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Providing Customer Satisfaction using Social Media

Daniel Samarah

July 24, 2018

The University of Alabama at Birmingham  


Meeting the customer's needs is a top priority for businesses to succeed in the market. In a market where more and more businesses are adopting the use of social media, it is crucial for the website to link the brand to the product or service being offered. Connecting the brand with the use of visually attractive content enables business growth on an undeniable level. Business websites that involve interactive and engaging content create value for existing customers and future consumers. The sales-team engage by using target marketing tactics within the marketing mix and relate to the businesses overall story that in turn meet the customer's needs. Being truthful and addressing solutions to issues addressed by consumers proves the loyalty of the business. Investing time and effort on customer satisfaction is key to getting ahead of the competition. Analytics provide businesses with key details on what needs to be improved. It is critical in using analytics in providing customer satisfaction. Throughout the paper, we will look at ways social media can improve or destroy customer satisfaction.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Feedback, Engagement

Providing Customer Satisfaction using Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in a business communicating with existing and future consumers. The platform of choice, including a company-specific website, remain key factors in the beginning processes of communication for the business. Ignoring customer communication can be detrimental to the growth of the business and may lead to the company being known for bad customer service. Remember, customer feedback can be addressed publicly, so knowing how to respond quickly and properly can save your tail in the long run. Improving communication boundaries between businesses and consumers by using social media is one of the best ways to build a loyal customer community. To provide the overall best customer satisfaction, it is important in providing and responding to feedback, addressing solutions, and maintaining transparency with the audience and the employees.

Feedback is important to the dynamic work environment and the development of techniques amongst management to employees. Feedback enables truths which brings a solution to end the problems addressed. Customers are willing to return if they are allowed to provide experiences using the companies product or services. Feedback is accepted on both ends of the spectrum which entails management to employees, and customers to the business. It is derived in forms of both positive and negative feedback. Though it is not easy to accept, negative feedback allows for improvement on matters in which the consumer provided. Fixing the mistakes and responding in a professional manner is important for customer satisfaction. Accepting and providing feedback is important for both employee and customer satisfaction but knowing how to address these issues over social media is just as important.

Customers who provide feedback on business profile pages usually want answers in a fast and timely manner. How you respond to the matter says a lot about the company and where they place the importance of satisfying their customers. Most platforms allow notifications that go above and beyond sending alerts to members of teams who overlook the specific task. Replying to customers on social media is key in proving that the business is customer oriented and is willing to go above and beyond in making sure they are taken care of. On top of addressing solutions, it is important to offer discounts or service options for the negative consumer. Providing genuine solutions to customers feedback will bring in more loyal customers willing to engage with the business. Addressing solutions via social media is seen by the public and maybe even the world. Placing value on the customer's needs will present a truthful and transparent business work ethic.

The importance of transparency impacts the overall trustworthiness of how the business functions within the workplace. It is important for both the consumer and employees working within the business. Employees play a vital role in building customer satisfaction and must be trained to think fast and operate in a polite manner to maintain the integrity of the business. Using social media allows for a community-driven environment for details about the company standing and future projects. In building a trustworthy environment, the company is able to retain existing customers, gain new customers, and keep employees happy. Exceeding customer satisfaction by being transparent is more than important for the success of the business and happy employee relationship.

Exceeding customer satisfaction allows a business to stand out amongst the competition and rise to the top.  Social media is key in providing great customer service by providing and responding to feedback, addressing solutions, and maintaining transparency with the audience and the employees. Providing the resources while addressing solutions keeps you ahead of the game when it comes to customer satisfaction. Using social media for meeting the needs of the customer can be a process that takes time and effort. Employing a team that is willing to work together and takes criticism is key in being recognized as a customer-oriented business. The more loyal you are to the customers, the more word is spread via social media about the business. With the fallbacks, patience and employing specific employees who know how to handle negative feedback is important for success. Social media is a vital role in the business structure model that provides the customer with the satisfaction they need in being loyal.


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