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...The Health Department has several leadership roles.  The primary role of the Health Department is to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all citizens by providing effective health and human services providing advances in medicine, social services and public health.  First, the health department creates national policies and legislations regarding the health sector. The systems identify, and address the current challenges facing the area of health and come up with a framework of preventing such challenges from happening in future. As health departments balance their focus on immediate health concerns with long-term community health, they will need to build the skills of an interdisciplinary workforce to meet the public health challenges of the future.

    The Health Department promotes

    Secondly, the health department plays the role of ensuring the maintenance of the health sector by making sure that the area of health receives adequate funds for smooth and sustainable service delivery. The role extends to engaging with the county and national assembly in formulating methods that enshrine the interest of the stakeholders in the health sector such as patients, the public, business leaders and the taxpayers.

    Additionally, health department leads in innovative initiatives meant to improve health care delivery through research and new technology, championing for transparency, honesty, openness, compassion, and respect for human dignity. Moreover, health department encourages health workers to utilize their experiences in the health sector to formulate reasonable solutions as they go about their daily duties (Rowitz, 2014).

The department of health came up with several initiatives aimed at addressing the health issues afflicting the Community Sedentary fifteen years ago. The primary objective of these efforts was meant to ensure increased access to health care by the residents, and empowering the local business to control health care costs.

One of the targeted local businesses involved in these initiatives was the NowIgotcha insurance firm. The company illustrated to the Community Sedentary leaders that paying the local physicians through the capacitated system would revolutionize the health care sector in these ways. Firstly, Hospital Standalone and the doctors working there will get incentivized to offer quality services to the patients. Secondly, the local businesses in the community would enjoy reduced health care costs.

 However, the barriers for effective leadership caused some major setbacks. Despite the promising nature of the capitation managed care system initiative put in place, its benefits never materialized as was the plan due to commitment failure from the stakeholders. The stakeholders, NowIgotcha, local physicians and Hospital Standalone never engaged the community members such as the Community Sedentary regarding disseminating education materials meant to enlighten them on the modalities of preventing diseases.

Question 2



' Capabilities

' People / community

' Stakeholders e.g. patients, taxpayers, heath department, hospital representatives.

' Social Marketing e.g. media campaign, awareness, distribution, incentives

' Advantages of  physical exercises

' Community health resources Weaknesses

' Lack of PE teachers

' Sponsors

' Deadline

' Pressures

' Healthy lifestyle continuity


' Health program development

' Social marketing development

' Revision of legislation and funding Threats

' Natural obstacles e.g.  cold weather

' Financial constraints

' Social marketing demands


The first strength in Community Sedentary is the concern that community members have for themselves. Residents of Community Sedentary have taken keen notice of the health burdens afflicting them and the how these health difficulties are economically challenging the only nearby community hospital, Hospital Standalone.

   The community members have made a resolve to work in collaboration with all the stakeholders of the health sector to curb some of the possible dire consequences and to reduce the already health conditions such as obesity that is now threatening the existence of the community.


The community got faced with some weak points. To begin, the majority of school age children lack the self-drive in attending athletically engaging physical exercise. Since PE is now optional in Community Sedentary schools, the students opt for other modes of activities especially watching television and playing video games. Secondly, the weather patterns in the locality have limited the duration that physical exercise can get conducted. The months of winter in the northern Illinois have gotten marked with near absent physical activities more so among the sedentary students.

 Secondly, the health department and other health care stakeholders are having a weakness of not living up to the recommendations they pass in their meetings. Failure of the stakeholders to educate the residents on methods of preventing diseases fifteen years ago has contributed to the obesity menace afflicting the Community Sedentary now.


Community Sedentary has some great opportunities aimed at addressing their challenges. Addressing the health challenges requires the community to devise adequate policies to tackle the situation such as education of the public on healthy living both in schools, workplaces and at home. The community has done great by first identifying the causes of the problems facing the community, that is, lack of mandated school physical education programs, vending machines in the schools, excessive screen time, lack of opportunities for physical activity, and inadequate knowledge of proper nutrition.


Community Sedentary faces several threats. Firstly, the members of the community face the threat of reduced physical activity due to sedentary work. In the year 1960 and 1970 majority of work involved use of physical energy. The works available included landscaping, postal work, and manufacturing. All these work required the use of some energy and in the process; the members of the community remained healthy. However, the community currently engages in a lot of sedentary jobs such as community hospital insurance, retailing, and postal filing and sorting of letters. The curriculum that made physical exercise mandatory in schools got replaced making PE optional.

It has made many students opt for other modes of recreation such as watching television and playing screen games as opposed to actively exercising their bodies through PE.As a result of this, the prevalence of obesity has been on a progressive rise since 1960. The increase in the incidence attributes to the fact that the workforce and school going children in Community Sedentary has over the years reduced their physical activities.

    Secondly, the community faces the threat of financial constraints. The community suffered a financial shortfall in 2007 which brought with it serious repercussions. The Community Sedentary School District got granted their request to make physical education optional in schools. The change in the curriculum has led to the rise of obesity among school aged students. The majority of teachers of physical education have been rendered jobless as the budget of the schools can only allow for a few part time PE teachers to be employed. The community is grappling with inflation in the cost of acquiring medical care.

   NowIgotcha has adjusted their capitation rates upwards further contributing to the skyrocketing of the health care costs. Hospital Standalone is facing a possible closure due to increased service utilization and stagnant reimbursements. The end of the hospital further worsens the threats of the community both economically and regarding health. Health wise, community members will have to travel long distances in search of health attention. Financially, if Hospital Standalone closes, the near 20% of people who financially gain from it through hospital supplies and contracts will be severely affected.

The goals that Community Sedentary has put in place to address the health problems facing it are commendable.

    Additional goals, however, are needed. Firstly, parents should be at the forefront in encouraging their children to undertake physical activities when they are back at home from school. Secondly, adults living in the community must practice healthy habits due to the change like employment. They must be role models to the younger population. The performance measures in assessing the process and outcomes are several. The hospital should monitor the trends by keeping a tally on the incidences of obesity and its complications in the hospital. The schools should record the weights of the students whenever they participate in the PE4life program to see if its effectiveness is getting realized.

Question 3

    Social marketing consist of the public, target audience, secondary audience, gate keepers, and policy makers to prompt a behavior change through the use of the media campaign, media enlightenment, advertisements with behavioral change incentives intended.

The first social marketing principle in Community sedentary should focus on behavior change. Social marketing programs can do well in motivating individual behavior change, but that is difficult to sustain unless the environment they're in supports that change for the long run. Often, policy change is needed, and media advocacy programs can be an effective complement to a social marketing program.

    Through social marketing partnership, the community members can team up with other organizations such as medical organizations, media outlets, and corporate sponsors to revise adverse health habits and therefore concentrate on campaigning for healthy behaviors such as eating healthy and doing frequent physical exercise. The second social marketing principle of evidence and evaluation is important here. The evidence that the PE4life has changed the health of regional schools should be emphasized more during marketing so that the residents can embrace it well. The third strategy should be the orientation of the community members on the proposed ways of curbing the menace facing the community. All the stakeholders should understand how the PE4life works, how the banning of junk food will eliminate obesity and the importance of the proposed legislation. It is only through the proposed remedies that the community members of Community Sedentary will embrace social marketing to achieve optimal results.

    Additionally, the principle of people's mindset should get implemented mainly by the hospital. At least for the time being, the health professionals should seriously focus on helping the community members to curb the health burdens afflicting them more than what their personal gain. When all these marketing strategies are employed, Community Sedentary will be successful in its fight.

Question 4

The Community Sedentary members have shown significant collaboration over the years. All the stakeholders came together fifteen years ago with the capitation system of health with the aim of making the health sector efficient. When the Hospital Sedentary faced imminent closure the health department, other stakeholders and community members organized a meeting and came up with resolutions mentioned in the discussion such as PE4 life program.   The PE4life program that is getting rolled out in all the schools in the community is a great opportunity as it will reduce the prevalence of obesity and all the health risks such as diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction, and high blood pressure conditions.

   Additionally, a task force got tasked with the responsibility of organizing for a referendum aimed at increasing the funding of schools to fund mandatory Physical Education classes. Finally, legislation meant to ban junk food vending machines from all public elementary, middle, and high schools in the state is getting formulated at the Illinois General Assembly.

   The proposal by the NowIgotcha insurance firm got embraced with all the stakeholders in the health department including physicians, representatives from the hospital, and leaders of the community. The only thing needed to enjoy the full success of these initiatives is for all the stakeholders to be reminded to play their designated roles effectively without fail.

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