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Kotler (1997) defined services is an of activity that can be offered by a party to another party, which is intangible and less common any other ownership. Zeitheml and Bitner (2003) also specify that services can be through responsiveness, assurance, reliability and also intangible. It is also a process consisting of series of more or less intangible activities, but not necessarily always, take place in relation between the customer and service employee and or physical resources or goods and or system of service provider, which are given as solution to customer wants and needs.

Services play a significant role in every customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is one of the marketing tools to captivate or to attract them. According to Hubbert (1997), customer satisfaction is term used for the measure to which the product or services provided by the company meets customer wants and needs, or in other words, customer satisfaction is the satisfaction of the wants, needs and expectations of the customers, that create customer loyalty to the product and services that the resort provide. A study conducted by Mukhes (2013) regarding tourist satisfaction examined the result of the quality of the tourism product an overall tourist satisfaction and measured tourist observation concerning the quality of tourism service that is given.

The result that service quality includes destination facilities, destination accessibility and that destination attraction directly impacted tourist destinations. Another study conducted by Hossain and Leo (2008) stated that service quality is a powerful antecedent and is significantly related to customer satisfaction especially in banking industry in Qatar. Same as, Jihad and Mejeda (2012) inveterate that service quality has a significant impact particularly on tourist attraction. On the study conducted by Zeithaml (2000), service quality plays a significant role in hospitality industry that results an increased completion on a global scale. Customers critically assess the standards of service given by competing hotel and resorts firms, and researchers and firms have confirmed that the customer's approval of firm's quality increases profit. The hospitality industry realizes that superior quality of service can add value to its product and subsequently, lead to customer loyalty.

Facilities and Amenities

Amenities defined a hotel or resort. The selection or giving of amenities at a resort is a competitive tool, helping properties to differentiate themselves against their competitors (Kandampully, 2001). Nowadays, hotels and resorts tried to gain market from their competitors by increasing amenities particularly in their guest rooms (Berstein, 1999). Hotels and resorts began to compare luxury with the volume of amenities or services, but the added often were not highly valued or observed as luxurious by their target markets. In addition, competitors often subsequently correspond the amenity given to consumers because they expect the amenities as part and distribute of the hotel or resort accommodation. Hotels and resorts began to provide fitness, centers, in-room entertainment, hairdryers, coffeemakers (Gilmore and Pine, 2005).

Competition is high in a tourism industry that is why it is very significant to improve the facilities and amenities of a resort to attract the tourist to visit a resort. Monica (2015) stated that resorts need to provide high quality facilities and amenities to the customers in order to keep up high rates throughout the entire year. Complete amenities must also be given such as toiletries, shampoo, and soap, cream and etcetera to have a comfortable stay of the guest. (Kandampully 2001). In resort, basic facilities such as public washrooms, recreational facilities, and accommodations, parking area, convention center, canteen and cottages must be given for the convenience of the guests. Please studies about this topic Amenities and Facilities can make or break the success of a recreation amenity department and it is also a way for resorts to stay competitive in market and to have a successful business and increased of profit (Kandampully, 2001). According to Bohrod (2010), 40% of hospitality managers indicated that they were able to make recreational area structural improvements, with 20% specifying spa improvements. Today's travelers expect much from their recreation dollar and are given more ways to spend that dollar, resorts and hotels must look ahead changing consumer preferences and cater their needs and wants.(McElyea and Cory, 1998).


Employees are a person who works for another in return for financial or other remuneration. It is also concerned with more than the pay received by a worker for services provided (Muhl 2016).

Employees are very important in hospitality industry because employees are the assets for an organization. It becomes more significant because the success or failure of any organization depends upon it's employee. In hospitality industry, Hotels sectors and resorts it is very important to focus on employee's performance and how to enhance their performance. One of the reasons why organization must provide training to the employees is to fill the performance gap after having been identified. Nowadays, hotel and resorts have been taking continuous effort to give employees practical and relevant trainings of all their functions. Those hotels and resorts have their well-developed trainings system of employees is earning big profit. There are many hotels and resorts having different approach to train the employees and that approach is intentional trainings that include training to all the employees irrespective of their deficiencies and strengths. This kind of approach of training goes on as one the function in an organization Srivastara. V.N, Shafia. M,Ghosh. K (2005). Employee performance has more significance in this industry because employees have direct interactions to the guest or tourists and also it is the employee who satisfies the guest. It is very important for the managers to know the factors that affect the employees performance. Employee's productivity is important to have a successful business company especially in today's global competitive environment. If the employees get stress in their work the result may be slows down their productivity. UK Essays (2017). According to Marilyn (2001) the employees are recognizing their power and now searching for a new way of giving their maximum productivity. It is very important to have a big comfort level to the employees in order to increase profit in an organization.

Recreational Activities

Recreational may include swimming pool, tennis courts, golf courses and gymnasiums. Typically there is access to other attractions such as beaches, lakes, ski slopes, shops, nightclubs or natural areas that gives enjoyment for tourist. Recreational activities give enjoyment while recreating to involve in something him / her like. They are the root of joy and they give relaxation to one's mind and body (Routledge 2000). Plentifun (year?) (2018) article stated that there are lot of recreational activities on resort that people wants, regardless of age, can get and enjoy with friends and family members such as fishing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and etc. In addition to the more mentioned activities one can always indulge in various outdoor sports like cricket, baseball, basketball and volleyball. Recreational time is all about having beautiful moments in one's life that creates memories that one can remember and smile about.

There are many kinds of activities like entertainment, sports, adventure and as well as other kinds of recreational activities which the tourist will satisfy and enjoy their stay. In addition, Tribe (2005) stated that recreational pursuits contain home-based activities such as reading and watching television and those outside the home includes sports, theatre, cinema and tourism. Activities are a compound or elements of considering the host community, recreation and experiencing the eco-friendly surrounding and environment during the day time. It also include a high physical exertion activity such as beach volleyball, kayaking, and lastly banana boating. Recreational activities plays an important role to the resorts and also to the tourist since it has benefits to the tourist from participation in activities, since activities usually gives novelty or change to daily routine, relief from stress and the possibility to escape from personal problems they are facing . In other words, activities gives to their user's opportunities for certain physical, mental, and psychological rewards (Ross &Iso-Ahola, 1991). Recreational activities are important to the tourist overall satisfaction (Euthimiadou, 2001). Please studies about this topic According to the study conducted by Costa, Glinia, Goudas, Antoiou (2004) stated that the recreational services gives in resorts includes features that relax participants enhanced their creativity that allow them to experience different aspects of life and aid their social interaction. Hence, characteristics should be given in consideration in measurement of service quality.

In tourism context, vacation leisure activities can be clssify into two main groups: sports and non-sports activities. In the study conducted by Bertillie and Bockberger (2005) stated that recognized market segments based on the relationship between tourist travel motivation activity participation, 39 sports and non-sports were explored. 5 cluster of activities were also found based on similarity of vacation activity structure, family/partner holidays, and hanging around, active relaxation. Leisure travel-based activities were also group with regard to cultural factors and the level of activities and required for participation.

Safety and Security

Pizam (1997) stated that safety and security are the most important factors to the tourist, and the first in mind when planning to travel. This became the reason why resorts must be prepared for any possible hazards that may occur to their tourists. The resorts must assure that the tourist feel safe and secured during their stay. Reisinger and Movando (2015) mentioned that it is very hard to develop Hospitality activity especially in high-risk destinations. Also, it is very difficult to retain guest in high crime countries. Safety is a term which relates to protecting guest and staff from potential hazards, injury and death by dealing with dangerous materials and different kinds of accidents. In contrast, security regards the protection of property from criminal accidents and terrorist activities.

Emergency system must be installed to ensure the safety and protection from fires and other hazards by continuously checking emergency plans, fire alarms, fire extinguisher, smoke detectors and heat detectors (Albattat and Mat Son, 2014) these are one way to prepared emergencies that may occur. It is also important to provide trainings to the employees to prepare from any emergency that may arise. Emergency Management plays a significant role in the hospitality industry. Providing the highest levels of safety standards and security ensures good marketing and to avoid an accident before it becomes a mSajor issue causing loss of life and property. Haddow and Bullock (2006) mentioned that emergency management is very important to understand how to avoid risk.

. On the other hand, the resorts have a different challenge when it comes to safety and security because through the standards of safety and security that are very high or very visible may contradict to the resort's goal of creating a hospitable and welcoming the environment to the guest (Enz &Taylor, 2002). Hence, there are also guest and tourist who prefer to see a visible indicators of safety and security in the resort, but still the resort must carefully balance this two factor since these two are critical to customer satisfaction (Himmelberg, 2004).  

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