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• To bridge the gap between PVR Limited and the potential clients through client profiling (B2B).

• Need for performance assessment of the PVR Kochi Sales & Marketing team.


¥ To know about the industry by visiting the PVR properties in Bangalore

¥ To understand the on-screen and off-screen spaces for potential clients

¥ To search for potential clients through cold calling and other online sources

¥ To identify potential leads by studying the genres of upcoming movies and the holiday structure

¥ To do a sales performance review of the PVR Kochi team.


The following methodologies were used to address the problem statement:


i. Visited PVR properties and understood the on-screen and off-screen spaces to advertise.

ii. Used cold calling technique to get in touch with potential clients and set up meetings, as per the assigned verticals.


i. Used online sites like LinkedIn and Fundoodata to search for Brand Managers/Vice Presidents/Marketing Heads' contacts.

ii. Reference to social media websites like Facebook and using their chat bots for extracting information about the key company executives.

iii. Used the help of IMDB and YouTube to search for movie trailers to understand the potential clients for upcoming movies.



Video-walk-through is a process which PVR Limited follows to take videos of long stretches of the PVR properties and look at 2 things, i.e., the already existing advertisements of brands associated with PVR Limited including the movie promotions and the potential spaces in the properties which can be utilized to advertise for both movies and brands. These data (videos) is presented to potential clients who advertise via PVR Limited (On Screen, Off Screen or Combined). The purpose of this is to eliminate the process for the client to take out time from their busy schedule and visit the PVR property they want to advertise in. The PVR properties to be visited were:

- PVR Forum Mall

- PVR Orion Mall

- PVR Phoenix Market City - White Field

- PVR Regalia-Elements

- PVR VR Mall Whitefield

- PVR Soul Space Spirit - Bangalore

- PVR Soul Space Arena - Bangalore

- PVR Vaishnavi

- PVR Vega City


There are three areas from where PVR Limited earns its revenue from, they are, Box Office Admissions, F&B and Advertising. The 2nd project given was with the 3rd area, i.e., Advertising. The three medium of advertisement which PVR provides are:

¬ On Screen- These advertisements are the intervals or intermission we see in-between movie screening. This is the most expensive medium. Per day, pre-scheduled slots are allocated per client per week for their advertisements. The clients can choose the duration of their contract with PVR, which can range from few weeks to months, depending upon their advertising budget and requirement.

¬ Off Screen- As the name suggests these advertisements in and around the PVR premises to enhance the visual appeal of PVR. These include collaterals in the form of standees, door brandings, posters, tent cards, movie poster windows and many more.

Off-screen branding includes:

• Box office branding

o Ticket jackets

o Box office panel

o Leaflets

o Plasma screens

o Queue managers

o Ticket machine branding

o Cut-outs

o Standees

• In-Audi Branding

o Seat branding

o Stairs

o Voucher distribution

o Lucky winners based on seat number

• Gold-class

o Tent cards

o Branding in the Menu, lamp or table per seat

o Bar counters

o Doors and seats

o Lobby and waiting area

• Lobby

o Standees

o Translites

o Back-lighting

o Pillar

o Kiosks

o Sample products display

o Audi door branding

o Gate arch branding

• Candy Bars

o Danglers

o Flyers

o Boxes/Display pieces

o Popcorn tub/beverage glasses

¬ Combined- Based on the clients' needs, a combined package of both, On Screen and Off Screen mediums are providing to them.

For the above mentioned areas, the interns were supposed to perform, primary research through cold calling and secondary research through websites, such as, LinkedIn, Facebook, Fundoodata and collect the contact details of POCs, i.e., Brand Managers, Vice Presidents of Marketing or Marketing Heads of potential client companies with whom we had to set up meetings and shadow our managers who would explain them the benefits of cinema as a platform for advertising.


This project consisted of creation of Excel Sheets with the list of all the holidays as well as upcoming movies, for the financial year 2018-19. Holidays consisted of, not just regional holidays but it was PAN India and thus the list consisted of holidays from all of over India and even worldwide. The movie list, consisted of the upcoming movies of all languages, be it Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi or even Punjabi.

The purpose of collecting these data was to benefit the clients. This data is important for the clients in terms of knowing the suitable and profitable dates and popular movie dates when they can advertise via PVR to attract more eyeballs. The footfall on holidays and during popular movie screening is the maximum, as noticed by the PVR employees at Forum Mall.


Before every client meeting a customised pitch had to be prepared by the managers who handled the particular vertical. This pitch was formed according to the client, their business and their operations. For this purpose they required the help of the interns, as according to the managers, the interns had fresh ideas which could be incorporated in the pitch and even in the final implementation, if accepted by the client.


A special movie screening for the most awaited movie of the year, Avengers- Infinity War, was organised by PVR Forum Mall on 27th April, 2018. This was done to let clients who were personally invited for this, know about advantages of cinema as a platform for advertising. Innovative technology in the form of interactive digital screens, with gesture technology, motion screens and virtual reality (VR) screens were installed in the premises to portray the new digital tools that PVR can provide the clients for their business. The interns were supposed to welcome the guests and take them through each digital tool and explain them how it can be beneficial for their company.  


Taking the list of upcoming movies for the financial year 2018-19, the interns were supposed to analyse the trailers of selective popular movies and suggest potential clients that would want to associate with a particular movie. For example: For the movie, “Veere Di Wedding”, a suggestion was made that the online matrimonial site, “”  can be a potential client who would want to advertise during this particular movie as the plot is based on the theme of Weddings and Marriages.


Performance appraisal is the most important tool for an organisation to evaluate the efficiency of its human resources. It is a regular process, executed monthly, quarterly or yearly wherein the manager and the employee sit together to assess the performance of the employees in terms of the targets achieved, productivity, quality of work measure on the basis of pre-determined standards. Thus, performance appraisal helps company to evaluate the workforce efficiency and design training module if required. Employees get to understand their areas of improvement such that they can add value to the firm.

This is the reason, Mrs. Meena Chabbria, Regional Head of PVR Limited (South) gave the interns the task of collecting data and analysing the same for the States assigned to them. As part of the project I was required to understand the matrix for the PVR Kochi team. Set format was given to all the interns and based on those guidelines we were supposed to carry on the analysis.



The 4 PVR interns were supposed to take pictures and videos of the PVR properties assigned to them. There are 9 PVRs in Bangalore and our managers had provided us with the contacts of the Floor Managers' contacts for the ease of permissions for entry. The interns were split in teams of 2 to be more efficient. We split the PVRs to visit, on the geographical basis, they were:

¬ PVR, Orion Mall: At Orion Mall, unlike all the other 3 malls, there was no indication of a PVR on the 3rd floor. When we reached the 3rd floor we realised we had reached. The Orion Mall property allotted for PVR was huge competing closely with PVR Vega City and Forum Mall. But unlike the other 3 properties the huge space here was not utilized at its best. There were many innovations in terms of wall hangings with movie names inscribed, augmented projectors, video screens in the washroom area, Food & Beverage counters also had ads of Magnum Ice-creams and Titan Skinn.

¬ PVR, Vaishnavi Sapphire: This property was also big but not utilized properly. There were long stretches which were empty. Though even they had unique branding abilities, such as Lift Door branding, movie standees, video slides etc.

¬ PVR, Vega City Mall: This property has been re-modelled recently as it's very pleasing to the eyes. The management has used most of the spaces and also includes augmented screens which are acquired from 3rd parties for promotions. Unlike the other properties this one has a theme, which was Golden. Not just the Gold Class but the entire PVR property on the 3rd and 4th Floor of Vega City Mall, which belongs to PVR had the Golden theme.


PVR, Forum Mall: The HQ of PVR Limited for South India is in Forum Mall, Koramangala. It also has a huge space but the employees are planning to shift to another office space which would be purely office work. PVR has its own branding on the outside of Forum Mall and no one to miss to see it, specially with all the traffic in Koramangala. The space is used very efficiently without much wastage. Though the spaces empty were for the reason that approaching clients for the same was WIP.


As this is a part of the 3rd revenue generation for PVR, all the interns were asked to concentrate on this project specifically. Mr. Abraham Kingslin who was assigned to me as my corporate mentor handled vertical such as, E-Commerce, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Durables and Hospitality. According to these verticals, companies were listed in an Excel Sheet. Applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Fundoodata were used to connect the Brand Managers, VPs of Marketing and Head of Marketing. Even cold calling was done for the same.

Mr. Kingslin asked us to create an introductory pitch before calling the potential clients and even told us about tips and tricks to generate connections on LinkedIn. These tips helped me to connect with Mr. Ravi Karthik R, Head of Marketing, ACT Fibernet, Mr. Srivats TS, VP Marketing, Swiggy, Mr. Yogesh Nambiar, Head of Marketing, JBL HARMAN on LinkedIn. I was also able to create leads such as ACT Fibernet, Carriall Co., Red Bus, OYO Rooms, Vodafone, etc. Initially we had issues with cold calling as it was new

Not just this we even got the privilege to shadow our managers for meetings where we got to learn a lot about how to create a pitch for a sale. Here we understood that PVR believes in understanding the customer's needs first and after which accordingly giving them suggestions.

There was a unique idea generated by Mr. Kingslin on a cross brand integration between Nvidia, ACT Fibernet, Acer, and Intel. This was done for the customers to, Experience the power of gaming on ACER laptops, with Nvidia graphics cards, powered by high speed Intel processor and high speed ACT Fibernet internet.  

We were also very lucky to be able to be a part of idea generation during the brain storming sessions which our mangers had before every meeting. All the interns helped generate idea for Nvidia, Red Bus, Swiggy, Act Fibernet. This helped our managers to have fresh ideas of what the young audience would want to watch and what would attract them.


An entire week was dedicated to this project where the interns were supposed to generate database for the financial year 2018-19. The data collected were as follows:

¬ LIST OF HOLIDAYS- This was beneficial for clients in terms of letting the clients know when would be the suitable time for  advertising as the footfall during holiday seasons are the maximum. An excel sheet for the same was created with month wise holidays (PAN India).

¬ UPCOMING MOVIES (of all languages)- This list was used by the clients to understand the popular movies and their release dates as popular movies attract more audience and which would help the clients for the advertisements.

¬ MOVIE ASSOCIATIONS- An interesting part of the internship was were the interns were supposed to watch the trailers of all popular movies and suggest potential clients for each movie based on the movie's theme. Here we have given suggestions of, Lakme, Kandala Jewellers, Anamika Khanna and many more.


As part of its Client engagement strategy, PVR Limited organized a special screening for Avengers – Infinity War for all its partners and potential clients on 27th April 2018. Few of the noted executives who attended the screening included Manu Kumar Jain, VP at Xiaomi India and executives from Big Bazaar, Prestige Builders and Big Basket. PVR also showcased various digital advertising tools that it can offer as part of its portfolio of advertising services to clients such as Interactive Screens with gesture technology, and Virtual Reality screens. As part of this event, I personally met the Marketing Heads of Prestige Builders and Sattva Builders to invite them for the event and also coordinated with my senior managers to introduce the clients to the new services of PVR Cinemas.  


As performance appraisal is a very important area where PVR concentrates, the interns got the privilege to analyse the monthly targets of the PVR Marketing Teams (South Region). I was assigned the PVR Kochi Team which consisted of one Sr. Sales Manager, Mr. Kamal C. He handles all the 18 verticals himself and generates leads mostly through Sai Media Works, an agency specialised in it.   


From this pie chart we can come to the conclusion that out of the 68 clients generated for the month of April, Mr. Kamal achieved 10 clients by direct connection and 58 through Sai Media Agency which specializes in B2B business for the same. This pie chart shows the comparison between the clients being acquired directly by Mr. Kamal versus the clients acquired via Agencies, the total number of clients being 68. Though the PVR employees are encouraged to get clients directly as that saves them the commissions and thus increases revenue.     








The above pie chart shows the Target and Achieved percentage of Mr. Kamal for the April month because of which his rating reduced as he was not very close to his target. The target given to Mr. Kamal for the month of April was 100 cr. and he could achieve 19.55% of the same, with 80.45% being the difference.

The above pie chart depicts the verticals handled by Mr. Kamal and how many clients per vertical he has for the month of April. As we can see he generated the maximum leads from Construction, Retail and Jewellery verticals and the least from Builders, Restaurants, Hospitality and many more.

This pie chart represents the income from clients according to each vertical. The total revenue generated by the Kochi PVR Team was Rs. 1955097.5, which helped Mr. Kamal's rating to increase. Though he was asked to work on generating leads through direct contacts more than Agencies.


1. PVR Limited is a joint venture between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited.

2. There are 9 PVR properties in Bangalore consisting of formats such as, IMAX, P[XL], 4DX,  SuperPlex and PlayHouse.  

3. There are 3 main revenue generation areas of PVR, they are- Box Office Admissions, F&B and Advertising.

4. There are 3 mediums of advertisement in PVR, i.e., on-screen, off-screen and combined.

5. All the clients we get are either through Direct contact or through Agencies.

6. All PVR employees are well versed with the upcoming movies and holiday lists so that the client can be informed about suitable dates of advertising.

7. PVR follows a flat type of organization structure which is very flexible and easy to understand.

8. PVR (South Region) only targets on the major clients (GOLD, Director's Cut) and not much on the daily customers who come to watch movies.

9. Cold calling was not very effective, and it is more efficient if we contact the company head via LinkedIn or getting the direct contact.

10. Many clients wanted to advertise and brand only after checking forthcoming big releases to explore the possibility of more footfalls.

11. Understood how to approach, modulate and improvise on the sales pitch during preliminary meetings with potential clients.


1. There are many spaces in the PVR properties which are still vacant and can be used up to advertise for clients.

2. PVR should hire people who will be in charge of contacting concerned personnel and to set up meetings with them as that consumes a lot of time of the Managers.

3. The internet facility should also be made better as due to reduced speed of connectivity the productivity of the employees becomes less.

4. There should be an ERP system used across all PVRs in India to get the data of all the upcoming movies as it is an essential piece of information for the company.

5. The managers' data for their monthly review should also be collected online and not through post as it contains highly confidential data which can get misplaced/misused.

6. They can try venturing into drive-in theatres.

7. PVR can sometimes think of giving special treatment to even daily customers who don't spend much on tickets. This will maintain their loyalty.


Throughout the internship, following were the learning outcomes:

• I received an understanding of the entertainment industry and the major revenue sources associated to it by connecting with a global brand like PVR Limited. It was found that the supporting verticals - Food and Beverages and Advertisements were the major contributors to the company's revenue as compared to the primary business of Box Office Admissions.

• Through the field visit, got to observe the advertisement platforms used by PVR at its various branches and identify the potential spaces within the premises which can still be explored by clients for advertising and promotions.

• Video walkthroughs are a potential tool used by the company as reference for audit of the advertisement spaces

• Under client profiling:

¬ Received an exposure to the various secondary sources that PVR undertakes to search and identify potential clients.

¬ Networking with key executives to seek for client meetings to pitch about Cinema as a platform to advertise their business.

¬ Received training from our managers for cold calling techniques and hands on experience in dealing with clients such as Zoomcar, Urban Clap, Fab India etc.

• Received guidance from my corporate mentor on understanding the key elements essential to be incorporated in a pitch and the preparations and content essential to be discussed during client meetings.

• Understood the approach adopted by PVR for planning the advertisement calendar by observing the holiday and upcoming movie lists and linking every movie to potential clients based on its theme. This acts as a ready reckoner for the company to plan its advertisement strategies.

• Understand the parameters considered by PVR Limited for the Performance appraisal of its regional teams. Essential elements include:

¬ Targets achieved based on Productivity and Quality measures

¬ New Clienteles identified

¬ Lead Conversion Rate

Advertisement and Promotional events coordinated

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