between Malaysians and international people that come from various parts of the world, it might have difference behavior and perspective. So, the interaction between them also could be an issue to meet the understanding.

Communication also being a part of the problem between Malaysians and international people because of the language barrier that harden the business. In term of communications, Malaysian respondents were strongly agreed that communication between them, Malaysians much easier. As to send messages and make phone calls to each other between designers and their client using same language could ease the business.

Although, from the survey results, Malaysian respondents prefer more to local graphic design service because of its price. The price offered from local graphic design service is slightly cheaper and affordable rather than offered by international graphic design service.

Other than that, Malaysian respondents are tend to choose local graphic design services provide an easy payment method. For example, the payment could be in cash and need to meet up with the designer to make payment. So, Malaysians prefer more to local payment method than international payment method to make payment easier.

Lastly, making payment in different currency would be major problem for Malaysians. As the currency of Malaysia is definitely different from other region in this world, the conversion of money value also could be different. Then, Malaysians more likely to use local graphic design services because the currency is in the same value.

Therefore, the problems stated above must come out with better solution. The development of Creative Cartel could encounter the major problems having by Malaysians and provide better e-marketplace for designers and their customers as well.


The objectives of this project are:

i. To identify requirements needed in building the Creative Cartel website.

ii. To design the interface for Creative Cartel that can satisfy the users.

iii. To develop the Creative Cartel website for designers and customers.


The scope of this project is mainly focus on providing graphic design services through website. Graphic design consists of any related digital artwork such as logo, poster, banner, sticker, and so forth can be found in the Creative Cartel website.

Next, to let local customers who visit the Creative Cartel website to browse and choose what kind of design and which local designer they wanted to. The website then displays designer's profile where the customer can view his/her artworks and can do chatting with the designer to request and discuss on particular graphic designs.

The feature of uploading and downloading document such as image file format is provided in the website as for the designer and customer can share files between each other. Files from customer could be a sketch or draft of the wanted design, while the designer's files contain of output or real document of design wanted by the customer.

Finally, the website provides payment method, which are online banking and credit/debit card transaction. Surely, its currency is in Malaysian Ringgit as the target user for this website is mostly Malaysian citizen.


The purpose of doing this project is to ease and help the people who commonly give designing services and the people who seeking for that services. The target market of this project is among Malaysian citizen and engaging the local designers to use this platform. By making this project happened, this will fewer the difficulties of having businesses between designers and their clients, as they can reach each other easily through internet communication.

Most of the designers do not have a true local platform to market and promote themselves. Hence, Creative Cartel aims to increase the designers' profile and number of jobs as well. Aside from that, the customer can easily browse and find their interested local designers based on their level of experiences through this platform to deal with.

Furthermore, people with limited budget definitely would go for the most reliable one to meet their requirements. Then, the Creative Cartel is the platform that uses current local currency to encourage local user to use it instead of using another platform that uses different currency.

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