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Sales Fundamentals: Major Assignment 1

Fehmi Saatci

ILAC International College

Regional Accounts Manager

What are the responsibilities of this position?

Regional account managers are responsible for all aspects of product sales. This allows new sales to be made on additional pages with existing distributors and distributors in the region. They serve as the main relay point between companies and independent models and distributors. These are the keys to the success of building a strong relationship with our customers. They work for future production and sales development strategies. As well as being in the region, regional account managers receive information about competitors' sales, designs and market shares. (2018, PayScale)

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Manage, manage and supervise your sales, service and administrative staff professionally.

• Financial Performance of the Zone

• Manage our sales team and service staff professionally.

• Support your sales team to identify and close business opportunities.

• Deliver sales specialists to key customers in coordination with sales specialists.

• Represents the company at trade association meetings to promote products.

• Weekly and monthly sales updates and regional overview.

Does this position require a lot of travel?

    Regional account managers travel intensively. They will continue to engage with customers throughout geographic sales territories and offer new products. In addition, regional account managers come together with the rest of the company's management and sales team to give feedback on regions and learn about new developments at the company. The industry as a whole needs to attend sales conferences and commercial shows to get to know the trends and developments.

What education/experience is required for this position?

Regional account managers usually should have a bachelor's degree or sales experience. They usually need to have a few years of experience in their field, so they have the knowledge to communicate  with customers.

What are the most important skills to possess for this position?


• An accredited college degree is required.

• Preferably more than 5 years of direct sales and / or sales management experience in the construction industry.

• Experience in selling 3D or 2D machine control equipment, a plus for measuring instruments or GPS products.

• A proven record of account management and sales success.

• Extraordinary organization, prioritization and planning skills.

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills are required.

• Must always be able to draw attention to high results and details.

• Customer focused; It has knowledge and understanding about the business and culture of the customers.

What is the average pay scale for this position?

   A Regional Account Manager holds an average salary of C$ 73,006 annually. In the first five to ten years in this position, salaries are rising rapidly, but no additional experience has a major effect on pay.

National Accounts Manager

What are the responsibilities of this position?

National account managers are particularly responsible for managing relationships with customers who are highly valued and make large purchases. National account managers should also search for new customers to create new accounts.

It is important for these account managers to trust their customers to ensure that they are constantly purchasing from the company and developing and distributing detailed plans to increase sales and profits. There have a both short-term and long-term goals, and national account managers often supervise a team and their work, so planning, recruitment and human resources tasks are often necessary. National account managers can also audit the efforts of a sales team, so it is important to maintain visions and identify achievable goals.

Promotion in this position can lead to promotions and marketing efforts to promote the company's products and increase its reputation and follow the products of the market and competitors to understand the current trends and the best way to ensure the survival of the company. By interacting with customers, they can positively present the company to others and have budgets to fulfill their daily tasks. (2018, PayScale)


• Total account and general portfolio management, including revenue, profit and volume targets, while meeting account service expectations.

• Build customer strategies with basic strategies to sustain growth. Present business plans both within the company and externally to the top management.

• Provides clear communication with Kraft Heinz Sales team during program execution.

• Develop and conduct comprehensive business plans to fulfill AC commitments, working with national VP National Accounts.

• Start and join VP National Accounts working with customer opportunities (customized products, kitchen executions, productivity, etc.).

• Accountability is responsible for managing all product-related issues, including listing, costing, pricing action and application of service levels.

• Kraft Heinz develops opportunities for brands everywhere using consumer expertise / trends, 3rd Party Partners, Marketing, and manufacturing skills.

• Manage and negotiate all expenses, including CFS and Brand Marketing funds, at the account level and deliver them to the budget.

• Prepares Senior Business reviews for Top Level Customer and Kraft Heinz management.

Does this position require a lot of travel?

   National account managers  travel very often. Throughout their geographic sales, they come together to maintain relationships with customers and offer new products. In addition, national account executives, management and the rest of the sales team come together to give feedback on their citizens and learn about new developments at the company.

What education/experience is required for this position?

   National account managers are often required to hold a bachelor's or master's degree. They usually need to have a few years of experience in their field, so they have the knowledge to communicate effectively with customers.

What is the average pay scale for this position?

The average payment for the National Account Manager in Toronto, Ontario is C $ 82,000 per year. Paying for this job is steadily increasing for more experienced workers, but is significantly reduced for fewer employees with more than 15 years of experience.

What are the most important skills to possess for this position?

• A business diploma or diploma with a university degree or other relevant field of study. Equivalent combination of experience / training.

• 5+ years' experience in sales with large box home improvement retailer.


• Qualification in account management, planning and development.

• Previous experience with Management.

• Self-starter, motorized, organized, highly motivated and selling passion.

• Strong strategic, analytical, business, planning, problem solving and technical talent set the entrepreneurial mindset.

• Well-developed consulting sales, dispute resolution and negotiation skills.

• Highly advanced relationship building skills, the ability to create credibility and influence inside and outside the retail team.

• Well-developed communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

• Team player can work in matrix environment.


    First of all, as you can see from the names of the positions, the national account manager is a higher authority. Are more in the responsibility and task of the national administrators. For this reason the salaries are higher than in the region position.

    The national account manager has the authority to set targets for the medium and long term. But the region account manager is interested in achieving the targets set. In my opinion, if you want to become a National account manager, you should first have experience in the Region account manager.


Fehmi Saatci


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