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Ethics sets standards as to what is good or bad in conduct and decision making. Ethics are the principle behaviors that distinguish between the rights from the wrong.


Business Ethics, in a general sense, is the moral principles that guide the way a business operates.


Ethical standards are those principles of an organization that promotes the values, good behavior, and reputation of the organization. Ethical standards in an organization can be classified as follows

   Macro-level

   Company level and

   Individual level

Ethical values are evaluated in an organization on the basis of customer complaints, workplace ethical performance, contributions to the society and environmental protection and also by setting goals and evaluating their performance accordingly.


CSR is a way of showing company's concern towards society and commitment to contribute to the economic development by behaving ethically.

Here, I take an example of Wipro Ltd.

Ethical Standards for Wipro Ltd:

Ø  Being passionate about the client's success. They feel they are succeeded when clients are successful and execute actions with excellence.

Ø  Being global and responsible. As the responsible citizens of the world, they are concerned about the environment, people and the planet

Ø  Treating each person with respect. They always try to create an environment where people are always encouraged to learn, share and grow. They always welcome diversity of thought, of people and of cultures. They respect human values and believe that values are the best they get out of their employees.

Ø  They underlie integrity in whatever they do. They always are ethical in every situation and they try to demonstrate honesty and fairness in all their actions. The company stands upright against all odds and stays truthful in solving internal conflicts.

Ø  They promise value for money. They give it by constantly improving quality, cost, and speed. They always provide higher quality with better prices which a customer always expects.

Ø  Maintaining openness, transparency, and professionalism in governing the business



It comes from the values of the company. It tells how the Wiproites should deal with their customers. It guides them in the challenges they face in the execution of their work and builds confidence in customers, employees, investors and the society.


They introduced a helpline service known as “WIPRO SOS” to guide the employees or members of WIPRO on grounds of moral, ethical and legal issues that may arise while working and it includes all the senior members of the company including the chairman AZIM PREMJI.


Code of business conduct in ethics (COBCE) is established in order to help the employees in dealing with and recognizing the ethical issues in their work.


On August 15th, 2003, Wipro started its ombuds process where employees can disclose any malpractices, impropriety, abuse or any kind of wrongdoing that is happening in the company without any fear of reprisal.


Ø  Setting up office buildings around the world by adopting best infrastructure facilities in order to reduce carbon footprint.

Ø  Initiatives like rainwater harvesting and recycling.

Ø  Recycling solid wastes for refilling and preparing cooking fuel in Wipro campuses.

Ø  Offering Portfolios which covers green computing green IT and clean energy solutions.

Ø  Investment in green buildings, better IT infrastructures, efficient factories and smart grids.

Ø  Trying to engage in policy-making with the government to ensure better adoption of green technologies.

Ø  With efficient fitting and practices, they are trying to save water.

Ø  It helps the biotech companies to develop feasible crop solutions for people.

Ø  It diversified into green computer manufacturing and marketing

Ø  It launched Eco Eye aiming for ecological sustainability.

Ø  It is building green data centers and launched the first green PC

Ø  It also has undertaken many tree plantation programs across India.

Ø  It launched Eco- friendly product engineering design.

Ø  It took initiatives in providing Electronic waste disposal services and Water treatment solutions.

Ø  It contributed a lot for disaster rehabilitation through Uttarakhand Floods project, Odisha Floods Project.

Ø  It helped when floods occurred in Bihar (2008), Karnataka (2009).

Ø  In electronic city campus, Bangalore WIPRO implemented a biogas plant and it further implemented in Sarjapur campus.

Ø  An initiative by WIPRO, known as Mission 10X was taken on 5th September 2007, which aimed to transform engineering education in India.


Ø  Agents of WIPRO were caught misleading customers during sales calls so Capital one terminated the contract with Wipro (BPO). The company's quality assurance team was asked to stand back for two weeks every month so that the agents who were misleading could carry undetected. The contract with Lehman brothers with helpdesk was also terminated because of this.

Ø  In June 2007, World Bank barred Wipro technologies for four years as they were providing improper benefits to bank staff.


In every company ethical and unethical practices co-exist. To avoid such unethical practices it should increase its Corporate Governance and review the code of ethics on a regular basis. But later on, Wipro focused on ethical issues and tried to eliminate unethical practices. The following awards achieved by WIPRO for being ethical are clear evidence of their good ethical standards.

Ø  WIPRO is recognized as the company with best CSR& sustainable practices by Asian center for corporate governance and sustainability.

Ø  World leader for corporate action on climate change by CDP in 2014.

Ø  WIPRO honored as World's most ethical company by the Ethisphere Institute for the seventh successive year, 2018.

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