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1.1 Rooms Division

Rooms Division combines several hotel departments in order to provide guests with accommodation during their stay. It is divided into Front Desk, Reservations and Uniformed service. (Divan Erasmus, 2014)

Front Desk:

• Before the event itself, Front Desk employees will have to create a function sheet in order to know all the activities during the event. Also they have to arrange a shuttle pick-up service according to guest's arrival time. If guests have any additional requirements during their stay, Front Desk employees have to provide them before guest's arrival.

• During the event, Front Desk employees are responsible for supervising activities and making sure that everything is up to the guests' desires. If guests have any additional questions they can also refer to the Front Desk.

• After the event, Front Desk together with accounting department will calculate all the costs.


• Reservations department is crucial, since it is an initial contact between the guests and the hotel. Reservation department's goal is to convince guests to stay in our hotel. Before the event, guests will contact reservations department in order to book their stay. (Hotel management, 2010)


• Before the event housekeeping department will be in charge to make sure that all the guest rooms and public areas are clean and up to standards. They have to make sure that all guest's requirements are placed in the room before his or her arrival.

• During the event housekeeping department has to make sure that all the guest rooms are supplied with all the amenities guests need during the stay. During the event housekeeping departments have to make sure that all the rooms and other hotel's facilities are clean throughout the whole event. (Andrews, 2013)

• After the event housekeeping department is responsible to bring the rooms back to their prior clean state. If a guest has forgotten any of his or her belongings, housekeeping is responsible to inform the Front Desk as well as when the room is ready to be booked again.


• Doormen are responsible for opening doors in front of the guest. They will also help them to unload their luggage and assist them to the Front Desk. Another responsibility is to keep quietness and safety at the hotel entrance.

Bell boy:

• During the event bell boys will carry guests' luggage to their rooms. If the guests will require any additional luggage storage, bell boy's responsibility is to organize it. They also have to be acquainted hotel's facilities. If necessary, a bell boy will also bring packages to guest rooms or pick up their laundry.

1.2 Food & Beverage

The food and beverage department coordinates all outlets relating to the following: kitchen, catering, banquets, restaurant, room service and bar/stewarding. Each of those is led by a manager who reports directly to the food and beverage director of the hotel. (Walker, 2017)


• Before: The kitchen will be in charge of preparing the menu according to the guests desires and in regard to quality, quantity and presentation of the food. Their duty is also to inquire for any special dietary needs of the guests and to have all ingredients and equipment ready prior to the event. (O'Fallon and Rutherford, 2010)

• During: The kitchen will be responsible for preparing and delivering high quality food to the guests


• Before: Prior to the event, the banqueting department will prepare a catering event order (CEO) which will outline every detail of the event and functions of hotel departments involved. (Hard, 2018)

• During: During the event, the banqueting team will constantly check whether guests are satisfied and control the quality of food and services provided. If needed, they will make adjustments such as changing the room layout and providing special services


• Before: The restaurant department will be responsible for the cleanliness of the room for the meal times. They will ensure that the glassware, china and cutlery are clean, presentable and well-polished for instance.

• During: During the event, the restaurant staff will be in charge of greeting and escorting the guests to their tables. They will also take the orders and coordinate them with the kitchen.


• Before: The stewarding department will make sure that the back of the house is clean in order to deliver a high-quality service. It will also maintain a rigorous inventory control and ensure the cleanliness of glassware, cutlery etc. Regarding the size of the event, this department will estimate the need for cleaning supplies or the number of staff required (Walker, 2017)

• During: Stewards will carry multiple daily inspections of the kitchen, banquet isles or storage rooms in order to keep them clean and sanitized. They will be present during meals and keep an eye on the general sanitation of the outlets.

• After: The stewarding team will ensure that all the previously mentioned equipment/facilities are clean and ready to be used for new guests.

1.3 Security

• Before the event security team is responsible for creating an emergency contingency plan in case of unexpected situations. They have to check all fire distinguishers, fire alarms and first aid kits.

• During the event they will be making checking rounds(Andrews, 2013) around the hotel to make sure that everything is under control. Throughout the whole event security team has to observe all guests and suspicious visitors in order to prevent any kind of human danger.

• After the event security team will hold a briefing, discussing all situations that had happened during the event. Throughout the whole event security team will be in contact of local reinforcement. (Walker, 2017)

1.4 Engineering and Maintenance

• Before: The maintenance team will be making sure that all facilities are working properly prior to the guests' arrival (those include air conditioning, Internet and all electronic devices). Moreover, they will need to carefully evaluate the safety of each item and meet all legal requirements. The department is also in charge of preserving all architectural aspects of the building and keeping those clean.

• During: The team will need to be constantly on standby in order to handle guests requests for maintenance and checking room statuses.

1.5 Accounting

Accounting department responsibilities:

·  Making paying's and keeping the bills paid

·  Processing incoming money

·  Payroll

·  Reporting and financial payments

·  Financial controls.

• Before the event accounting department will collect all the deposits from the guests to  make sure that there will be no no-shows. Also they will deal with accounting and cost control.

• After the event they will count all expenses from all departments and confirm all the payments.(Andrews, 2013)

2 Working relationships

2.1 Front Office


- Front office will communicate with Housekeeping about the number of rooms that has to be prepared before guests will arrive.

- Front office will inform Kitchen about any dietary requirements and the number of guests.

- Front office will provide daily announcement rate to Banqueting department.


- Front Office will provide Housekeeping with information about occupied rooms that have to be cleaned.

2.2 Housekeeping


- Housekeeping will inform Engineering and Maintenance if their service is needed.


- Housekeeping will inform Front office about the room status after guest leaves and the room is clean.

2.3 Accounting


⁃ All departments report to Accounting about their consumptions of resources

⁃ Accounting to FO: informs about the extra costs of the event

2.4 Kitchen


- Kitchen to Banqueting: Discussing menu planning in order to meet expectations of guests, making sure all dietary requirements are met


- Kitchen to Stewarding: Requests for cleaning inspections

- Kitchen to Maintenance and Engineering: requests for maintenance in case any equipment needs it.

2.5 Maintenance and engineering


- Maintenance will check with other departments if their service needed.

- Maintenance will check with Front office about the occupancy of the hotel.


- Guests will contact maintenance in case if there is something wrong with the room.

2.6 Banqueting


- Banqueting to Sales and Marketing: informs about special requirements of guests.

- Banqueting to FO: The banqueting department sends essential information about the event to the Front Desk in order for the receptionists to be able to help and guide confused guests (Bardi, 2006)

- Banqueting to Accounting: sends event details in order to establish a cost forecast.


⁃ Banqueting to all departments: daily checks on guest satisfaction from each department.

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