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PaConsumer Behaviour exam:

• Your final assignment asks that you reflect on

what you have learned:

Compared to what you wrote in your first Assignment

What did you actually write in your first assignment?

• How have you changed your views?

• What literature inspired you the most?

• How would you now do things differently as a marketer?

I must admit that this course in Consumer Behaviour has been one of the most interesting curses I have ever followed but also one of the most confusing. It has put my whole educational background into perspective and also given me some answers.

Not until I started on my master in strategy and organization, I found my place. During my first years studying marketing management I found a lot of the theory and practice very fluffy. I must admit I almost want to say hallelujah to the new knowledge I have gained during this class. But on the other hand, I can't neglect that I am a bit bitter and confused over the time and effort I have spent on previous marketing issues. I have taken a bachelor's in marketing management and international sales and marketing - don't ask me why. It's not my main interest but that's how my educational path started and finally at my master I found a different line with focus on business strategy and organizational development. But put that on the side, I think I just wanted to express my new gained interest in marketing by attending this class.

Contingency theory - not everything fits with all. Ig. Google and swing in lunch room

In many previous assignment and analysis - there always had to be a section about segmentation and how you would grow and further increase your profit. Many of these assignments

Looking back at my assumption before this class and my preliminary assignment. I would have sworn to brands the differentiate themselves by offering better service, being a premium brand. Where they for sure have more loyal customers because they have a competitive advantage. (I have taken a whole class about business strategy and the importance of a sustainable competitive advantage, and when looking back at all the cases we had, all of these where subject of a big and known brand.

Looking back, I probably have answered yes too quickly without questioning or doubt. Because of course it is true, when we learn it at school. During my time studying Marketing Management and International Sales and Marketing I have been presented with a range authors that highlight the importance of segmentation, demographic targeting and brand positioning. Including the importance of a sustainable competitive advantage. Without a doubt I have believed it to be key to a successful marketing strategy. (note fra bogen). Likewise, the importance of differentiation, and how you has a brand are superior to your competitors. (evt. Porter I her)

In some of the first literature I was presented for, the well known author Philip Kotler states “blblb natti, side 3”

Lav afsnit fra side 2-3 færdigt fra natacha.

I have often wondered about the models/theories I have been thought but I have lacked to questions them on a higher level and just accepted them. Although I have often discussed with fellow students about the “plainness” of many models in marketing and ????.

After I have been introduced to Byron Sharps “How brands grow” and many of the articles in class, I get astonished by the time spent on segmentation, positioning, differentiation and so on. I can't help feeling a bit frustrated and confused.

A different look at segmentation

Learning about the new perspectives has been very interesting, although I thought it was difficult to adjust to the new knowledge. Some of the empirical generalisation like Double jeopardy law, Duplication of purchase law and Attitudes and brand beliefs reflect behavioural loyalty, have been mind-changing. Also, his view on repertoire of brands and loyalty (Sharp, 2010)

Jobber: p. 21 - competitative advantage. P. 51 (target segment. 91 first mover advantage

Brand positioning. P. 314.

Going through my daily news fix, I stumbled upon an article in talking about at company called Loyalty Key. Loyalty Key does loyalty programs for other companies, where they offer excising customers loyalty benefits. The founder Nicolai Hoff mentions that it cost about 7 times more to acquire a new customer instead focusing on excising customers ( - link in reference list). Only 5 weeks ago I would not give this much thought and believed every word of it because that's what I've educated in during my bachelor. But now, ???? kom ind på loyalitet.

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