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A tarsier is a primate which are active at night and eats worms, insects. Tarsier mostly dwell on trees. It has very long and hairy tails, large eyes primarily found in the island of South-East Asia. This tarsier belongs to a group which includes monkeys, apes and lemurs. Hence it looks like these animals. Tarsier moves from one tree to another for getting food.

Tarsiers have varieties of facial expressions and also have primary sense of vision. Tarsier belongs to 'haplorrhine' primates, which signifies for dry nose. Also it can't make their own vitamin C. At the very beginning it was very difficult to classify these tarsiers. So further it was done not only on the basis of appearance but also on the basis of their voice. There were debates among many scientists on the classification of Tarsier species. In 2011, about eighteen different sub-species were described. These subspecies were further divided in three groups on the basis of where they lives, Philippine, Eastern and Western Tarsiers. As discovery about this species is still in progress, collecting actual data is very hard.

Tarsiers also vary in colors like brown, gray or ochre etc. which depends upon their species. It has long legs which helps them to jump from one tree to another covering around 5 meters in one leap. To enable them in gripping the branches, it has been provided with long fingers with nails. Most special thing can be found about them is that they can see behind it without even moving their bodies as tarsier can rotate their head horizontally in both direction. It can see the prey even in the dark and can hunt them. It can notice the slightest sound as nature has provided it with a bat-like ears.

There was a time when tarsier was found in different places of the world. But now dwelling of the tarsier has been restricted to only a number of islands. For example, Eastern tarsier are mainly seen in Sulawesi island and some more islands around it. Exceptionally Pygmy tarsier are seen in forests in mountain. Whereas Philippine tarsier survive mainly in lowland forests. These are found in islands like Samar, Bohol which are located in southern Philippines.

Behavior of tarsiers differs on the basis of their classification. It has been found that eastern tarsier are social in nature and prefer to be in small groups including two or three members. Whereas western tarsier prefer to live alone. During daytime, most tarsiers rest clinging to branches of trees and looking around themselves by turning its head on both side. They use different pitch of voices in different situation.

Life Cycle of tarsier is very interesting. Tarsier breeds in any month of the year. But there are some exception case, like Spectral tarsiers have their breeding seasons in specific months in the year. When babies of tarsiers are born they are coated with immensely soft fur. They grow up very soon as a baby tarsier can start jumping on trees just of one day old. The life span of tarsier depends upon classification like Eastern has a life span of 12 years, Western has of 15 years and Philippine has of 20 years.

One more interesting fact about the tarsier is that it is the only fully carnivores primate in the world. Its food includes insects, frogs, lizards etc.

As they are smaller in size, larger animal can easily hunt them. Since tarsiers' habitat are limited to some fixed islands, their population is declining to due to habitat loss.

Who first used the term "public relations" and when?

It has been around hundred years when public relation came into existent. It is also referred as PR. There are confusions related the invention of 'public relation'. Many people think that Edward Bernays was the inventor of public relation profession and was invented in 1920 whereas some people think that Ivy lee was the inventor and was invented in 1904. Ivy lee started a counselling office. Pennsylvania Railroad was his first client. In 1906, Ivy lee invented another very effective factor which was 'press release'. It was used to spread the news about the company's accident. Before the news reporters could create manmade stories regarding the case, true story was distributed in the public which was like a magic. Ivy lee, in 1915, guided John D. Rockefeller and advised him to help poor children to show his philanthropic activities. All these above work of Ivy lee represented Ivy lee as 'the founder of the profession of public relation'. But Ivy lee used to think that whatever advice he provide to clients is only short term solution to the problem. Once he said to Bernays, 'Public relation profession will die when he will die '.

Whereas Bernays had more powerful techniques and more effective thoughts. He represented public relation using scientific basis. He learnt the 'mass psychology' concept from his uncle Sigmund Freud and applied it. He also brought the concept of 'over acts' which is know referred as 'media events' which is used to rouse suppressed feeling. Bernays wrote many books like Chrystallizing Public Opinion in 1923 and Propaganda in 1928. This made his reputation as 'the father of spin'.  Bernays always used to tell what he worked as a propaganda.

One more name is included in 'public relation' invention which is Harold Lasswell. He was one of those 'top men' created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939.  Motive of this 'top men' was to work on a different version of propaganda perhaps American version. Since 1967 in classes, topic described by Lasswell in textbook Marketing Mangament is taught to student till today. He developed 'Model of Communication' which was further classified as 'Top secret'. Lasswell formed a question 'Who says what in which channel to whom with what effect?' by assembling five key elements of communication process.

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