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Nick Abraham

Professor Noble

History 1302

01 July 2018

2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential Election was one of the most bizarre and most interesting elections of American History. Many celebrities claimed that they would be running for the presidential election, but we assumed them all to just say these radical things for media attention. Donald Trump on the other hand was being serious and actually continued and was committed with his campaign. He was so meticulous with how he handled things that the Republican Party chose him for their campaign. Donald Trump went onto beating the Democratic Party and their nominee, Hillary Clinton, and became the new president of the United States of America. Many thought Donald Trump's campaign was doomed after he referred Mexicans as “rapist”, or after he questioned John McCain's as a war hero, or when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States. His consistent social media presence and his strategies on demoralizing his competitors and using extreme messages to stand out led him to win the election.

In most elections, the competitors would attack each other in a logical sophisticated way and not necessarily be childish with “name calling”, but Donald Trump did the exact opposite. He would go on to his rallies and label his competitors with unflattering names like “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin Ted”. His consistency to label his competitors would demoralize them. These labels would get reaction from the candidates and without realizing would psychologically change their standing with voters. (Rivero 2016) He gave anything opposing him a label that would be widely known and used. A voter who was to choose between the two nominees would associate Hillary to be “crooked” upon hearing Trumps label. Trump would position his competitors views and values as the problem in our nations and juxtapose himself as the solution to these problems. (Rivero 2016) Donald Trump would consistley use these marketing strategies to downplay his competitors and make voters really be convinced or start to be convinced that he was the best candidate. His constant bullying of competitors made it seem like he was superior since most people associate bullies with power. (Preza 2016) These small tactics were psychologically turning voters against his competitors without them even knowing.

Donald Trump came from a business background which gave him a big edge in the 2016 election. Before the election, he already had an established brand that was known by many. The Trump brand was associated with wealth, luxury and celebrities because of his show The Celebrity Apprentice. Hillary Clinton's brand was less appealing for most people and was not as entertaining as Donald Trump's brand. He was able to already use his well known brand to market his campaign to greater lengths compared to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump used this to his advantage, marketing his campaign all throughout social media. Everyone knows about his notorious twitter account where he would build relationships with his voters. (Demarz 2018)  He used Twitter to promote himself and spread his campaign more and build attitudinal loyalty with his voters. His tweets were strategic and used to control the news cycle. He would use his tweets to test public reactions, deflect issues by attacking the messenger such as CNN being “fake news”, divert attention from the real issues by changing the topic and be the first to frame an idea by getting his version of the story out first. His consistency to tweet and hold a social media presence more than Hillary Clinton helped his campaign out greatly.

Donald Trump was known for saying extremely radical messages to stand out from his other candidates. (Krieg 2016) His use of  these radical messages gave him more media coverage than any of his other candidates. Everyone was talking about the new crazy thing he had just said and that led to discussions of how he could possibly be right.  He polarized his audience with emotional messages which led his supporters to also become extreme and spread his message and campaign for him. Most candidates talked about what all the usual candidates talked about. His message was different and the voters wanted to see some change. These radical messages were seen as a change and were very influential.  

To think the celebrity Donald Trump would be the president of the United States of America is unbelievable and many would not have thought twice of it five years ago. For him to start his campaign and say ridiculous disrespectful racist things and still win is astonishing. His meticulous strategy throughout his campaign led to his victory in the 2016 presidential election. His ability to plant a seed in voters mind and consistent be feeding the seed with false labels of competitors and saying radical things to be different were key factors of him winning the election. He was very aware of how he should campaign to win and used his brand to trump Hillary.  

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