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The purpose of this management manual is designed to help new managers recognize the for functions of management in more detail. By the end of this manual, all new managers and employees will know of two recommended techniques or best practices of each of the four functions and why they are used in our company. During the planning process of our organization, SMART criteria will be used as well as the SWOT analysis. The organizing process will consist of the Social Media Analysis and the Innovation Network. Nominal Group Technique and Delphi Technique will be explained in the Leading process. Lastly, the controlling process will explain how compensation and rewards, and a balanced scorecard will help control situations and employees' behaviors.

I. Planning

Our company will use the SMART criteria for personal objectives and performance measures to be the most effective. SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. To be specific in your goal, you should be able to figure out who is involved, what the goal is, where is it taking place, when, which requirements or restraints there are, and why you are making this your goal. The measurable part of your goal means that you can tell when the goal should be accomplished. To make sure your goal is attainable it must be enough time to be able to finish. Your goal should be realistic because you won't be able to finish your goal if you do not believe you can do it and if you do not have the ability to complete your goal. The goal should be set in a timely manner, not to urgent and not too far.

This will be used in our company to fulfill effective goals. If our goal is too broad we will not achieve the results we want. Our company uses goals and objectives to motivate employees and have them committed to their job. Anything can be a goal but we are looking for goals that will help us succeed. Challenges tend to make employees work harder and once that goal is achieved they are left with a satisfied feeling. This helps the company's environment because our employees will be motivated to do more. Without goals that are clarified and explained in detail, problems can occur and employees may become lazy because they don't have specific steps or ideas to complete this goal. We don't want our employees feeling like they are wasting their time with a task because it is too easy or too hard for them. This will discourage them for the next task they must do. Therefore JamieVene Co. uses SMART criteria to create productive, and reasonable goals.

The SWOT analysis is used during the planning process to create competitive advantage. It is great to know our strengths and weaknesses as a company, but we also want to focus on our competitor's strengths and weaknesses and this will help our company. With the use of SWOT analysis, managers will be able to determine the available advantages over our competitors and helps managers understand certain circumstances. JamieVene Co. uses SWOT analysis results to create ideas for new products or services. It allows our management to save time and money on ideas that wouldn't be successful because we would base our ideas from our strengths. Knowing our weaknesses helps us work to find solutions and work on minimizing our weaknesses. The SWOT analysis will allow our company to create better goals and objectives. This practice does not provide solutions but it helps managers learn about the company and if the managers are on top of our weaknesses and threats, then nothing will go unnoticed. Threats will be known and solution in case something was to occur will be available, nothing will be unexpected. Without SWOT analysis, employees would not consider the opportunities for the company. The SWOT analysis could be used in a group setting as well as individually. The next step is analyzing the information and figuring out how use it or overcome it.

II. Organizing

The Social Network Analysis is the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows among people, groups, organizations, computers, and websites. With social media analysis, our company can see what customers are saying about us and our competitors. By using this, we can figure out what we should do to improve our products, get rid of a product, add more of a specific product, and more. Our company uses social network analysis to learn from our customers, gain competitive advantage, enhance our products/services, better target marketing efforts, and market innovation. Social media is a great source to find out malfunctions with a product because there is so much more negative feedback recorded than positive feedback. This helps us create solutions and fix our products to put them back on the market better than before. With social media, we can figure out the 3 P's of marketing which are price, product, and place. We can figure out our target market by researching who uses similar products, so we can launch our product in the best market for it. By listening to customers' complaints about our competitors' product, we can create a product to fit their needs and wants. It also allows our company to keep communication with the customers and listen to them. If we have someone constantly responding to complaints or compliments on social media, we can potentially get back customers that were planning on leaving.

The steps of the Innovation Network include connecting, setting boundaries and engaging, supporting and governing, and managing and tracking. First, employees with an innovation mind-set are connects and these employees are usually comfortable with change and risk-taking. These employees together use their strongest points, which could be creating ideas or researching ideas after they are brought up to see how well they would work, and become the innovative network. The next step taken is creating the networks goals and objectives that will contribute to the company as well. There must be a leader of this network so that is established next. This helps meetings, ideas, and decision-making more controlled. New members can join and current members can

leave. Contributions will be rewarded and recognized.

Our company will be utilizing Innovation Networks because they expand the amount of knowledge in the company and the information gets to everyone faster and more efficiently. Information can constantly pop up and be collected by our employees and further expanded upon. Innovation Networks also allow access for new technology in the company, which helps expand the information that can be found.

III. Leading

Decision-making is one of the most important roles in a leader. In JamieVene Co., no employee is left unheard and everyone opinion or ideas are involved in the planning process. During the leading process, long term goals are set and in relation to our mission and vision statement. One technique that is used to achieve optimum results is the Nominal Group Technique. The Nominal Group Technique is used for developing a mission and vision statement, as well as generating creative ideas, building consensus, to make sure everyone is heard and when there is conflict. Contributions from everyone is encouraged from this technique and no person's answer is biased because the answers are written down at the same time and then collected to share with everyone. The only way an idea is deleted is by an agreement unanimously. The reason why the Nominal Group Technique is used in our company is because it gives every employee the chance to speak their opinion and solution for their idea. After all the ideas and solutions are presented, they are ranked by every employee in numerical preference. This works best so that there is not a single decision-maker in our company. In emergencies, we do have the managers be the only decision-makers because there is no time to get together as a team to discussion possible solutions. The Nominal Group Technique is only used during the monthly employee meetings because they are mandatory and that is where all the work-related issues are resolved.

The Delphi Technique is a group process as well but there is a lot of differences in it than the Nominal Group Technique. With the Delphi Technique, there are different sets of questionnaires that the employees will answer and then the next set of questionnaires are based off the first set. The difference is that no one must be brought together to reach a result. The whole process ends once the group reaches a consensus and the manager, or person in charge of the questionnaire, can decide whether they would like to release the answers anonymously or not. This doesn't have to be used in just our immediate company, but this process can be used if we need expert help from elsewhere since there is no reason for any members of the process to gather.

Managers will decide to use this process when there is not much customer reviews or other objective data. When there is a lack of communication with the formal and informal lines, this is an effective method. This is because the anonymous answers will not get in the way of personal relationships and no one will disregard a solution because it was a specific person's idea. If our company ever came to a gridlock of ideas or solutions, the Delphi Technique will be used. This method will also be used when there are solutions that have too many individual opinions attached to it.

IV. Controlling

Some employees are resistant to change and if that is the case then employees with be rewarded to demonstrate the change. This will allow employees to take the implemented change seriously. Our reward system will be one that helps control and motivate the actions taken by employees. These rewards may be monetary in value, beneficial, recognition or appreciative. Employees will not be rewarded for just showing up but for skill development, performance, or responsibility of a job. Our company will help employees achieve higher positions which will lead to higher pay. Benefits will include more flexibility. Employees will become more focused on their job when they know they can be rewarded for a job well done. Our company encourages healthy competition between coworkers, and we believe compensation and rewards will increase this. This will also encourage employees to come in every day and call out less frequently because they are satisfied with their job. Our company uses this tactic to get the best work out of employees. The rewards system will help control employees that are not as motivated.

A Balanced Scorecard will also help control employees because it helps motivate the employees. These balanced scorecards help prioritize programs, projects, services and products. They help improve the performance of an organization and that is why our company is utilizing it.


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