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As a 17 year old in 2018 I have seen huge global changes in my life, some I was aware of at the time others I wasn't, for instance, the financial crisis of 2008 and the vote to leave the EU, both of these have dramatically changed people's lives either in small ways that effect them everyday of their life or huge changes that have changed the way that we know the world.  All of these events are direct results of decisions people have made, not technology but people. On the morning after the referendum in 2016 the markets fell at a rate that hand not been seen since 2008. People change the world and technology is a result of that not a cause.

I have studied Business since GCSE, however before then I have always been interested in how businesses are run and since I was about 10 I have built an avid interest in the business world regarding how the business world functions. I want to set up a business and the only degree that I feel that will give me the knowledge and experience to do so is a business management degree. Business is what allows great projects to take place, business has facilitated the creation of the greatest products and services as there has been the capital and business savvy individuals has ensured the success of these products that have changed the world such as the car, the plane and the smartphone.  I have read a book called "Getting More" by Stuart Diamond which I bought for £1 from a charity shop. This book advises on negotiation strategies by befriending the counterpart, building and developing a prosperous relationship with them rather than going into the negotiation as a rival and making unrealistic demands that the current leader of the free world does. I used the knowledge from that book to negotiate a deal for the non-profit organisation named Politika that I founded to engage young people with the political system, I made a deal with the cabinet a well established facebook group with over 20,000 members that would give Politika free access to operate and advertise, this prosperous relationship is still going and I regard my counterpart as a dear friend. 

For A-level I am currently studying Business, History and Politics, In Business we have studied in lower sixth different objectives for a business such as, management, marketing, operational, financial and HR. I learned that the core basics of Business are vital and then for my second year I am learning about strategy and how that is important for the general direction of a business. With regard to History I have been learning about Medieval England 1035-1100, France 1814-1870 and Russia and its leaders 1855-1964 for my second year. In history the techniques I have learned is how to be analytical, read and process large amounts of data and creating an argument. For Politics I have learned about US, UK politics and ideologies, such as Socialism, Liberalism and Conservatism. I find it fascinating to hear peoples opinions about how the world should work.

Having only held a couple of jobs, I worked in a wine bar in London, where I served water, olives, cheese plates and as well as that washed the dishes. This was an interesting opportunity, I met some incredible people who taught me a lot about running a small independent business, I enjoyed meeting and engaging with the cliental, I did find my role rather limiting as I was under 18 I was not able to serve wine or handle the cash register which I would have liked to do.  In March 2018 I founded a non profit organisation, Politika to engage young people with the British political system, I run the business side whilst my co founder runs the editorial side, I have learnt a huge amount about business administration after registering on companies house as well as providing a long term vision for the organisation. We have just over 40 volunteers all of whom are keen to keep to expand the organisation and reach more dis-engaged young people. 

For a week in the summer of 2018 I was enrolled on the selective entry JP Morgan Summer School, for this program we were given a random team to work with, told to create an idea and presentation for a bank in 2043 and to present it to senior JP Morgan employees. During this program I learnt a huge amount about financial markets, public speaking skills, market research, technology, blockchain all in one week. I found this program to be the most progressive week of my student life. 

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