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Global fashion business is reliant on consistently altering patterns that keep customers, pushed by using the need to put on the most recent collections (Jones 2017). Be that as it may, this implies merchandise have a short time span of usability, requiring producers, designers and outlets to meet tight production timetables and distribution due dates (Jones 2017). This likewise offers influencers, for example, VIPs, world-known superstars in fine showcasing and advancements (Jones 2017). In the 21st century, the fashion industry is out of people's control. Including the brands that can suddenly drive up successfully to brands that can suddenly lose its celebrity status. Two luxury footwear manufacturers, Charlote Olympia and Christian Louboutin have different fates in the fashion industry. Charlotte Olympia is a London-based brand founded by Charlotte Olympia Dellal in 2008 ("Who Is Charlotte" 2018). They have just filed their bankruptcy in February 2018 (Mau 2018). In contrast to Charlotte Olympia, Christian Louboutin is a French-based brand founded by Christian Louboutin in the early 1990s (Louboutin 2018). The red sole is known as the trademark for the brand. Louboutin stated that his artworks are not just uneasy, but excruciating to wear (Jones 2018). Yet they are still in high demand (Jones 2012). This essay will determine further on how Fayol's principles of management – Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling affect both companies' end result.

Management planning is setting the goals of a business and determine how to achieve those goals (Johnson 2018). Louboutin believes that his priority is the design of heels that make his customers' legs look as long as possible to give them beautiful and sexy feelings (Mau 2012). He expressed that he chose the red sole as his brand's trademark is because he feels that it is charming, seductive and for him, red indicates power and prosperity (Laneri 2011). As according to the market, Louboutins can elevate any outfit (Callaghan 2018). People find they are absolutely stunning and classy (Callaghan 2018). This meets his objectives as people want to own Louboutin heels for their classiness. On the other side, Charlotte Olympia has very different aims from Christian Louboutin. They want their designs to be fun-loving which can be enjoyed by both children and adults (Henning 2014). Charlotte Olympia specializes on producing flat-shoes. This can be proven for they are known for producing their famous Kitty flats (Fernandez 2014). According to Dr Junella Chin, wearing high heels can cause serious bone sickness like scoliosis and hyperextension (Sciarretto 2018). And the Spine Health Institute found that even though high heels are painful to wear (Hutson 2018) yet this does not discount the fact that the ratio of woman wearing high heels to other types of footwear is 72% to 28% (Hutson 2018). The reason is because research says that both men and women find stilettoes make women look more feminine and attractive compare to women with flats (Hutson 2018). With decreasing sales, the business experienced loss to more than $6 million in 2016 (Fernandez 2018). To summarize, Christian Louboutin has better understandings about what is demanded by the market, unlike Charlotte Olympia.

Organizing is allocating physical, financial and human resources to achieve the business' goals (Johnson 2018) which includes marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is a company's master plan of operation for contacting their target audience and make them to be their clients of the products or services that the company supplies (Beattie 2018). World-known stars social media have quick become into an innovative promoting tool (Greene 2018). World stars and Christian Louboutin go as an indivisible constituent. Louboutin's fine designs receive positive feedbacks from top world celebrities like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez ("The A-List Loves... Christian Louboutin" 2012). They show their support to Louboutin by wearing his masterpieces to red carpets and other formal events ("The A-List Loves... Christian Louboutin" 2012). Pictures of their outfits will be posted online to many sites such as Elle and Fashionista by the media as they have big interest in them (Greene 2018). Indirectly, these celebrities are showing off Christian Louboutin's creations. Moreover, shoppers now days prefer to search for their outfit inspirations online rather than to find new fashion ideas themselves (Greene 2018). Divergently, Charlotte Olympia uses herself to introduce her designs. She wears her creations when she appears on television for interviews and talk shows (Bozhkova 2015). Charlotte believes that if she wears her creations with confidence, it can build trust to her potential buyers (Bozhkova 2015). Unfortunately, not everyone knows Charlotte and there is lesser chance for Charlotte alone to introduce her creations to the world by herself unlike Louboutin who has higher chance for his creations to be known globally.

Leading is showing a clear image of the business and motivating the employees to achieve the business' goals (Johnson 2018).

Management controlling is the technique whereby companies sets itself to carry out goals and attempt to accomplish them as best as they can be expected after some time which includes monitoring the goals so they do not diverge from their standards (Johnson 2018). Controlling a business also includes business expansion where it means opening new stores and introducing new product groups in the business. Christian Louboutin experiences positive business growth ever since it first opened in the early 1990s. When the business was first developed by Louboutin, he could only sell approximately 200 pairs of heels that year with only one small retail store located in Paris, France (Armstrong 2012). Today, Louboutin can sell up to 700,000 pairs of shoes per year (Esmezyan 2013). Louboutin prefers to expand his business slowly to get a maximum outcome including when opening new stores (Allaire 2017). Not rushing the expansion, it takes him 27 years to expand one small store in Paris into 70 stores all over the world without forgetting that his business is still expanding (Esmezyan 2013). After succeeding in the footwear industry, they came across the beauty industry and started producing lipsticks and nail polish in 2013 (Wischhover 2012). That year, Louboutin's yearly sales revenue is roughly calculated to be US$300 million (Esmezyan 2013). Contrastingly, these past few years Charlotte Olympia has been expanding her business rapidly. With only eight years operating in the fashion industry, Charlotte increased their number of retail outlets to 11 in 2016 (Bourke 2016). Unfortunately, this rapid expansion lead to a $20 million debt while they only have assets on $3.6 million (Fernandez 2018). This has caused them to declare their bankruptcy and close all their retail stores in the United States (Mau 2018).

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