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Raised by a family with a background in politics, I was intrigued towards how governments run a nation with the presence of the fundamental economics problem of scarcity in order to satisfy the society's unlimited wants. Huge financial scandals in Malaysia such as the establishment 1Malaysia Development Berhad and the conversion of tax from GST to SST has made me keen on why such decisions are made. Benjamin Graham remarked that “The investment world nevertheless has enough liars, cheaters, and thieves to keep Satan's check-in clerks frantically busy for decades to come.” Reading The Intelligent Investor gave me greater insight towards investment, speculation, inflation and market fluctuations which emphasizes how investors should use pricing to buy and sell and only invest in stocks with a safety margin below the intrinsic value of the company, in order to secure a market that is efficient and fairly stable. This had captured my interest to consider economics and finance as the course which provides the answer to my curiosity on decisions that have been made by the government such as investment and tax system.

Started a business by selling caps with 3 of close friends and working experience as a salesman for the local car, Proton in one of the branch was an insightful experience as it has enlightened me a lot about business world on how economics and finance plays a vital role in a glory of a business or a company. It teaches me about how important it is for a business to get things off the ground, synthesizing information about research and development, marketing upgrades and selecting the best target market in order for a business to maximize profit and minimize the cost of production. Having a deep interest on how business can relate to finance, I read insatiably “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur – Blueprint for Building a Solid, Profitable Business” enthralled me, as many successful business owners are overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to create and maintain a profitable business and how many entrepreneurs are great at what they do but are so focused on their products and services that they defaulted the necessary time and attention to their finances.

I am enormously enjoying studying Mathematics ALEVELS as it has proven that strong mathematical background is required as once one starts getting into more advanced economics, including finance and market dynamics and the like, differential equations become critical to understanding. The use of statistics in finance and differentiation in economics seems prosper my interest as I was determined to continuously strive to refine. Choosing the combination of Economics and Accounting was righteous as the diversity of the two subjects is vital for economics and finance. The connection between the two subjects can be seen as that accounting zooms-in on only part of the picture while economics looks at the whole picture. I then eagerly developed my passion on discover more about financial economics that builds heavily on microeconomics and basic accounting concepts.

Out of class, I was the project head of international community service in Cambodia back in 2016. My duties included fund raising by contacting the parents and local business for sponsorship and recruiting the volunteers which within the students. There I had a great sympathy on the discrimination between rich and poor which make me realized on how important it is for a good government to maintain an equal distribution of income among the people. This invaluable experience enhanced my communication skills, organizational abilities and versatile leadership. As one of the football player, I maintained good discipline by attending gruelling trainings everyday which taught me to manage my time well between my sport activities and academic work.

I believe that my passion for this course as well as personal traits will allow me to excel in my studies at a preeminent university. On top of that, I am convinced that I will be able to pursue my personal interest via this course which is to serve the people towards a better nation as I will be diligent and have an eclectic view of my surroundings in whatever career I shall pursue after exhilarating the excitement of the course in the future.

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