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(Contributed by Eshwar)


Infosys has enthusiastic experts who go past being customary counsellors and aggregators of past learning. They help create intense advancements and new organizations that engage their customers to upset their business sectors. They see business challenges distinctively and reconsider arrangements utilizing configuration considering; consolidate new and existing innovations to rise above the constraints of customary programming and quicken the reaction of complex innovation scenes.

They have effectively characterized, outlined and conveyed business value to worldwide enterprises crosswise over industries such as, financial services, insurance, retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare, life sciences, energy, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, airlines and hospitality across the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Areas in which Infosys provides a support to the businesses:

Strategy and Architecture

Their emphasis is on empowering the businesses to get the best business esteem from innovation by:

Building up an IT system that matches innovation capacity, cost and readiness to their business procedure

Guaranteeing that their applications and foundation are enhanced to give them the correct blend of advancement, dexterity, unwavering quality and cost

Planning and executing IT working models that empower the businesses to oversee and represent the operational conveyance as indicated by their business needs

Characterizing and overseeing the specialized engineering that guarantees solid, secure, savvy utilization of the innovation, while as yet having the readiness to adjust to evolving conditions, and the capacity to oversee specialized development.

List of service offerings

IT strategy:

Creating IT system guides to adjust IT designs with the business technique and building business cases that empower the estimation and administration of IT esteem.

Application and infrastructure optimization :

Guaranteeing that their application and foundation is intended to give them the readiness and unwavering quality that their business needs by enhancing the utilization of IT modernization, centre framework restoration, and cloud innovation.

IT Operations:

Planning and executing IT working models that empower the business to oversee and represent IT benefit conveyance quality, cost, and speed by utilizing focuses of magnificence, bi-modular IT administration, and best in class IT administration and merchant administration.

Technical architectures:

Empowering them to characterize, plan, measure and deal with the specialized engineering administrations that support the conveyance of innovation administrations. Infosys works with them on specialized engineering technique, through to the points of interest of outlining and overseeing security, end-client figuring, and framework administrations.

Business Transformation

Infosys aims to empower the business to characterize and convey innovation empowered changes of their business by:

Working with the business to characterize the business desire that drives the change, and the system expected to accomplish it. They assist the business in establishing an esteem acknowledgment guide, characterize the business case, plan administration standards and set up the business change program administration.

Infosys supports the business in actualizing the change system, giving appropriate program and undertaking administration, and the correct arrangement of progress administration techniques

A list of Service Offerings

Transformation Strategy :

Helping the business to distinguish change prerequisites and the esteem that is related with acknowledgment. In the subsequent stage, Infosys bolsters the business in characterizing the change program

Transformation Program Management :

Helping the business to oversee and represent an unpredictable, long haul, business change program (frequently supplemented by their endeavour change and learning contributions)

Transformation program management quality assurance :Helping the business pivot debilitated projects, or furnishing the business with free exhortation and support in overseeing prominent or high hazard programs where the business has chosen other execution accomplices.

Enterprise Processes

Their concentration is to empower the business to accomplish incorporated, well-working and proficient venture forms by:

Planning the general procedure display, dispensing with authoritative, process or data holes

Improving Supply Chain and Operations capacities

Tending to enter challenges in Finance and Controlling procedures

Guaranteeing workers can be gainful by satisfying procedure goals and undertaking targets

List of service Offerings

Business Process Optimization:

Helping the business to appropriately address changing business needs by streamlining their procedures to guarantee that data is shared and available over the esteem chain and by enhancing their Business Process Management ability

Supply Chain and Operations Processes:

Building Supply Chain and Operations Capability has dependably been vital however it is currently the basic differentiator for manageable and adaptable achievement. Infosys assists the business with realizing Supply Chain and Operations execution goals both for execution and arranging forms.

Finance Processes: 

Building and supporting a world-class fund work that reliably conveys an added value to the CXO association which is foremost to their achievement in this dynamic regulatory market.

HR Processes:

Improving worker profitability and fulfilment to achieve the most elevated potential to accomplish CXO targets, while having the capacity to adjust to the quick pace and readiness of the market.

Enterprise Applications

Undertaking Applications helps the business to configure, actualize, and work the centre procedures that guarantees that their business makes ideal progress. They ought to be sufficiently coordinated to meet the present evolving requests, sufficiently strong to manage business basic procedures and sufficiently institutionalized to use their scale and give them reliable operational expenses.

As a counselling partner, Infosys guarantees that Enterprise Applications do what they ought to do, with the base measure of hazard or business disturbance.

We involves intensely in working with their customers to get the best incentive from Enterprise Applications and to address the difficulties and conquer the deterrents that can lessen that esteem.

Infosys contributions incorporate Enterprise Application-empowered business change programs, the plan and execution of Oracle and SAP arrangements and guaranteeing that SAP tasks utilize the best instruments and administrations to give a dependable level of value and an anticipated level of cost.

List of Service Offerings

• Oracle-enabled business transformation

• SAP template design and implementation


• SAP (and associated applications) implementation

• SAP operational excellence

• SAP technical services

List of other areas in which Infosys provides a support to the businesses

Digital Transformation

• Customer Relationship Management

• Multi-Channel Commerce

• Customer Experience Management

• Digital Marketing

• Agile Enterprise

• New Business Models

Insights and Analytics

• Information Strategy and Governance

• Master Data Management

• Business Analytics & Big Data

• Content Management

Change and Learning

• Strategic Change

• Change Enablement

• Learning

• Gamification


The worldwide sourcing market in India keeps on developing at a higher pace contrasted with the IT-BPM industry. India is the leading sourcing goal over the world, representing around 55 for every penny piece of the overall industry of the US$ 185-190 billion worldwide administrations sourcing business in 2017-18. Indian IT and ITeS organizations have set up more than 1,000 worldwide conveyance focuses in around 80 nations over the world.

All the more essentially, the industry has driven the monetary change of the nation and modified the view of India in the worldwide economy. India's cost aggressiveness in giving IT administrations, cost funds of 60– 70 for every penny over source nations, keeps on being the pillar of its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the worldwide sourcing market. Be that as it may, India is additionally picking up unmistakable quality as far as scholarly capital with a few worldwide IT firms setting up their advancement focuses in India.

India has turned into the advanced capacities centre point of the world with around 75 for each penny of worldwide computerized ability exhibit in the nation.

Indian IT's centre capabilities and qualities have pulled in noteworthy ventures from real nations. The PC programming and equipment area in India pulled in combined Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows US$ 29.825 billion from April 2000 to December 2017, as per information discharged by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

Driving Indian IT firms like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and Tech Mahindra, are enhancing their contributions and exhibiting driving thoughts in block chain, man-made consciousness to customers utilizing advancement centers, innovative work focuses, so as to make separated contributions. A portion of the real advancements in the Indian IT and ITeS division are as per the following: Nasscom has propelled an online stage which is gone for up-skilling more than 2 million innovation experts and skilling another 2 million potential workers and understudies. Income development in the BFSI vertical came to about 9 for each penny y-o-y in the final quarter of 2017-18. As of March 2018, there were more than 1,140 GICs working out of India. Private Equity (PE)/Venture Capital (VC) interests in India's IT and ITeS area achieved US$ 7.6 billion amid April-December 2017.

India is the highest offshoring goal for IT organizations over the world. Having demonstrated its capacities in conveying both on-shore and seaward administrations to worldwide customers, developing innovations presently offer a whole new extent of chances for top IT firms in India. Fare income of the business is required to grow 7-9 for each penny year-on-year to US$ 135-137 billion in FY19.


The IT business has risen as a standout amongst the most vital ventures in the Indian economy contributing fundamentally to the development of the economy. IT industry is characterised by an oligopoly market structure which consists of a few big players who have a good command over the price as they are distinctly positioned based on the nature of expertise provided by them.

The IT business of India got a noteworthy lift from the advancement of the Indian economy. India's product sends out have developed at a yearly normal rate of over half since 1991. The structure of the IT business is very not quite the same as different ventures in the Indian economy. The IT business of India is colossally dependant on talented labor. Basically a learning based industry, the IT business of India has reordered huge accomplishment because of the gigantic accessibility of talented work force in India.

The business structure in the IT area has four noteworthy classes. These are -

  IT services

  IT enabled services

  Software products

  Hardware

(Contributed by Swagata)


Infosys provides IT services which are intangible in nature and thus follow a Zero Level Channel where the company deals directly with the client without any intermediary (No retailer or distributor or agent) coming in between. An IT service provider can deliver their services in the 3 following ways:

1. Online Transmission:

Online support is provided in terms of software packages to the clients. Infosys follows B2B method of business. They provide more of online support and consultation.

2. Purchase Pattern of Customers:

Infosys needs to keep a check on the purchase pattern of their clients so that they can understand the demand and trend in the market. They don't directly contact with the customers (B2B) and partner with companies whose customers need your service. Not just this according to an ex-employee of Infosys, the company takes the help of existing clients to spread a word about the company and its services based on their current relationship and through Word of Mouth Marketing let the potential clients know about it.

3. Partnership:

Infosys partners with bigger service companies and offering your services as an addition support. Basically it clubbing the services offered by both the companies to increase customer experience. Eg: Infosys partnered with Bank of America to understand the investment pattern of customers. Infosys has to do an audit of the customer accounts but with no interaction with the customers. Not just this Infosys also partnered with Government of India (GoI) in providing IT services and much required technology support to successfully implement Aadhar registration in India.


As Infosys functions mostly through partnership and alliances, here is the list of partners collaborating with Infosys:


- Infosys and Adobe is Premier Business Partners.

- Adobe and its solutions partners are aiming for major global transformation in the world of digital marketing.

- Integrated technology of Adobe Marketing Cloud has helped to evolve new data rich channel.

- Adobe Solution Partners use their own technologies, development techniques for implementation.

- Infosys is also a Globally Specialized AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) Partner, the fastest among the Adobe Partners to get this status.

- They also help evolution of the product through beta testing as well as continuous involvement with partners.

- Prioritize and customize products.

-Help joint customers by providing solutions.  


- Infosys is a global service partner for AWS.

- This partnership has senior executive sponsorship to help cloud solutions that reduce their cost, make the process faster and IT base simpler.

- Infosys- AWS partnership inspires businesses with right tools and expertise for migration, transformation and management of workload on the cloud.

- As an advanced and premier consulting partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Infosys leverages its AWS investments to jointly develop solutions that help clients drive greater business value faster.

- Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering IT infrastructure services to businesses in 2006 in the form of Web services – commonly known as cloud computing.

- A key benefit of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace upfront capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business.

- Infosys and AWS work hand in hand and invest together in solutions that help their clients:

o Create digital marketing solutions that enhance their revenues.

o Build new lower cost solutions to protect their infrastructure.

o Change the way testing is done to allow their application teams to be more productive.

o Lower the cost of ERP solutions.


- A global system integrator providing end-to-end application lifecycle testing, digital, analytics, cloud, infrastructure, and security and managed services.

- Infosys leverages best-in-class HP products across the application transformation, DevOps and testing, digital services, big data and analytics, mobility, enterprise security, converged systems, and data center management and operations.

- HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments, and society. 

- With the broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers' most complex challenges in every region of the world.

- Infosys has HP centers of excellence in testing, IT operations management and datacenter management, customer communication management, Vertica, enterprise security services, and digital services with autonomy and exstream suite.

- Infosys has jointly developed solutions for testing, quality, service management, asset management, and service automation. For example, Infosys Digital Assurance Solution (Testing), IT Management as a Service for IT operations management, and iAutomate for datacenter management.

- Infosys partners with HP's product teams for go-to-market solutions development

The other partners of Infosys are as follows:























Infosys being an IT service provider which provides intangible solutions doesn't have any Multi Channels or Omni Channels as it follows a Zero Level Channel of Distribution.

(Contributed by Jomy)


Due to Zero Level Channel and intangible nature of service provided by the company, it has to bear only the operating expenses that come up as part of the project. As per to the ex-employee of Infosys, she explained that the channel cost would depend entirely on the extent of resources to be employed by the company in the execution of the project. The Operating expenses are to be considered as the Channel cost which needs to be incurred by the company while delivering services to clients. The following table comprises the expenses considered under channel cost for the year 2017-2018:

Channel cost

Expenses incurred for FY 2017-2018 (in Rs. Crore)

Employee benefit expenses


Cost of technical sub-contractors


Travel Expenses


Cost of software packages


Communication expenses


Consultancy and Professional charges


Hence, depending on the complexity of the project, the level of expertise required, the number if man hours to be devoted, the technical and non-technical resources to be employed, the channel cost is ascertained and shared with the client.


Client Base

Infosys follows a client centric approach and hence, gives priority to customer satisfaction. The highlights for the year 2017-2018 indicated the following:

• 98.5% of the business was derived from repeated business clients

• 283 new clients were welcomed to the Infosys family which also includes the clients earned by the subsidiaries

• Total clients at the end of the year: 1204

• Infosys follows the following client segmentation based on the revenues for the past 12 months and the trend from the previous years.


Infosys comprises of the following go-to-market business units:

• Financial services

• Life Sciences, Healthcare and Insurance

• Manufacturing

• Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Logistics

• Hi-tech

• Communications

• Services, Utilities, Resources and Energy

• China

• Japan

• India

• Infosys Public Services

The strategic geographic units where Infosys operates are:

• North America with US as the major contributor to the overall revenues

• Europe

• India

Rest of the World


As per to the inputs from the ex-employee at Infosys, we understood that during a tender proposal or initial direct B2B interaction for client acquisition, Infosys keeps its prices fixed considering its business risk of approaching the new client.

Pricing is well constructed based on the complexity of the project, the total employee hours required on the implementation of the project, the technical support for the project, consultation required, and level of professional support to be extended. Infosys does not have a specific percentage of margins to be charged for every project. The profit varies from project to project.

Once a client is acquired and a successful round of business has been completed with them, Infosys gives incentives to the clients while establishing long term contracts based on the strength of their relationship with the clients.

Infosys does not charge any kind of commission from the client at any point during the duration of the project.

(Note: Due to confidentiality of information, the corporate references only gave a fair idea about the above concepts.)

(Contributed by Rachit)

Market Operating Price (MOP)

Market Operating Price is the price set for the product by the company and the difference between MOP and MRP is that MRP is fixed and then regulated by government and cannot be altered. In case of Infosys MOP is set as per the requirements of the end customer that is the user of the services. MOP is set according to minimum viable product MVP.

Credit Availability

In IT sector there is no credit but the payments are made in stages after the delivery of the product as the product is customized for the customer.

20% on signing the contract

15% on successful installation

15% on successful functional testing

15% on completing software tailoring and customization

15% on successful user acceptance testing

10% on successful data migration

10% on successful ‘live running'

Return on Investment (ROI)

For the financial year 2017-18

Return on average invested capital (%)


(Contributed by Jacob)


Infosys makes sure their projects and services are aligned to the preferences of their customers. Any modifications in the existing project or work is welcomed by the company,

The most important requirement is the ability to adapt to the changes or modifications mentioned by the customer regarding the project.

Above the Line (ATL) strategies

Original Video Content

Video content is a marketing tool that is prevalent with the company to introduce their solutions. Most people might not have the time to go through a product or company datasheet. But almost everyone has the time to watch an entertaining, engaging two or three-minute video about a solution that might be of value to them now or in future.

Some of the key focus areas are:

• Creating videos that explains the solution as a great story to the viewer.

• Creating fun videos rather than technical and dry videos helps communicating the message to the public better.

• Videos have useful content that includes tutorials of how to use the company solutions and best practices.

• Client Testimonials helps the company in lot many ways.

• Creating animated infographics has become a trend in the B2B industry now. They are quiet easy and colourful way to present the facts and information to potential buyers.

• Even animated explainers are used in order to explain the service or solution that the company offers. It illustrates the process in a fun and digestible format.

The numbers explained below explains why Videos help the company:

• If the word ‘video' is used in an email subject line, it boosts the open rates of that email by 19%.

• Amongst the senior executives 54% of them share the work related videos among their colleagues weekly.


High Value Content

High value content is generated for the viewers. The content creation can be very expensive for the company, but it must it is based on The Rule of Reciprocity and the growing struggle for companies to be heard.

“The Rule of Reciprocity is that when you provide something of value, the recipient feels the need to give something in return. This may not happen right away. But eventually, the more value you provide, the more prospects will rely on you for high-value content and give you their time in return.”

Live Event Integration

Depending on the company solution, different live events are integrated with digital marketing efforts, which are based on the core marketing needs of the company.

It helps in:

• Branding and Awareness

• Lead Generation

• Customer Engagement

• Education

Existing Customer Re-Marketing

One of the best, and often most overlooked, ways that the company can increase revenue through marketing efforts is their current customers. By having systems, processes and programs in place to re-market to active customers, there are able to build out an infrastructure that facilitates consistent retention, upsell and cross-sell of additional products, features and services.

Efforts and investments here can pay off many times over and over in future. This not only helps in increasing the spend of existing customer, but by staying top of mind with them we can create an army of advocates building referrals. Most companies miss this opportunity by not putting a serious and thorough plan specifically for their customer re-marketing.

• Customer Portals

• Nurturing Programs

• Customer Communities

Below the Line (BTL) strategies:

They focus not on discounts for their customers, but giving more long term benefits to their customers.

Various long term benefits are given to their customers and this helps in retaining the customers.

Such upgradations or innovations related to the exiting services provided are done free of cost.

They even focus on print media for marketing through flyers, brochures and all.

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