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...Appreciating integrated marketing communication plan.

In achieving any goals set out, various procedures needs to be employed to the audiences, i.e.  Comprehensive combination of understanding should be taken into consideration on integrated marketing communication plan (IMC) according to (Tannenbaum & Lauterborn,1993). This is because IMC, manages, controls and ensuring the brand in the  market, its nature and reputation is spread and  effectively order for a firm, company or individual enterprise to compete effectively in the market , there is need to use to identify the communications strategies to use so as to reach the intended audiences through various marketing strategies such as public relation ,brand publicity and use of modern technologies such as social media as in the case for school of cultural and communication who used this channels to create awareness to her students about its existence (Client Brief, 2016) and also to compete with her competitors institutions such as Stanford university, department of Arts and Arts history (DAAH) in accordance with  (Kotler, P., 2009).

    Reasons for integrating marketing communications

Marketing communications entails the process through which enterprises. firms and companies trying to ,enlighten ,persuade and recap consumers either directly or indirectly about the brand they offer with the purpose of creating brand equity. Marketing communication  a vital instrument in building  the brands name continue to show  professionalism  and on the part of the producer of the commodity hence bringing perception difference between different consumers. this I can use to relate the consumers who preferably use different type of refreshment such as coca cola brands or Pepsi ,in such an incidence  each consumer have  a reason for using either refreshment in accordance to perception and also the  value of the commodity attached by the consumer towards the drink. Also the utility obtained using the commodity plays an important role ''so that the overall effect yields more than the sum of the parts' ' Mooij (1994)

Integration of marketing channel brings confidence and good relationship created between the parties involved hence loyalty environment is established.

  Marketing mix and marketing communication mix

Marketing process is a broad concept that involves various processes in which the product is channeled to the consumers in the market. Methods used in marketing involve promotional activities such as advertising, publicity/public relations, sales promotion and personal selling. To have a proper and successful integrated marketing communication this method s plays a crucial role as used to create awareness( Lam, D., Lee, A. and Mizerski, R., 2009) in the 'the effects of cultural values in the word of mouth communication.' The school of cultural and communication for instance used various ways of creating awareness to the intended audiences who were majorly  the undergraduate, post graduate and also the staff members through advertising ,promotion and public relation. This methods were essential to reach out such massive  and mixed cultural people from different background. The idea of provision of small appreciation for participating through this project I think it made possible the marketing of this department.

 The need to understand various media platforms and their function

The issue if integrating market communication requires awareness through various marketing strategies as used by the SCC department . to create awareness  the SCC had to use methods of marketing such as partnering with  associates in the coffee shop to have sleeves  on coffee cup written there awareness campaign logo on them, lecturers and lecturer slides having the same logo and not forgetting the news letter from SCC also with the same logo.

i. Public relation and brand publicity

By merging with the coffee shop, the department used public relation method to achieve her campaign. Also this is another crucial method process where two organization come together and work together i.e. Bringing together the available resources and ideas to create integrated marketing synergy. Public relation entail communication integration of two or more party businesses sharing the same or mutual goals such as between organization and its different players in the market such as customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees ,government and general public at large. Companies/organization in most cases derive the equal value as financiers or sponsors which sometimes isn't the case as happened in 2012 when Nike company used ambushed marketing strategies to be regarded as promoters but in real sense they weren't the official sponsors. Additionally, the SCC used brand publicity such as any other company such as multinational companies such as coca cola to create the awareness of its products with a view of maintaining the loyal customers who uses the product, informing new customers the existence of the product and also persuading the laggard customers to take a step and try their product

(Kietzmann, J.H., and Silvestre, B.S., 2011 pp.241-251.)


ii. Advertising  and promotion

This method of marketing integration involves either direct or indirect means such as print media, computer related means for instance usage of social media by SCC to reach its audience. promotion can also be of great help in creation of alert to clienteles by means using signposts, videos and marketing agents as used  by SCC to reach out the addressees. Advertising and promotion plays a vital role in channeling of information to consumers by providing information about the new brands extensions and ensuring proper relationship exists between the buyer and seller. It also creates distinction between competing product and actual product for instance Fuji and Kodak film brands in the market.

iii. Ewom and viral marketing

In the campaigns, SCC used the sleeves on coffee cups with the word 'hallo' but written in different languages. The idea behind this innovation was to encourage the audiences to use word of mouth to communicate hence allowing people to integrate and share different aspects of ideas ranging from difference ones culture and background to spread the awareness of existence of the SCC. This was done face to face contact and also through ewom where online means was used sharing their stories from there countries and their background backed up by the incentivizing idea.

    Transmedia narrative as means of integration marketing

Stories are effective means of communication not only does it provides an emotional touchpoint but also deliver big ideas with minimal words hence explaining the world in a perfect way. In order to use story telling as means of marketing strategies it is important to factor in some facts such as complete knowledge of your brand together with your audience. Also the story should be captivating dynamic and inviting. Furthermore the story teller should develop the story into reduced narratives that apt different media platforms and the perfect example is Lego and chipotle 'scarecrow.' (Godin, S., 1999.) And Henry Jenkins (2003)

    Message strategies and tactics

This includes message story formats such as

i. Reason 'why/hard sell

Done to provide information to customers and also eliminate apparent risk from purchase choice. Reasoning established by the seller to the potential buyer  giving reason why the commodity will be beneficial and also satisfactory to them. Hard-sell being a subset of reason-why is where the communicator give motive with urgency.

ii. Testimonials

Testimonials exists where the brand user champions the brand at hand  and the spokesman can offer demonstration  concerning the product showing in real use or staged performance

iii. Slice of life

Slice of life enables a brand to have the desired social meaning through situating the brand socially.

Others involve drama, fantasy and animation.

    Community management and moderation

Use of online methods of interaction can have some limitation due to improper use of the platform by some individuals who will block conversation and interaction , reduce community engagement and hence reducing opportunities available through such means. This explains the reason for putting up a contingency plan by the SCC to prevent such situation to occur through employment of community manager who is to monitor ,facilitate and restrain online discussion taking place in the social media dais .provocation or misuse of this platform leads the offenders to face disciplinary charges  of the university. this is usually done through cyber bullying and spreading racism . other malpractice activities involves unacceptable community usage, such as commercial advertising or overt self-promotion or  improper posting practices , such as hijacking, spamming, going off-topic and incorrect content placement.

       Planning framework 'CAMPAIGN'

Situation analysis/background review C and A

This stage identifies and sum up the entire knowledge on issues such as cultural context which can be related to the issue of SCC whom identified its audience as a population full of different cultural and different  background as evidenced by use of diverse language  to express greetings and also  and story sharing in both the face to face interaction and in  ewom networks such as Facebook.  Secondly the historical background shows that there has been lack of interaction between audiences as evidenced by only 700 followers in Facebook account of SCC. In addition to that, statistics shows that only very few individual can access social media services such as Instagram. WhatsApp and Facebook hence there background history concerning the use of  this industry instruments is at minimum level leading to considerably low market levels which acts as an advantage for the competing institution such as Stanford university.

After situation analysis is done problems and opportunities is found based on the strength , weakness, opportunities, threat commonly known as 'SWOT' analysis. This idea is derived from the believe that 'for every problem there is an opportunity which makes realization of a problem a critical skill.

  Objectives M

Marketing objectives relates to an increase in the volume  of set goals. In the case of SCC , the objectives was to increase  the cultural connectivity and also increase the rate of awareness of SCC existence.

 Setting objectives P

Good campaign strategies need to have funds to run its operation smoothly so as to meet the set goals in the specified duration for instance SCC had set aside $15000 to run its operation till the achievement of the goals. this can be realized through determining the cost based on the build up analysis where cost comparison is evaluated , and compare against industry and company standards, then reconciliation process to modify budget and lastly determining the time frame for the  disbursement.

  Strategies P and A

Strategies are what follows after determination and understanding the situation and objective. After SCC realized the situation and determined the action , it was time to face the situation  and bringing an halt to the problem though engaging the audiences.

     Execution and evaluation I, G and N

Executions pertains the overall functioning of every strategy to a achieve the solution in the question for instance the engagement of audience in participating in story sharing  and having their stories published in a book. In addition to this, there is evaluation process that is marked as the end of the entire process.

Importance of research in marketing integration

i. Pre-evaluation

This involves planning of research through analyzing background research and situation analysis. Several methods of gathering information can be used such as using  both outside and outside sources, both secondary and primary and secondary data of research.

Development research

Involves the idea of concept testing where research based on seeking feedback is designed to display the value of a new idea using consumer as the final determiner and decision maker.

Concept testing can be used to screen new facts and ideas for a exact MC messages or evening evaluating new products concepts.

   Post campaign evaluation

This stage is critical since it brings into insight the whole scenario of MC executions and general campaigns  which determines the response of whether your objectives were meet and also what you delivered from the IMC campaign.

 Research techniques

i. Qualitative research

Qualitative research refers to the research findings that don't  qualify in either quantification or quantitative analysis and uses relatively unstructured measurement approaches.

ii. Quantitative research

This approach quantifies the extent or quantity of a result and mathematical analysis is used.

iii. In-depth interview

Involves situation where face to face scenario where  questions are asked and the second party need to answer and its very effective when  there exist confidence and confidentiality between the involved parties. This method is efficient since utmost answers and immediate response is received at that very moment. In case of a group discussion response may be altered and become biased.

   Survey research

Refers to the systematic acquisition and gathering of information from respondents in the field in order to determine some aspects of the behavior of the interested population. Its major and crucial advantage is that it can be used to examine complications in realistic setting. Cheaper in considering the amount of information collected .survey research is hard to conduct (Allen, F.H., and Taylor, R., 1983. pp.146-153)

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