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The rooms are clean & spacious with private balconies and plunge pools. There is a lot of seating area provided in these rooms which is a very comforting concept. The standard fittings and equipments are provided in every room according to its ratings and category like basic furniture, wardrobe, music system, mini bar and gadgets for entertainment. The washrooms / bathrooms are also properly maintained and are equipped with world class amenities. The hotel is providing excellent restaurants, bars and authentic food variety. This place is also a favourite spot for casual diners thus making it very popular within the local community.

Apart from the basic services and dining outlets, Lodhi is also famous for providing additional services which are needed in routine by the guests for their up keep and fitness. These are very essential for any tourist to unwind and to relax. These include salon, spa, gym, library lounge, cigar lounge, and business centre apart from providing tour desk and concierge services, currency exchange facilities, and in-house dry cleaning/laundry facilities. There is another special feature in the entire list of services i.e. providing healthy food and dietary items near the pool side at the Pool Café.

The clients of Lodhi admire the range of services and facilities offered by the Lodhi Hotel which are part of the package. These include:

• Lap pool

• Fitness and yoga classes

• Sauna facilities

• Steam bath

• Wheel chair accessibility

• Tennis Court

• Squash Courts ( Gum sole shoes are provided)

• TRX studio (aerobics, kick boxing, yoga)

• Gymnasium (350 sq.ft / with personal and certified trainers)

• Pilate classes ( trained coach)

• Lockers

• Private check-in and check out

• Luggage storage

• Concierge desk

• Foreign currency exchange

• 24 hr front desk is available

Services that are provided on additional charges include:

• Massage

• Spa and wellness center

• Tennis equipment

• Golf course

• Chocolate or cookies

• Water Bottle

• Fruits

• Airport drop off

• Airport pick up

• Baby-sitting /child services

• Ironing service

• Dry cleaning

• Laundry

• Business centre

• Boardroom


The Lodhi has 111 rooms in total. There are 48 rooms in the Hotel wing and 63 rooms in the Apartment wing. The rooms and its features are as follows:



Features and facilities included:

• 550 sq ft.

• king size bed

• Balcony

• Deluxe bathroom

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis court, squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Features and facilities included:

• 1350 sq ft.

• Private plunge pool

• Situated on 1st-3rd floors

• Overlooks hotel lawns

• King bed

• Desk

• Sitting area

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• 1350 sq ft.

• Located on 4th-6th floors

• Overlooks hotel lawns

• Private balcony

• Private plunge pool

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.


• 1350 sqft.

• Located on 7th and 8th floors

• Most spacious rooms

• Private plunge pool

• Overlooks amazing views of the city.

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• 1850 sqft.

• Overlooks the hotel's courtyard

• Separate living and dining area

• Signature plunge pool

• King size bed

• Desk

• Deluxe bathroom

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• 750 sq ft.

• Full length windows

• King size bed

• Study desk

• Sitting area

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• 1950 sq ft.

• Private terrace

• Kitchenette

• King size bed

• Study desk

• Sitting area

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• 2700 sq ft.

• King sized bed

• Study desk

• Open sitting area

• Expansive bathroom

• Private plunge pool

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• Located on 1st-3rd floors

• 2400 sq ft.

• Two seperate bedrooms (entrance area, living and dining area)

• Plunge pool

• 2 separate bathrooms

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• 2400 sq ft.

• Two separate bedrooms

• Private balcony

• Plunge pool

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Features :

• 2400 sq ft.

• Overlooks amazing views of the city

• Located on 7th and 8th floor

• Kitchenette

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.



• Private apartment

• 3300-4400 sq ft.

• kitchenette

• plunge pool

• 3 separate bedrooms

• Access to various recreational facilities – tennis and squash courts, Techno-gym and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Personally, I had a wonderful experience working at The Lodhi New Delhi for 2 months during the summer break after second year study. Despite being nervous of the fact that I would have to spend my entire summer vacations working in the hotel, I was cordially supported and welcomed by the hotel staff since the first day of my internship.

I got a chance to work only in the Front Office Department of the hotel as it was my first preference and also because all the other departments of the hotel did not have vacancy for interns.

I visited all the different areas of the hotel. I learned the etiquettes required in a hotel which are needed while interacting with the guests. My goals during the internship were to perfectly improve my communication skills in order to interact smoothly with guests that visit the hotel from various corners of the world. Front Office Department was my main preference because it is the main department of the hotel and it is the first department which interacts and leaves an impression on the guest when they visit the hotel. The Front desk is practically the true mirror of any hotel which reflects the standard of staff and the property. It is very important for the staff of the front desk to be professional in their work and always need to carry a smile on their faces so as to give a warm and friendly welcome to guests. This can indeed win hearts of one and all.

The Front Office Department offers a wider variety of opportunities for communicating with guests. I spent approximately 60 days in the front office department. I have gained so much exposure and so many things which are useful and applicable in the hospitality industry.

The Front Office Department looks after the lobby & dispersal area , assigning rooms to guests, check in and check out as well as suggesting touristic and sightseeing places to guests. The first day was all about smiling and greeting the guests but with time I was escorting the guests to their allotted rooms for room shows and explaining the hotel's guidelines / procedures and responding to their queries and questions.

By the end of the internship, I was extremely happy and accomplished all assigned tasks to become an asset of the organization. I assisted the Front Office Assistants in reducing their workload and to be able to clear the doubts of the guests on my own rather than looking for assistance from senior members of the hotel.

The hotel staff was very co-operative and helpful to the trainees and there was not even a single instance when I felt humiliated. Overall it was a smooth sailing.

I also had interactions with other staff members of the hotel such as Housekeeping Staff, IRD Staff, Bakery Staff, and F&B Staff. They were very kind, cordial and approachable. When I used to go to the guest rooms to prepare the rooms, I always met the housekeeping staff and had conversations with them regarding university and my future plans. Moreover, I observed how they used to clean the rooms and do the bed making. One staff used to clean almost 14-15 rooms per day.

The best thing of doing my internship at the Lodhi was developing friendly  relationships with the hotel staff at front desk. There was always something to learn from them. They were helpful, kind, pro-active, protective and friendly.

I had a lot to learn while working with each and every staff member and miss them after the end of my internship.   




The Front Office department is further sub-divided into various sections which all-together contribute to maintain the quality standards for guests visiting and staying in the hotel.  These sub-departments are as follows:

• Reservations.

• Reception.

• Back office

• Cashiers.

• Bell desk.

• Telephones.

• Conceirge

1. Reservations

The reservations department is sometimes known as the “the nerve center” of Front Office. It is responsible for receiving, and processing the bookings made by the guests. It is also responsible for making arrangements for guests in advance so that quality service can be provided to them.

The Reservations Department of the Lodhi was not located in the hotel. Since The Lodhi is a DLF property, the reservations department is located in DLF Office, Gurgaon. All reservation requests for the hotel are processed in Gurgaon.

The reception receives both the in-house and non-resident guests with a smile on their face. They are responsible for registering the guests during check in, carrying out the whole check-in process which includes taking the guests for a room tour and briefing them about all the facilities and services in the room. Other tasks include pro-actively dealing with problems that can arise in the lobby area of the hotel.

3. Back Office

 The main functions of this section are :

a. To update information on OPERA system.

b. To receive messages for resident guests.

c. To file the old registration cards in files.

d. To handle couriers, packages of guests.

e. To maintain front office information board.

f. To answer guest's queries.

g. To provide updated and accurate information to guests.

4. Cashier

The cashier desk is responsible for settling down guest bills. The different modes of payment through which guests settle their accounts are cash, credit card, debit card, traveler's cheque, etc. Some bookings are pre-paid while others are half-paid and the rest amount is paid during the check-out. The cashier at The Lodhi, was also responsible for foreign currency exchange. The bills include room charges, F&B charges and other services used at the hotel such as laundry, food & drinks placed in the room etc. The main role of the cashier is to record and update and post all the charges on the main bill which is presented to the guest during their check out.

5. Bell desk

The bell desk at the Lodhi was located in the entrance of the hotel, near the security check. They are responsible for

• greeting the guests,

• carrying their luggage to the rooms,

• delivering newspapers to guest rooms

• distribute parcels and couriers to guest rooms

• ensuring that lobby area is always clean.

• Tagging luggage

• Escorting the guests to rooms

• Updating and filing Left Luggage Request form

• Updating the Luggage Movement register.

6. Telephones

This section is responsible for:

• Handling phone calls from in-house guests and non-resident guests.

• Transferring calls to other departments.

• Wake up calls

7. Concierge

This section is responsible for –

• Making reservations in a restaurant

• Booking tickets for events

• Give information to guests about sightseeing places

• Arranging transport for sightseeing tours.


A. Front Office Manager

• He is the leading force of the department.

• He is responsible for the smooth functioning of the department

• He ensures that the staff working under him is punctual and well-groomed.

• He is responsible for ensuring that courteous and quality service is provided to the guests by his staff.

• His responsibilities include looking after the front desk, lobby manager's desk, cashier's desk and their equipment.

• He addresses the complaints and objections raised by the guests.

• He is responsible for conducting regularly scheduled meeting of Front Office Personnel.

B. Lobby Manager

• He is responsible for ensuring that all the rooms are blocked as per the reservation requests.

• He keeps a check on room status.

• He gives instructions to the airport managers on the list of arrivals to be met.

• He examines the pre-registration cards

• He ensures that the housekeeping report is maintained and updated properly.

• He is responsible for keeping a follow up on guest requests and complaints

• He is responsible for keeping a follow up on group and crew movement

• He is responsible for dealing with unusual events in the lobby like fire, accidents, etc.,

• He ensures the smooth functioning in the lobby.

• He is responsible for sending “C” Forms to the FRRO.

C. Reception Supervisor

• He ensures training of all front office assistants on the job

• He makes the weekly duty roster for the staff

• He is responsible for checking the shift in-charge's list on a daily basis

• He keeps a check on the next day's arrival list in order to brief the staff accordingly

• He makes the requisition form for the stationery required in the Front Office department

• He ensures the smooth functioning of the reception

• He welcomes, and greets the VIP guests

• He deals with guest complaints

• He assists the staff at reception

• He is responsible for maintaining records of the reception

D. Reception Assistant

• His duty includes answering the guest queries to their satisfaction and providing information.

• He has to register guests and to assign rooms to them immediately.

• He has to keep updating the room rack regularly

• His responsibility includes completing pre-registration formalities for VIP guests.

• He need to execute government formalities regarding international guests.

• His duty is to prepare room reports and occupancy statistics

• He is responsible for sending messages to the guests

• He ensures that the arrival list of the next day is printed on time

    E. Reception Shift in-charge

• He has to performs the same tasks of a reception assistant

• He is responsible for Supervising and inspecting the entire shift operation

• He deals with guest complaints

• He is responsible for verifying all the reports before the end of his shift.

• He is responsible for airline crew and group blocking

F. Reservation Supervisor

• He aids Reservation Assistant in calls, and feeding reservation information.

• He is responsible for supervising the staff under him and impart training to them.

• He has to monitor and control all new movements

• He keeps a follow up on the billing instructions and other special requests made by the guests.

• He checks and verifies on credit facilities to Companies, discount policies and discounts offered to various companies.

• He has to properly co-ordinate with departments like Reception, Information, Sales and Marketing Departments and Tour Operator.

• He is responsible for monitoring VIP movements.

• He is responsible for monitoring house status and keep Front Office Manager informed of sold out dates.

• He is responsible for handling the group and conference booking.

G. Reservation Assistant

• He needs to update the reservation chart and computer regularly.

• He handles all reservation requests appropriately and courteously.

• He keeps all reservations correspondence up to date

• He deals with amendments and cancellation of reservation.

    H. Senior Bell Captain

• He is responsible for controlling the movements of Bell Captains and Bell Boys

• He briefs the Bell Boy and ensures that they are always well groomed

• He is responsible for taking stock of the baggage, parcels and any other material.

• He holds in-depth knowledge of the hotel, shops, airline offices, executive offices etc.

• He follows a proper procedure on arrival and departure

• He also carries different errands for the guests

• He is responsible for the proper distribution of newspapers

• He is responsible for the upkeep of stock of the equipment, trolleys and ensuring that their condition is maintained.

• He has to be vigilant and alert whenever on duty.

   I. Bell Boy

• He has to escort the arriving guests to the rooms

• He places the guest baggage in the room

• He is responsible for explaining the operation of light switches, air conditioning control in the roomsto the guests.

• He carries the baggage to the lobby during departures

• He checks the room during check-out to see that the guest has not left any articles.

• He obtains clearance from Front Office cashier on the errand card.

J. Front Office Cashier

• He is responsible for operating the front office posting equipment.

• He ensures the completion of cashier pre-shift supply checklist

• His duty includes posting charges to guest account

• He deals with paid-outs

• He is responsible for completing guest check-out procedures

• He is responsible for settling down guest account

• He can make adjustments in the account.

K. Night Auditor

• He is responsible for posting room charges and taxes to guest accounts.

• He ensures the processing of guest charge and credit card vouchers

• He transfers charges and deposits to master accounts

• He is responsible for verifying all account postings and balances

• He is responsible for preparing a summary of cash, check and credit card.

• He makes a summary of the results of operations for management

• Understands and knows how to perform check-in and check-out procedures

• He knows how to deal with baggage of guests when they are shifting to another room

• He is responsible for paging guests in the lobby

• He can issue postage stamps against cash.


1. General Manager – Mr. Vikram Aditya Singh

2. Resident Manager- Mr. Manish Sharma

3. Executive Assistant Manager of Rooms – Mr. Hemendra Singh Kushalgarh

4. Head Concierge – Mr. Edwin Saldanha

5. Chief Concierge: Mr. Rajeev Jhurani

6. Chief Concierge- Mr. Rajesh Yadav

7. Duty Manager- Ms Soni Mittal
8. Duty Manager- Mr. Gaurav Juneja

9.Front Office Supervisor: Ms. Aayushi Pandoh

     Mr. Saransh Sharma

10. Guest Assistants- Ms Roshmi

     Ms. Neha

     Ms Arushi

     Ms Aditi


The Housekeeping Department of the hotel is mainly responsible for creating a positive, comfortable and tidy environment in the hotel so as to build a sense of “Home away from home” feeling. The goal of housekeeping department is to provide an attractive, welcoming, warm and pleasant environment to their guests in exchange of a great value of money. It is responsible for the aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public areas like lifts, lobby, entrance of the hotel, restaurants, washrooms etc.

Guestrooms are the most important feature of a hotel because they constitute a major part of the hotel's sales. The hotel gains a major profit by selling their rooms on a daily basis. Therefore, it is the housekeeping department that has to make sure that the rooms provided to guests comply to the hotel standards. They have to give a great amount of effort and time to maintain the hotel's quality standards.


The Housekeeping department has the following responsibilities to carry out:

• To clean the guestrooms and public areas like elevators, corridors, washrooms, back areas, banquets, staircases etc.

• Implement management policies in their department

• Flower arrangement in public areas like lobby and corridors.

• Carry out special decorations in rooms

• Laundry and dry cleaning services for guests and staff

• Training the staff in their department

• Maintaining housekeeping discrepancy report

• Supervising all guestrooms and public areas

• Mending uniforms for staff

• Maintaining lost and found records

• Providing shoe cleaning facility

• Duty Rotation

• Handling guest complaints & queries

• Carrying out Block cleaning/ team cleaning/ deep cleaning/ Spring cleaning etc.

• Cleaning areas on a daily / weekly/ periodic basis

• Cording with other departments like front office, Food & Beverage Department, Stores, Purchase, sales and marketing department etc.

• Keeping proper records and inventories.

• Ensuring that cleaning agents, equipment, furnishings etc. are purchased on time.

• Ensuring that good moral is maintained among the staff members.

• Issuing of articles on loan to guests.


  At Managerial level,

• Executive Housekeeper

• Assistant Housekeeper

   At Supervisory level,

• Linen Supervisor

• Control Desk Supervisor

• Floor Supervisor

• Night Supervisor

• Public Area Supervisor

• Horticulturalist

• Laundry Supervisor

• Sewing Room supervisor


The staff members of the Housekeeping Department are required to possess cetain qualities. These are as follows:

i)  Well groomed:  The staff must be dressed perfectly at all times following all grooming standards.

ii) Physically fit- The housekeeping staff should go through a thorough medical examination and should be fit to perform the housekeeping functions.

iii) Personal Hygiene- The housekeeping staff should maintain hygiene standards like clean hands, skin, etc.

iv) Good observer- The staff must possess great observation skills in order  to make a flawless room.

v)  Cooperative: The staff must be very cooperative with staff of other departments in order to provide quality service to guests.

vi) Adaptable- The staff should be able to adopt to different ideas and comply to changing situations willingly

vii) Honest- They must be honest as they go to guestrooms where guest belongings are kept.  They also have to deal with various kinds of guest belongings that are expensive.

viii) Tactful – The staff must be tactful while dealing with guest complaints.

ix)  Composed - Should be able to deal with situations with calmness, humbleness and politeness.

x) Courteous- Should be courteous to both guests and co-workers.

xi) Punctual- The staff member must respect time during working hours. This attitude reflects sincerity towards work.

xii) Sharp memory- Should have sharp memory in order to remember what the guest likes, dislikes, needs and wishes.


• Achieving the maximum efficiency in ensuring that the guests are made comfortable

• Establishing a cordial atmosphere and ensuring that courteous and reliable service is given from the staff.

• Ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and general upkeep in all areas for which the department is responsible.

• Providing linen in guest rooms, food service areas etc and maintaining an inventory for the same.

• · Providing uniforms to all the staff and maintaining an inventory for the same.

• Carrying out laundry and dry cleaning services

• Dealing with lost and found articles. This ensures the smooth functioning of the department.

• Providing and maintaining the floral decorations in the hotel.

• · Selecting the right contractor and ensuring that the quality of work is maintained.

• · Coordinating with the purchase department of the hotel for guest supplies, cleaning agents, equipments, linen, carpets and other items used in the hotel.

• · Ensuring training control and supervision of all staff in to the department.

• Establishing a good working relationship with other departments.

• Ensuring that safety and security regulations are made known to all the staff of the department.

• · To keep the G.M and administrator informed of all matters requiring special attention.


Efficient cleaning and maintenance are dependent upon high-quality cleaning equipment, correctly using. Though only 5-10% of the overall cost incurred on cleaning is accounted for by cleaning equipment and agents, selecting the ideal equipment plays a major role in the cleaning process. There will often be several ways of carrying out any particular cleaning task and different types of equipment that can be employed for it. It is the executive housekeeper's responsibility to select the most appropriate piece of equipment according to the hotel's requirement. Most types of cleaning equipment fall under the category of recycled items, but a few large pieces of items may be considered as fixed assets. The correct choice of quality cleaning equipment could save costs due to breakdowns, reduce fatigue and also ensure overall efficiency in operations.

Equipment used in the cleaning of surface, furniture and fittings in a hotel building include both manual and mechanical equipment .

Manual Equipment

Manual equipment can include all types of equipment that clean or aid in the cleaning process by directly using manoeuvre, operation and energy of employees.


These may be designed to remove dry or wet and/or ingrained dust and dirt from hard or soft surfaces.

Basic parts of a brush: The basic parts of a brush are as follows -

· Bristles: These may be of animal, vegetable or manmade origin. Horsehair, nylon and polypropylene are commonly used to make bristles for cleaning brushes. In general, the finer, softer bristles are best for smooth and hard surfaces. The harder the bristles, the softer the surface on which the brush should be used, exception being toilet brushes and brushes found on all-purpose flour machines. Bristles, if not maintained properly, have a tendency to bend, splay or fall out of the stock. Bristles should be closely set in tufts and the stock well covered with tufts.

· Head stock: This is the part of the brush into which the bristles are inserted. The stock may be of wood, metal, or plastic. A good brush is one that has a sturdy stock.

· Handle: Brush handles may be detachable or non-detachable. Detachable handles must be fixed firmly in place on the stock when the brush is in use.

Types of brushes: Three main types of brushes are used for cleaning surfaces.

· Hard brushes: Hard brushes have bristles that are fairly stiff and well spaced out. They are most suitable for the removal of heavy soil and litter from carpets and for cleaning rough surfaces.

· Soft brushes: Soft brushes have bristles that are fairly flexible and set close together. These help to remove loose soil and litter on hard, smooth surfaces. Such brushes may be designed to dust carpets and furniture, too, especially those made of cane, wicker and bamboo.

· Scrubbing brushes: Scrubbing brushes have short, coarse bristles designed for use on surfaces that have become stained and heavily ingrained with dirt. These brushes should only be used to remove stubborn, heavy soiling from small areas that are difficult for a scrubbing machine to access. Long handled scrubbing brushes, called deck scrubbers or T-scrubbers, are useful for cleaning larger areas as well as corners.

Brushes are also classified on basis of their function:

· Toilet brushes: These are WC brushes, radiator brushes and Johnny mops.

· Bottle brushes: These are used for cleaning overflow vents in wash basins and tubs.

· Cloth scrubbers: These are used for scrubbing clothes.

· Deck scrubbers: These are used for cleaning large areas.

· Carpet brushes: These are used for brushing carpets.

· Upholstery brushes: These are used to loosen out dust embedded between the fabric fibres in upholstered chairs and sofas

· Feather brushes: These are brushes with feathers, for light dusting.

· Hearth brush: These are used for cleaning heavy soiling and removing ash out of fireplaces.

· Flue brush: These are used for cleaning chimneys.












The first week of my internship at The Lodhi, was an introductory week as it was a new environment for me and I was required to do certain duties which were mandatory for the new trainees to do. It included submission of documents at the HR department such as lab test reports, Police Verification certificate and passport size photographs. After submitting the documents, the new trainees were taken to the laundry for giving measurements for the uniform.

Once all of that was done, I was then guided towards the Front Office Department where I had to do my training for the next 2 months. I was introduced to the staff of the department such as The Front Office Manager, Resident Manager, Front office supervisors and Front Office Assistants.

Then, I sat next to one of the Front office assistants and started observing their work. She was handling the phone calls as well as updating guest information on the OPERA PMS software. I helped the assistants in organizing their work.

My main observations and learnings during the first week of my internship are as follows:

¬ Observed the SALTO Key system.

¬ Learnt how to scan passports and other ID proofs like Aadhar Card

¬ Observed the Lodhi Registration Card which is filled by the guests.

¬ Understood the function of a C-form – filled for international guests and sent to FRRO online.

¬ Observed all the work done by the Guest Assistants in the department.

¬ Observed the different rooms in the hotel building and the different services and facilities available.

¬ Out of 48 rooms in the hotel's building, 40 rooms have a plunge pool inside the room and the rest don't have it.

¬ Learnt the function of an A&D register (Arrival & Departure register) – maintenance of guest records for legal purposes and for reference in future.

¬ Learnt how to fill the details of the guests in the A&D register. It is done by referring to the guest details on the registration card and ID proof of the guest.

¬ Learnt how to fill the Amenities / Special Request Voucher to the In-room Dining (IRD) and to kitchen and bakery.

¬ Setups like Anniversary set-up / Birthday set-up / Honeymoon set up are complimentary to the in-house guests that includes room decoration and 250 gm chocolate cake.

¬ Observation of the FRONT OFFICE INFORMATION BOARD located in the back office, is a daily task which is updated daily by the Front Office Assistant of the night shift.

¬ Front office Information Board gives information about Room Occupancy Rate, Average Room Revenue, RevPar, Hotel Revenue etc.

Learnt about the classification of rooms in both, the hotel and the apartment building.

¬ Rooms are:

1. Lodhi Standard Room  

2. Lodhi Room

3. Lodhi Deluxe Room   

4. Lodhi Premiere Room

5. Garden Terrace Room

6. Garden Terrace Suite

7. Verandah Pool Suite   

8. Lodhi Suite

9. Lodhi Junior Suite  

10.Lodhi Deluxe Suite  

11. Lodhi Premiere Suite   

12. Sultan Suite  

• Learnt about the different F&B outlets in the hotel

• Élan

• Indian Accent

• Lodhi Bakery

• Pool Café

• In Room Dining

• Learnt about the Lift numbers in Apartment side of the hotel.

















• Filled the A&D register

• Observed the telephone operator in the Front Office Department.

• Learnt how to dial different numbers on the telephone operator:

¬ Mobile No. :  9 + __________

¬ International No. : 9 + 00 + country code + contact no.

¬ Room No. : 1 + room no.

¬ Apartment rooms –  “A” side – 400 + ____

   “B side” – 420 +____

• Attended a Security Training for trainees and employees on “Bomb Threat”

¬ What is a bomb?

¬ Types of Bombs – Time controlled bomb / speed controlled bomb / light controlled bomb / pressure release bomb / anti – open bomb/ anti-release bomb

¬ Reasons for bomb threat

¬ What to do during a bomb threat in the hotel?

• Learnt about the Taxes that are eligible on rooms.

• Made keys of rooms and apartments using the SALTO KEY software.

¬ Filled the A&D register.

¬ Escorted the visitors to the rooms

¬ Delivered couriers to rooms.

¬ Arranged the bills according to their room no.

¬ Learnt how to make the Guest Stay Report for In-house guests

¬ Mailed the Guest Stay Reports and mailed them to the HODs.

¬ Printed Registration Cards from the Opera System.

¬ Placed Reg. card in the folder with newspaper, pre-auth and vouchers in the guest room.

¬ Learnt how to fill “C-form”

¬ Made newspaper list according to guest preferences.

¬ Made a list of all the medicines that are kept in the first aid box in the back office area and the missing medicines that will be needed.

¬ Scanned passports

¬ Arranged the Leave Card file.

¬ Arranged the pre-auth file.

¬ Learnt to check the arrivals of the day on the opera system.

¬ Learnt how to check the traces of the arriving guests.

• Attended Security training for trainees and employees on “Elevator Stuck situation”

• In all elevators of the hotel, there are : - talkback, door hold, and emergency button.

• In such a situation, check the lift indicator, inform the security officer, front office and engineering department about the location of the lift and its number.

• The security official / engineer will proceed to the location with an Emergency Elevator ( L key) key.

• Learnt about the function of the duty slip. It tells the movement of cars and chauffeurs.

• Updated the duty slips on the computer of the particular date.

• Learnt the function of the hand-over register. The FOA of each shift has to write the remaining arrivals and departures of the day, couriers and packages kept in the back office and whom they belong to.

• Learnt how to prepare the hand over register.

• Prepared the Amenities voucher.

• Learnt about the 5 important things while updating guest's information on the OPERA software. They are:

¬ Contact details of the guest (Name, Address, Mobile number)

¬ Room number.

¬ For international guests – passport details

¬ If there are 2 guests, make a sharer ID on the OPERA and combine them.

¬ Attaching the ID

• Cross-checked the discrepancy report prepared by housekeeping department with the guest information on OPERA software.

• Attended a training session on “Leading Quality Assurance” (LQA) by Mr. Edwin Saldanha.

• The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) is an association of approximately 375 luxury hotels and resorts in over 75 countries. Its  headquarters are situated in New York City, and has offices in 25 cities worldwide. 

• The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. established its product and service standards through Leading Quality Assurance, a n organization that carries out property inspections for the world's most prestigious hospitality organizations anonymously.

• The point system is planned in order to cover all phases of the guest experience, from reservation to check out, including every feature of the hotel product from reception, to back area .

• Certain standards were discussed, like –

  1. Don't take guest's name more than twice.

  2. Introduce yourself

   3. For a driver, it is very important to take permission of   the guest for showing the places around – “May I explain a few  important sites on the way to the hotel”   

¬ There should be a level of consistency in the standards followed by the employees.

• Room Tariff List

1.Lodhi Standard Room


2. Lodhi Room


3. Lodhi Deluxe Room


4. Lodhi Premiere Room


5. Garden Terrace Room


 6. Garden Terrace Suite


 7. Verandah Pool Suite


8. Lodhi Suite


9. Lodhi Deluxe Suite


10. Lodhi Premiere Suite


11. Sultan Suite


• Learnt various Airlines codes



1.Air India


2. Spice Jet


3. Jet Airways


4. Indigo Airways


5. Go Air


6. Air France


7. Swiss Airways


8. Austrian Airways


9. Singapore Airways


10. Thai Airways


11. United Airways


12. Royal Dutch Airways


13. Qatar Airways


14. Etihad Airways


15. British Airways


16. Virgin Atlantic Airways


17. Sri Lankan Airways


18. Malaysian Airlines


19. Lufthansa Airlines


20. Cathay Pacific Airways


21. Gulf Airways


22. Turkish Airways


23. Kuwait Airways


24. All Nippon Airways


25. Aeroflot


26. Japan Airlines Ltd.


• Learnt about the different extension numbers used within the hotel to connect with different departments.

1. H.R department


2. Front Office Operator


3. Back Office


4. Cashier


 5. Reception


6. Concierge


7. Boutique Manager


8. F&B director


9. Pastry shop


10. Elan


11. Indian Accent


12. IRD


13. Pool Café


14. Electric Room


15. Housekeeping


16. Laundry


17. IT


18. Spa


19. Salon


20. Time Office


21. Main Porch


22. Gym


23. Sales


24. Finance & Accounts


25. Flower shop


26. Purchase


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