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Information systems and the entrance to the development of good management:

 information systems are systems of the mechanism consists of a group of components that are used to receive data resources, into information products, A conceptual model of the components of a system of information shows the most important of its resources and the most important of its activities, and deals of information systems with all activities relating to information and decision-making for the operation of the administrative machinery in order to raise its efficiency and effectiveness through the provision of information and the strengthening of the resolutions of the Officials

Information plays an important role in the integration of external variables and the needs and capabilities of administrative organs. There are many trends in the administrative organs of the highlights the need for the existence of a system of information, the most important of which is the trend toward increasing specialization and the division of labor and the emergence of new methods of decision-making, and the trend toward the decentralization of the administration, and temporary employment to take advantage of certain skills to perform specific tasks, the emergence of the phenomenon of globalization and the shift toward a service economy

The importance of information management organs:

 the administrative organs of government that are the primary product information directed toward the general uses, in developing countries be those devices is often the only product information physical and social and economic development. It could be argued that the officials in the administrative organs look to information as one of three: resource, or ethnic origin, or that it a commodity.

Types of information systems used in the administrative organs:

 can be divided into the information systems being used within the administrative organs of the governmental organizations to help in the operations of administrative levels to four main types are as follows:

1- handling systems operations:

 are systems of automated processing of routine operations in support of the activities of the various operating within the administrative machinery, the most important functions of these systems are data processing and production of reports, examples of treatment systems and processes: the system of Personnel Affairs system, financial affairs, warehousing system and follow-up of the Buffer Stock

2- Management information systems:

 consists of a group of regular operations in support of the levels of the various administrative information necessary to assist them in the implementation of work and adoption of decisions within the administrative machinery, examples of such systems: the system of marketing information, information system of funding, management information system, Supreme Court

3- Decision support systems:

 the support of the activities of decision-making within the administrative machinery, where considered the decision-making process based on the management process. The Chief Administrative Officer faces in the governmental systems many problems related to planning and plans, and the analysis of alternatives, and choose the best solutions for the optimal utilization of the resources available and other.

4- The Information Systems Office:

aimed at improving the efficiency of the work of the Secretariat and in the administrative system through the possibility of amending or change in the structures of the activities of the offices, these systems use modern technologies to facilitate operations: information processing, storage and retrieval of information, the transfer of information.

Dealing with the information according to the computer programs:

 to address the information available to the operator of the Calculator program identification, which will be followed during the processing of information, either by feeding a calculator program required or recovery of the program from the memory of the calculator if peacekeeping in advance. As the operator of the calculator feeding the necessary information, the central control by following the steps of the program, the search for the necessary information from the memory of the calculator, processing and archiving once again in a part of the memory.

Programs include what the arrangement of the operations would be. Any that the function of the control unit is that precede the arithmetic operations and the transfer of information from the entry to the output devices after addressed. The internal memory are partial, Part Information storehouse in permanent here reservation programs, and Part Information storehouse temporarily. Where the reservation of the results of the operations conducted until the appropriate time to convert them into output devices.

One of the most important advantages of electronic calculator is their ability to store information. They are able to save a large volume of information and records the continuously increasing

What information system

enterprise depends on the path of a set of regulations to assist in the conduct of their resources and making decisions, between these systems find information system, which is the most important regulations, especially in the current time in the contemporary organizations which depend mainly on information, which prove the strongest in control of the information war

The importance of the information system and its objectives the importance of information systems are as follows: -

- their ability to improve the performance of all types and sizes of organizations, as they provide the necessary information at the appropriate time, which helps to carry out the tasks in a way better.

 - To support the decision-making process, where information is the essential foundation which builds upon any resolution whenever information system was good and effective whenever resolution tends to right more

-To strengthen the cooperative work among the teams which lead to the strengthening of the competitive position of the Organization in the market in which it operates, by facilitating the movement of information between them.

 - increase the contribution of information systems based on the Internet in achieving the success of modern organizations operating in the light of an international competition with abrogation of the rapid growth of uncertainty.

The basic elements of the system of information:

And provide management information systems management information itself efficiently and effectively, and usually computer systems used in the five key elements:



4. procedures ( design and development Documentation)

5.people (individuals, groups and organizations).


(writes small print) derived from the English word ''List Segments'' which means a list or to do the show is a user in the regulations compatible with UNIX, faces in the systems of the DOS command dir

When implemented the ls, the contents of the folder that was carried out this matter (the current folder) if did not give the order the place to display content, is considered one of the most UNIX orders to use, and has many options that control work

Examples of use

Ls: Displays the contents of the current directory

Ls - a: Presentation of all files and also hidden

Ls - l: the presentation of information on files and folders in the current directory, especially powers for example:

[[email protected]:~]$ ls -l

-rw-rw-r-- 1 fulani fulani 31823 2010-05-29 18:36 a~

drwxrwxr-x 2 fulani fulani 4096 2010-07-08 10:48 bin

drwxr-xr-x 2 fulani fulani 4096 2010-07-08 16:10 Desktop

drwxr-xr-x 11 fulani fulani 12288 2010-07-08 18:17 Documents

drwxr-xr-x 3 fulani fulani 16384 2010-07-08 19:09 Download

Ls - F: review of files with show types

Ls - r:review the files with reversed the alphabetical order to

Ls - X:review the files and classification through special spanning the

Ls - S:review the files and classification through special sizes by

References :

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In the light of the digital revolution

Dr. Essam Addin Mohammad , professor of urban planning and Co-Chairman of the urban planning, the Faculty of Architecture and planning, King Saud University

2- Management information systems and their importance in decision-making

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