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A household name by the time of his death in 2011, Steve jobs was an American inventor, who co-founded Apple Computer. Born in San Francisco, California in 1955, Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.  After attending Reed College for two years he dropped out and visited India to study eastern religions in 1974. Jobs joined a group known as Homebrew Computer Club in 1975. One of the members of the club Steve Wozniak, was trying to build a small computer. Jobs became engrossed by the potential marketing of such a computer. The next year Jobs and Wozniak formed Apple Computer Company and managed to raise $1300 as a start up fund. They began by selling circuit boards in order to have the funds to continue building their computer prototype.

Realizing that there was an enormous gap in the computer market as the large majority of computers were mainframes that could fill a room and were so expensive that individuals could not afford them. Jobs and Wozniak redesigned their computer so that they could market it to individuals. In 1977 the Apple II was released onto the market and in the first year alone made $2.77 million in sales. Over the next three years the company's sales grew to $200 million. In the 1980's more competitors entered the personal computers market, Apple was forced to continuously update and improve their products to remain ahead of the rest. However, it was estimated that in 1983 Apple lost half of their market share to their largest competitor International Business Machines (IBM).  Apple released a revolutionary new product, The Macintosh in 1984. The on-screen display with its icons with the addition with a new product called a mouse, the Macintosh was incredibly simple to use. However, the Macintosh did not sell well and instead signalled the downfall of Jobs' at Apple and in 1985 he resigned from Apple but still remained a chairman on its board of directors. Jobs later hired some of his former employees from Apple to create a new computer company called NeXT, which was introduced in 1988. NeXT was largely welcome as the product was very user-friendly and had high quality graphics for the time. However, the NeXT machine never caught on due to its price, black and white display and its inability to be linked to other computers of run common software. This was not the end for NeXT, as in 1996 Apple bought the software for over $400 million and Jobs returned as a part time consultant to the CEO of Apple. Under a year later Jobs was named as interim CEO for Apple and a month later he announced the release of the iMac and after two years Jobs announced with the release of the iBook that he was the permanent CEO for Apple.

Apple is one of the successful technology companies in the world, yet makes is so different to others? Well for one Apple ensures that its products are at least two years ahead of its competitors. In addition to this the product that are released are always simple and easy to use, which Jobs made sure of as a product is worthless for the customer if its not easy to use. Finally, although Apple does not invent things such as the Mp3 player it reinvents them and improves them.

Steve Jobs is possibly one of the most renown entrepreneurs and like every entrepreneur he had a multitude of qualities that aided him in his success. Firstly, he was a visionary who did not play the game but instead created a completely new one. Jobs revolutionised the computer industry by creating a whole new market. Secondly, his ability focus on technology and to see a need in the market, develop a product to fit the need then pour every ounce of energy into perfecting it was one trait that allowed him a tremendous amount of success. Jobs was not one to wait for the “right time” to do or create something. This meant he allowed himself to let an idea or opportunity slip away, this drove him to create innovative solutions and products that the consumers didn't even know they needed.  Finally, Jobs was able to adapt to the constantly changing market and demands of the consumers which gave him the lead in the personal technology industry.

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