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Alex Fields

Mr. Griffin


Mr. Lube

The company that I chose for this research project is Mr. Lube because I am very interested in the  automotive industry as a career. Mr. Lube was started in 1976 by Arnold and Clifford Giese from Canada.  Arnold and Clifford are a father and son that had an idea to start a company where people could get an oil change with no appointment with quick service. Their first shop was opened in 1976 in Edmonton, Alberta that is in  Canada. The shop was very successful so in 1981, they opened a bunch of locations all over Canada. "Since then we have grown into Canada's largest quick lube brand" (Mr. Lube). Mr. Lube has 165 store locations now and they don't just do oil changes because they do full service.  Mr. Lube has been in business for 40 years and they have had 35 million customers.  The reason that they have been so successful is because they give great service and the people that work for Mr. Lube are experts and work hard to provide excellent service.

Stuart Suls will get the chance to get down in the trenches when the company appears on W Network's Undercover Boss Canada. Airing Thursday, February 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the episode will see Suls get a first-hand look at the hard work that has made Mr. Lube the leading quick-lube service provider in Canada.  

Undercover Boss Canada follows executives from the nation's top companies as they disguise themselves to go incognito amongst their frontline employees, to get a better idea of not only how things really work, but how those employees really feel about their jobs and their employer. As Mr. Lube was recently named one of Canada's Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Human Capital, its CEO is excited to see how that translates on the ground.  

'Undercover Boss Canada gives us a truly unique opportunity,' stated Suls. 'As much as we try to process feedback from our frontline employees, there's nothing that can really compare to doing day-to-day work, in the day-to-day conditions, to show you how your company is serving its frontline workforce and their customers. We were anxious to see if the strides we've made culturally are showing through at all levels.'  

The episode will see Suls working at Mr. Lube locations across Canada, providing the ultimate customer car care experience, getting down and dirty and thoroughly cleaning the company's trademark pit areas. It's a long way from head office, but the CEO was up to the challenge.  

'I've spent a lot of time with the franchisees, but it was a whole new world working alongside our customer facing employees,' commented Suls. 'It was fascinating to see firsthand the passion and care these employees provide to our customers and I can say now with certainty, some of the best and well trained automotive service people are working within our franchise system.'  

Pamela is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of finance and planning experience. She has previously held roles at Mr. Lube as both Corporate Controller and as Senior Director, Strategy & Planning. Pamela came to Mr. Lube from Bell Canada where she was Director of Performance Management. Her experience spans to both public and private enterprises at companies such as Bell Canada, 360networks inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Pamela holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of British Columbia.  

Bob brings over 25 years of experience with Mr. Lube. During this time, his leadership in customer experience and service excellence have been paramount in driving the customer centric culture at Mr. Lube. More recently, Bob's leadership has resulted in the development of our on-line training program, our customer feedback program and the launch of our Manager's Center of Excellence.   

There are a lot of things that there as for as management.  

David Waterfall has over a decade of experience in marketing for Canadian franchise retailers where he has been involved in developing and executing communications, branding, promotional and product launch strategies. Prior to joining Mr. Lube, he spent 13 years at A&W Food Services in a variety of marketing leadership roles. David began his career with Ernst & Young where he articled as a Chartered Accountant.  




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