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Marketing Manager


A marketing manager is an individual who is in a position to develop, achieve and construct plans and strategies in ways to draw in potential clients and hold existing ones, for their organisation, company or brand. On a day-to-day basis, a marketing manager is responsible for organising and planning the creative staff, conducting the research of the product/s to reveal the suitability of the market item and collaborate with media associations and promoting offices.

Marketing managers inspect all marketing campaigns and promotions in the department, within their company. They plan out ideas and design methods for new products, they work with sales staff and many different departments to produce an effective sale and campaign. A marketing manager monitors and views not only their future product campaigns but also their current promotions for the company. To create strategies which will attract audiences both from the daily advertisements to social media platforms. They lead the team in a motion in which each team member is responsible for their role, and to ensure that they meet their deadline as well as budget and aim.

A marketing manager has the responsibility to ensure that overall the management and identity of the company is presented well. This individual has to ensure the process of marketing a product is well designed and displayed to better benefit the company. They have the role to also monitor and provide details regarding the viability of promoting production. From that role, the marketing manager has to establish a communication between the company of the relevant departments, to assure that when marketing is needed the department functions are always informed of the marketing decisions.


In order to achieve the position of a marketing manager, an individual must meet the needed educational and legal requirements. The general educational standard majority of those who conclude in this role is the Bachelor's Degree in the course of marketing or business administration. However, some prefer to attend extra years in university to receive their Master's Degree, as some employers do select future employees of higher educational knowledge. While taking the marketing or business administration course, it is useful to better your understanding of the industry with undergoing courses such as business law, economics, management, finance, and accounting. Having the opportunity to experience employee internships, allow future marketing managers to practice under a training relevant to what they may experience in the future. When an individual chooses to take upon the role of a marketing manager they must follow the required legal regulations. These legal regulations prevent penalties from occurring if the regulations aren't followed the individual and the company can encounter serious legal punishments. When working in a company base industry the marketing manager must make sure the company brands and campaigns are not exceeding the regulations of illegal matters, you must make sure you understand and have a strong knowledge of the law. They must follow the law and ensure everything in the company and product is up to date, with some other guidelines that may influence the marketing manager's decision; GST, PAYG, financial products and services, and partnership contracts.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


High Salary:

Being in the role of a marketing manager the individual can be found earning 10,000s to 100,000s of dollars. This lets the marketing manager role to be known as someone of high position, to be able to earn such a high salary. At times marketing managers can be found earning bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing. It is reported that the average pay for a marketing manager in Australia is a range from $51,492 - $121,441. However, it can range because of bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing. Bonuses can be a range of $297 - $20,169, a commission can be a range of $1,007 - $41,217 and the profit-sharing can be a range of $0.00 - $14,899.


When going through the experiences of developing yourself to be a marketing manager someone can be found that the role is quite flexible. As going through the process of learning the education for it, it is shown to be broadly taught and learned to allow more opportunities for individuals to have a better understanding of the marketing industry. Leading this to the idea that if an individual decides to change careers or occupation they can change from being a sales manager to a marketing manager for example. This is a solution for any individual unsure what to do after one career, it allows them to transfer their skills to their next job.


Being apart of the marketing industry allows marketing managers to participate in new experiences and one major cause of this is the advantage of business trips. This lets the person be able to work abroad for their company, while still being able to enjoy the place and have the chance to meet new people. It's a benefit to be able to work and yet enjoy yourself at the same time. It opens up more things for the person to learn, which can develop their knowledge that be beneficial to the company; as they learn new ways to market their product and use it to their advantage.


Working Hours:

On a weekly basis, a marketing manager works on an average of 37 hours a week, from 9 am to 6 pm. However, they can be understood to work on weekends if needed in case of a tight deadline, which they need to finish for the company. The work hours can be also depending on the client's availability and their times off, this can affect the person's work hours to be longer or shorter, or the hours can be too scattered.


The marketing manager is expected to be working in an office the majority of the time at work while attending meetings and presenting presentations. Being in an office environment for 9 - 10 hours a day can cause much physical and emotional pain. The individual can develop physical injuries such as back pain, shoulder pain or just simple things such as eyesight discomfort. They might start to feel extremely exhausted or dizzy because of the repetitive sight of paper or emails. Not only that but travels from meeting rooms to offices can have very dangerous hazards and risks, there might be something such as a chair in the hallway that can cause the individual to get injured.


When it comes to being a marketing manager many preparations and work needs to be done to meet the standards of the company, especially when competing with other companies to sell your product. Deadlines are crucial and must be followed as if you don't complete the needed organization for the project it can have a bad impact on the company and push back things in the schedule. Resulting, in the company having incomplete work and it can cause the company to fall behind other companies or competitors.





Upon Commencement

Permanent Junior

= $50,000 - $80,000

Can vary from the lowest being $50,000 to $80,000 being the highest.

After 5 Years

Permanent Mid/Average

= $80,000 - $100,000

No specific time duration was shown, however the amount shown is clearly represented over a while working at the company. Making it $80,000 - $100,000.

After 10 Years

Permanent Senior

= $100,000 - $120,000

Being a senior at a company means being in the position at the company for a long duration, which results the income to be $100,000 - $120,000.

Important Skills and Attributes:

A person who is thinking about accomplishes a role in the business industry, as a marketing manager has to not only know and have the qualifications as well as the knowledge. But you must always have qualities and attributes that can improve and benefit your position.

Leadership and Teamwork:

When undertaking the role of a marketing manager leading a team is one of the most important roles, as you'll be working in a team and leading that team will result with teamwork which will be shown through the product produced. Being in the position of the marketing manager it allows the individual to open up opportunity and chances to empower, teach and train others under your impact and influence. Teamwork is important as the smallest conflict or disagreement can impact the whole team largely. In order to have these skills, conclude to an individual who is confident and willing to do anything for the team. For example, giving presentations, or volunteering to complete an activity.


Any marketing manager must know that when taking upon an occupation about creating and selling a product, creativity is one of the most important and major quality needed. Whenever an individual is producing a product it's no question that selling and promoting the product is the goal, not having any creativity or thinking outside the box will make the advertisements boring and bland. Taking risks allow the audience to view the product in a way of difference and thought while following the traditional marketing ideas will just show laziness and lack of thought. For example, if you come across a poster will a heading and many paragraphs, with no pictures or colours that would be boring. However, when someone comes across a poster with colours, slogans, and big bold words, it's more likely to catch attention.


Being in a business workplace causes many distractions and many different roles in the workplace, however, no marketing manager is allowed to slack off or get distracted without reason. Every opportunity a marketing manager has to work it's important, it has to be done in order to achieve what is needed. Being organised and having under control is a major advantage, as the individual would be able to show loyalty and strive to achieve for their work and company. While, being unorganised causes many difficulties and problems, that can put the whole team behind and off track.

Rights and Responsibilities:


The responsibilities of the employee in the position of the marketing manager are to follow rules and regulations in which apply to the individual and the team. To take responsibility for their assignments and tasks, set an example for others to show loyalty and determination. They are responsible for being the position to not slack off and give their absolute best work for the project.


A marketing manager has the right to freely work upon the needed work to be completed, they do not have the responsibility to do work for others. They have the right to report any inappropriate, unethical, wrong and any bullying in the workplace or any contact put against them, such as threats. They have the right to work under a workplace of peace and not to be disrupted and brought down because of another employee or employer.

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