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Programme Content

Conference :

There will be a 2 day Conference held from 15 – 16 March for the Delegates that will be attending. There will be a total of 4 plenary sessions, 4 breakout tracks and 8 Panel Discussions throughout the span of two days. There are two different breakout tracks ongoing each day at the same time, this allows the delegates to choose which track they are more interested in instead for attending both.

Conference topic by well-known speakers in specialized field

The morning plenary session topics are Building a Global Digital Retail Business ( Day 1 ) and Accelerating the Digital Community ( Day 2 ) , and the topics for the breakout tracks are Connected Retail Commerce, Fulfilment Redesign, The new Retail Reality and Fulfilment for the Future.

All of these topics are currently trending in the industry and by attending the conference, the delegates will have a better understanding of the Fulfilment industry and will be aware of the on-going trends. The speakers who are invited are generally well known in the industry and are from big companies that are part of the Fulfilment Industry such as Mr James Chang, Group Chief Crossborder officer from the Lazada Group who will be starting off the Morning Plenary session on Day 1. There are also well known speakers from big companies like Google, Shell etc. Each speaker talks for about 30 minutes and there will be a networking tea break at the end of each session.

These conference topics stated below talks about the new technology that is going to be launched in the market, allowing delegates who attend these conference to keep up to date with the new technology in the market.

Conference topics about New Technology:

Federated Locker Intiative in Singapore & its Regional Plans to Change the Fulfilment Game New Soon Tee, Director Trade & Connectivity Cluster, IMDA

Boundaryless Logistics for an Era of Boundaryless Retail Beth Bao, Director of Strategy, JD logistics

Localising your Omnichannel Strategies – Both Across Channels & Countries Yan Ng, Director Southeast Asia, Toki Choi

Boosting Mobile Web Shopping Experiences to increase Conversion Anuvrat Kottamasu Rao, Head of Web Product Partnership, APAC, Google

Digitising Transactions to Boost Retail Spending & Create Frictionless Buying Experience Jeremy Kooh, Group President, ifashion Group, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, Megafash

Mobility Solutions that Create Value and Increase Efficiency for the LMF Market Kaushik Burman, Sales Director, B2B Fleet & Moblility Solutions, Singapore & Indonesia, Shell

Leveraging the latest Digital Capabilities to Drive New Efficiencies in Last Mile Shamir Rahim, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Versafleet

Mike Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Logistics Hub

Workshop  (applicable for all target audience) :

The workshop consists of two sessions each day. This workshop will be discussing about the Blockchain Technology and how it can be implemented to ease processes such as delivery and delay of cash flow and solve the problems that everyone in the industry faces. The Workshop Leader is Mr Max Ward, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, of OpenPort. He has over 10 years of executive business development experience with leading Logistics service provider in Asia. The Delegates who attend this workshop are able to gain more knowledge from someone who has a lot of experience.


The Future of Blockchain Applications for Digitalized Logistics

2.00 PM The future of Blockchain Applications for Digitalised Logistics

3.30 PM End of Session 1

3.30 PM The future of Blockchain Applications for Digitalised Logistics

5.00 PM End of Session 2


Food & Beverages

There is an FnB area for Delegates located in between the area of where the Breakout Tracks A and B will be held. The FnB area allows the Delegates to grab a quick bite during breaks and Networking Tea breaks. There will also be Networking Lunches, tea breaks and Cocktail held for the Delegates during the two days.

Networking Platforms

There are Networking lunches and tea breaks held on the 2 days in between Conference Sessions for the Delegates to meet new people, exchange their views on the topics discussed in the Conference Session and expand their networking circle. There will also be a Networking Cocktail held at the Exhibition Hall at the end of the first day.

Facilities & Amenities

The 2 days conference and exhibition will be held at Singapore Expo's Hall 4. Singapore Exo is Singapore's largest conference and exhibition venue with over 100,000 square meters of space spreading over 10 halls. Apart from it's huge venue, there are ample facilities surrounding the hall for the attendees convenience.

Facilities such as ATM machines, Toilets, Nursing Rooms, AED, Prayer Rooms, Carparks, FnB outlets – Foodcourts, Restaurants, are located at the vicinity of the exhibition hall so it is just a stone's throw away from the attendees.

There are various ATM machines of different banks such as DBS, OCBC, UOB etc located infront of Hall 4, 6 and the foyers. This allows the attendees to have an ATM machine in reach in case they need it urgently to purchase something.

There is a toilet for both genders located infront of each exhibition hall to prevent overcrowding of toilets incase the attendees need it urgently. With ample toilets available there is no need to search high and low for a toilet when they need it urgently.

Special rooms such as Nursing Rooms and Prayer Rooms are also readily available for any nursing mother or Muslims who need to pray. There are also AED located infront of Hall 5 & 6 which is located in the middle of Singapore Expo readily available incase of any emergencies.

There are many food courts and eateries surrounding Singapore Expo catering to all the attendees with different dietary requirement such as Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan etc. There is an option for everyone hence attendees can grab a quick bite after sitting through the conference session or visiting the exhibition hall.

There are transport services such as airport shuttle and hotel shuttle which shuttles delegates, exhibitors and trade visitors to and fro from the airport and the hotel they stay in.

Ambience and Decorations

The theme of the event is blue and yellow, as the Fulfilment industry is usually linked with the colour blue. The backdrop of the conference room is white with a hint of blue while the carpets are blue. The lighting of the room is soothing to the eyes of the delegates as they are in the room for hours, giving them a relaxing ambience.


Programme Content

In the exhibition there are over 50 over booths who are exhibiting at the 2017 Last Mile Fulfilment Asia. From the floorplan it can be seen that the booths are actually divided into the type of companies. There is also a Singapore Pavillion dedicated to just Singapore companies. There is also a Country Pavillion for international exhibition booths that are exhibiting.

By exhibiting, the exhibitors can actually gain brand awareness by building visible branding through regional pre - conference direct marketing directing to thousand professionals and delegates. They can also exchange business ideas with their competitors and peers who are in the same industry.

Retail and Marketplace Pavillion (RAMP)

RAMP allows exhibitors to showcase their products to qualified buyers who could help them put their products on shelves overseas or sell them through online marketplace in the region. It also allows the exhibitors to get plenty of opportunities to maximise their business prospects in the region such as Malaysia, Indonesia etc. By participating in RAMP, exhibitors also stand a chance to win a 6 sqm booth at the exhibition area.

Demo Zone

There is a demo zone that allows exhibitors to showcase new technologies, systems and solutions on the fulfilment industry. These includes – Forklifts, Robots, Personal mobility devices and electric vehicles. By showcasing new technologies, they can exchange view and ideas from other exhibitors there, giving them a chance to further improve their product.

Food and Beverages

Available for all

There is a Cafe located in the exhibition hall for when exhibitors are hungry but do not want to leave the hall, they can easily grab a bite at the cafeteria. The cafe serves food catering to everybody's dietary requirements hence everybody can have a little something whenever they are hungry.

Networking Platform

There is a Last Mile Fulfilment App where the exhibitors can download. The app allows them to meet potential clients from retailers to brand owners. They can arrange for a meetup during the 2 day Conference and Exhibition to exchange new business ideas and learn from each other.

Trade Visitor:

Programme Content

Demo Zone

There is a new demo zone provided for the trade visitors that attend the exhibition. They are allowed to try out the latest warehouse technology and materials- handling equipment allowing hands on learning. There are a total of 8 – 10 demonstration each day.

Free Ecommerce Seminar

There is a Free ECommerce Seminar catering to Trade Visitors from Smell Media Size Enterprises. There will be a total of 11 sessions with each session lasting for about 30 minutes. The seminar will educate the atendees more on online retailing and keep them updated on the latest strategies and tools in selling and marketing. The speakers of the seminars are from the wellknown companies in the Ecommerce industry such as Mr Daniel Yu from Soko Watch.

The line up and timings of the Ecommerce Seminar are as listed below

Ecommerce Seminar Day 1

11.00 AM Currating your Brand and Products around today's Millenals and Gen Z Consumers Michael Ryan Chan, Chief Content Officer, Shop JJ

11.30 AM Content led marketing for Improved Reach, Engagement and ROI David Lee, Digital Commerce Senior Consultant and lecturer, SIRS

12.00 PM Making Social Work for you : Leveraging on Social Media Marketng tools David Lee, Digital Commerce Senior Consultant and Lecturer , SIRS

12.30 PM Networking Lunch

1.30 PM An Overview of the Retail and E-Commerce landscape in Cambodia Maria T. Theng, Head of Business Development, Roserb

Session 1

2.00 PM The future of Blockchain Applications for Digitalised Logistics Max Ward, Founder and chief Executive Officer, OpenPort

Session 2

3.30 PM The future of Blockchain Applications for Digitalised Logistic Max Ward, Founder and chief Executive Officer, OpenPort

ECommerce Seminar Day 2

11.00 AM Digital Commerce 101 : A Hollistic View of the Operational and Customer Aspects of an Online Retail Business Ricky Law, Associatiate Trainer, SIRS

11.30 AM From Online to Offline and Vice – Versa: Finding success in O2O Kelvin Tan, Associate Trainer, SIRS

12.00 PM Enhancing your search engine arsenal : Mastering SEO and SEM for Online search visibility Jayden Ooi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 33 Digital Group

12.30 PM Networking Lunch

1.30 PM Improving your Cutomer's "Unboxing Experience" Peter Forsyth, General Sales Manager Australia, Ranpak

2.00 PM Charting your journey towards Retail Analytics Quek Wei Ling, General Manager, Beautiful Me

2.30 PM Reinventing Informal Retail : Creating a Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem for Manufacturers and the Informal Market Daniel Yu, Founder and CHief Executive Officer, Soko Watch

Food and Beverages

Available for all

There is a networking lunch provided for the attendees that attend the Ecommerce Seminar . There is also a Cafe in the Exhibition Hall that caters food to people with all dietary requirements such as – Vegetarians, Vegans, people that are allergic to gluten and people that are Halal. With these variations of food they are able to cater to everybody .

Networking Platforms

There is a networking lunch provided for those who attend the ECommerce seminar, during the lunch they can meet people from the same industry and exchange their view on new business ideas etc.

There is also a lounge in the exhibition hall where they can connect with new people or schedule a business meeting through the Last Mile Fulfilment App.

Service level

Hosted visitor programme

There is a Hosted Visitor Programme where by registering, they can recieve the benefits of an VIP during this event. Their benefits includes – Travel Support, Latest Industry Insights, Networking Opportunities etc. To qualify they have to be a decision influencer relating to the Ecommerce and fulfilment industry, they must have the ability to provide information on future projects by the company.

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