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In this article, Erica (2014) discussed how John Williams changed the film music industry by composing for some blockbuster movies such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. The author interviewed the musicians in the Utah Symphony which will play for the concert “The music of John Williams” on July 11. Tyzik said that John Williams has the ability to produce memorable music to capture the personality of the character which made him a remarkable film composer. Also, Tolokan state that John Williams bridged the gap between movies and classical music. Travis Peterson, principal trumpet player for Utah Symphony credited John Williams' music inspired him into classical music. John Williams Movies and Music Youtube channel posted a short clip of “Jaws” with and without music to show the importance of film music in the movies.

Erica is a writer and an interviewer. She writes for the Mormon Times and Features department. This article would be very useful for my essay because it shows that John Williams' music impacted the film music industry and the audiences by bringing the movie characters to life with classical music.

Derek (2018) examines John Williams' music is able to affects the listener's emotion through the change of tempo in his composition. John Williams turns his composition into cinematic experiences which the audiences can feel the tension by increasing the tempo and dynamics of the music. In 1982, a marketing researcher named Ronald studied how tempo change the consumer patterns by putting instrumental music in a store for ten weeks. People tend to move faster when a fast tempo of music are played and they move slower when a slow tempo of music are played. Patricia, psychology professor also shows that people spend less time and move faster in the store when louder music are played rather than softer music are played.

Although this article has less information about how John Williams' music affects listener emotion with his change of tempo, but there are experiments conducted to prove that music tempo can change the behavior and motion of the audiences. Some information that relates to music tempo can affects listener emotion might be useful and can illustrate some of my main arguments. This article is peer reviewed as the article provides various of sources that examine the change of tempo which makes John Williams' music iconic.

Allan (2015) did some research on how John Williams; music brings the movie character to life with his composition. Allan (2015) show that John Williams has been composing film music for more than 60 years. His most famous work was “Jaws” which he brings the shark's strength, its deadly motion and personality to life. John Williams use some special techniques which included the late 19th and early 20th-century classical and orchestral music. He brings in musical language and its elements which is melody line, orchestration and harmony into film music. These elements can create a vocabulary which is emotional and most importantly to outstand the personality of the character.

Allan (2015) is a former music critic and writer for The New York Times which makes this article a reliable source. This article shows a lot of examples which makes them a high quality of resources. The information could help me explain how John Williams writes his music and how he brings his movie character to life.

In this article, Ian (1998) interviews John Williams and talks about the film music that he composed. Musician have given a remarkable review on his imagination and skills for his music. John Williams is also good at writing scores and music which suites the character of the movie. He also talks about his early life, experiences and music composers who had influenced and inspired his work. Most of the composers are from late 19th and early 20th century classical musicians and film scorers which influenced John Williams on creating a different style of film music.

Even though the interview gives a lot of resources about how John Williams compose his music that inspired by classical music, it does not clearly explain how he bridged the gap between classical music and film music. However, John Williams' music is popular among nowadays generation which impacted the film music industry. For example, his soundtrack album has sold over four million copies worldwide and his composition has won him several awards.

Juliet (2015) interviewed John Williams and discussed about his original film music for Star Wars that brings impact to the world after 40 years later. He tried to keep Star Wars sounds related and unique. John Williams state that the relationship between music and film is important and they depend on each other. He brings orchestral into his work because in his early life he was playing piano in an orchestral band and was invited to score with a few composer. John Williams also speaks about his contribution and how he managed to capture the details of his composition.

This interview does not give much information about how John Williams brings the movie character to life. But, the information regarding how he bridged the gaps between classical music and film music could illustrate to my main argument because he brings a lot of classical music elements into his music. This interview also shows that his original music in Star Wars brings impact to the film music industry even after 40 years later.

Derren (2002) interviewed John Williams on John Ford's The Quiet Man. John Williams describes his process of writing film music. He will study the film with the director and discuss about the scene in order to coordinate with the music he writes. After analyzing each movie scene separately, he will start looking at the music details which is tempo, timbre and texture. Besides that, John Williams considers the music element, the melody and the cultural back ground is important because these musical details help to create impact on the character and the movie. John Williams also shows that he will start working on the music tempo after analyzing the film because the change of music tempo will bring impact to his listeners.

In this interview, John Williams share how he get inspired in his early life that brings him into film music. This source contains a lot of information that could prove useful to my main argument. He clearly explains his process of writing film music in details. It consists of how he put classical musical elements into his work to outstand the character of the movie and how he brings emotional impact towards his listeners by changing the tempo of his music.

In this interview, John Williams explain how orchestra music brings a huge movement towards the audiences. He starts writing a specific theme and think of the quality and characteristic that fits in the movie character. When he tries to create something new, he will think of combining his music and the movie into one to make the everything sounds unity. Besides thinking himself as a composer, he tries to think himself as a listener as well to see whether his music can capture the emotions of the audiences.

The interview gives some information about how John Williams writes his music. It clearly explains how John Williams process his own mind and creativity to bring the movie character to life with orchestra music. Also, he shows that even without the movie, the music itself can bring impact towards the audiences. This is a reliable information that can help me to illustrate and complement my main arguments.

Jon (2018) shows how John Williams' music reflects to the listener and the comment given from the film music industry composer in this article. Spielberg praised his music for being tremendous and have a strong musical which brings out the whole performance of the movie. John Williams said his composition towards Star Wars' theme music must make sense to the audiences so that they can have connections with the previous episode. He was happy with the music that he brought forward which included every musical element that can brings out the character. William, a conductor who considers John Williams' music overwhelming that be brings in the emotions to the movie and the character.

There are a lot of information regarding that John Williams' music did impact the film music industry and how he personalize each of the movie character. Also, the article brief discussed about John Williams did bridged the gap of film music and classical music. It provides various type of elements that would be useful for my essay.

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