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Strategic Analysis tools

    Strategic analysis is the main pillar of the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment and knowledge of external opportunities and risks and to identify strong influence on the market and their study and predict the near future of the establishment and its design image that serves a very important organization

    1-Extract the competitive advantage of the establishment and how to employ this advantage in the starting towards leadership

    2-Leads to increased efficiency in the performance of individuals within the organization

   3-Help analyze the resources available to the establishment of marketing resources - financial resources - human resources - productive resources - research and development - and all other resources by type of establishment and the nature of its work.

SWOT model:

    The SWOT model is called (analysis) model because it is in fact specialized in the analytical task of the organization and the reality and aspects of the current plan

The model consists of four aspects (strengths - weaknesses - threats - opportunities)

1-Strengths: The resources owned by the establishment and have the ability to use them positively, which helps the development of the organization and progress and make the establishment distinct from competitors

2-Weaknesses are the points that the organization needs mainly to achieve the development process, but it does not have it now or does not possess it, but it is not at the required level (we have a manager but it is not experienced - we do not have a marketing department)

3-Opportunities: The events that are expected to happen at the present time or in the near future and if properly exploited will lead to the development of the establishment and move it to a higher level towards achieving the goal (developing a program for how to exploit it and achieve maximum benefit)

4-Threats: Current or future events that are expected to occur and when they occur will negatively impact the organization (develop a program to prevent them)

    Once the four aspects of the four aspects have been identified by specialists with knowledge of the establishment, the objectives and the strategic plan are constructed

Boston Matrix:

    The matrix consists of four boxes that discuss the status of establishments in the market:

1- Question mark indicates the fate of the products is unknown and cannot predict a particular fate and companies in this field are accelerating to own the market or move to another field

2- Shape of a star or stars and points to excellence the establishment is distinct from competitors and has the strength of the market and achieve strong profits and has a marketing and promotional power

3- A dog shape is those with troubled products that suffer from low market growth and a low market share with the risk of withdrawal of products from the market. Establishments always try to move to another cell because most of the time their survival leads to loss and withdrawal from the market

4- Shape of a dairy cow indicates that the establishment is achieving strong cash returns and that it is the market leader but suffers from the low growth rate of the market so companies are always trying to acquire the largest share of market share and investment in other cells

   One of the advantages of the Boston analysis is that it works to uncover the reality in front of the establishment to know what its current competitive position and choose the most appropriate marketing strategy and how to create interactive market to increase profit and market share and used by a large number of companies worldwide.

Porter five competitive forces:

    A powerful strategy for entering a new market M. Porter A world of management scientists has been able to write the theory that influential forces to make a decision to enter a new market called the five competitive forces.

1-Competition severity of liabilities.

2-Alternative products: are there alternative products in this market.

3-Are new competitors: expected to enter the market.

4-The ability of buyers: to bargain and pressure on the establishment.

5-The ability of suppliers: or partners to compromise and influence decision-making.

Example: Fas-edu. Educational tourism company)

    In the event of an analysis of the market situation, this and simple test will be conducted on the five points of Porter and our desire to establish a foundation to educational tourism program market. Before starting the project. We thought about the educational tourism program in the same time we are somewhat concerned about competition.

   Therefore we present here a study of the feasibility of establishing the company based on the five Porter forces.

1) Supplier strength:

*The presence of a large number of suppliers in the market to reduce dumping

*The high prices of the cost of educational tourism programs by suppliers departing from some European countries, the cost of which is low in East Asia (the institute and the educational institutions)

2) Buyer Power:

*Limited number of buyers Parents and students of this program (capable class).

*Some buyers are willing to buy cheap program (low quality and in countries other than Europe).

*Some parents are willing to replace educational programs and limit them to tourism only.

3) Competitive Strength:

*Increased numbers of competitors in the educational tourism market.

*The tourist offices are subject to the market of educational programs and competition of tourism specialists.

*The emergence of an advertising war in the market.

4) New products:

*The replacement of some tourist offices with the educational program and limited to tourism only.

*Ease of entry into the market for lack of strict laws in the country.

*Some families prefer to arrange flights by themselves now for easy access to the Internet.

5) The risk of replacement:

*Our customers replace our tourist educational program products with a focus on tourism programs only.

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