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Social media is an essential tool or platform, which has improved connectivity in the world. The social media has transformed how people communicate as compared to earlier forms of communications such as telephone lines or print medium. The use of social media has both benefits and challenges in the society. One of the benefits attributed to the use of the social media involves the increased pace of information sharing. For examples, individuals are able to use social media platform such as Twitter or Facebook to shared new events in real time. Such events would include a live video stream of educational functions or sporting events. Therefore,social media has provided a platform for facilitating reception of new in different parts of the world where users have internet connectivity.

Social media has revolutionized how the broadcasting of news, for example individuals that have a smartphone are able to provide a live video feed of events from remote areas not within reach of a journalist. In the social aspect, social plays a pivotal role in promoting cultural exchange. Individuals from the different cultural background are able to make friends over social media platforms leading constructive interactions. Such engagement has been useful in fighting problems, which include racial discrimination and tribalism. On the other hand, social media platform is also used political process and activism. For example, political aspirants have embraced social media for purposes of targeting a larger potential voting audience (Noor and Hendricks, J2013). The platform provides an opportunity for sharing political ideologies in a bid to win votes. Therefore, social media is an important component of democratic society in different parts of the world. Businesses have also adopted social media platform for marketing purposes. The use of social media platform reduces marketing operational cost since small business owners would only be required to create a page for the marketing of products as compared to other forms of marketing which are expensive less efficient. Professional social platforms such as LinkedIn have been beneficial in enabling individual subscribers to grow professionally. For example, individuals in the technology field are able to acquire new skills and knowledge, which is necessary for competitiveness in the job market. The use of social media has promoted innovation in different ways. The use of social media has made it possible to tap into the limitless potential of social and technical innovation.For example, several constructive and sustainable ideas in addressing environmental problems such as pollution and climate change have been enhanced through concerned stakeholders' engagement over social platforms. Social media is also helping in the implementation of public awareness on certain health issues, for example, providing or sharing of information on how to avoid lifestyle diseases or controlling of the outbreak of certain infections.

Social media pose several challenges, which include increased misuse by individuals in the society. There have been cases of perpetration of criminal activities such as slavery, child pornography, and cyberbullying on the social platform such as Facebook. The victims have suffered emotionally with some resorting to suicide or developing a mental health problem. The inadequate supervision of social media platform has also resulted in spreading of violence, especially in politically instigated violence. Such situations have led to the loss of lives and property in some affected regions in the world. Uncontrolled use of social media has led to addiction on the youth, whichnegatively affects mental performance in academics and other cognitive-based assignment. Violation of Individuals' privacy in social media platform, for example, by the third partorganization for commercial interest has led to incidences of insecurity amongst users. Therefore, use of social media in society requires a sense of responsibility and education on the users to avoid indulgence in destructive effects.

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