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3. Introduction 3

4. CSR-related problems in South Africa 4

5. KFC Add Hope 5

6. Sustainability 6

7. Conclusion 7

8. Reference list 8

9. Glossary 9

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South Africa has a major problem with poverty. There is a large gap between the rich and the poor, with a high unemployment rate. Many people cannot provide adequately for their families, and therefore hunger is a major issue. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a means of providing to the poor by getting businesses involved in various ways of dealing with the problems that this country faces.

Hunger is one of the issues that this country faces and it is especially prominent in children, who are still growing but do not get enough nutrition in order to grow properly.

CSR provides a lot of pressure on businesses to help with the socio-economic problems of the country, which the government cannot tackle on its own.

Tackling hunger is very important as the children of our country need to grow and develop properly as they are the future of the country. If the specific needs of the children are not addressed properly, we can have a nation of under-developed adults in future, who may not be able to contribute adequately to the future of this country.

(a) High unemployment rate ' the unemployment rate is more than 25% and the gap between the rich and poor is widening ' this I causing more tension and violence in the country.

(b) Lack of leaders ' there are many news reports of government leaders being corrupt but little gets done to correct this, which means that normal people who look up to these leaders are following their wrong examples.

(c) Broken marriages ' too many families are broken and there are many absent fathers. Therefore children are being brought up in an unstable environment, which means unstable adults when these children grow up.

(d) Poor education to the majority of children in the country, which means poorly educated adults one day, who can't function properly in society.

(e) Poverty ' many children are not getting proper nourishment in their developing years, which can mean problems when they reach adulthood.

(f) Divided society ' There is a lot of blaming happening between Whites and Blacks in the country about the state of the country, and some of the leaders are adding fuel to the fire. There is no leader, such as Nelson Mandela, that can remind us that we all need to work together to build a strong nation.

(g) Lack of water ' we are currently in one of the worst droughts we have ever experienced and it has a major impact on the local agriculture. This forces us to import items from other countries which has a negative impact on our economy.

(h) HIV/AIDS ' a high percentage of our population has AIDS due to lack of sex education and protection during sexual intercourse. This leads to weak workers that are eventually unable to work anymore.

I have chosen KFC Add Hope to discuss as it is a project that I experience first-hand when I walk into a KFC branch or when I watch an advert on television.

In South Africa, more than a quarter of young children have stunted growth because they do not get fed properly, and therefore their bodies and brains are under-developed.

In the last seven years, Add Hope has raised more than R 300 million for these needy children. More than 100 000 children per day are fed through the Add Hope project. Recently Add Hope has launched a campaign to double up on the donation, which means that the difference is doubled up.

SWOT Analysis:


The project is run by a very large corporate business.

The business is very popular and there is high demand for the product.

The advertising of the Add Hope project is very effective and all the branches of KFC benefit from the central advertising.


The employees at the KFC branches may not promote the project


The donations received can be increased by proper marketing and staff involvement, as well as by changing the concept of the promotion, such as the double up campaign that was introduced recently

KFC can increase its sales by more customers wanting to support the Add Hope campaign


Staff members can steal the donations by not ringing up the contributions. Theft of the donations can also happen at a higher level

Staff can have the wrong attitude and not promote the campaign

Sustainability in a businesses' CSR project is extremely important as it helps our society by giving back. If the business does not have sustainability then their business and CSR can die out. This is why many businesses focus greatly on giving back and donating to charities around the world.

KFC can sustain the Add Hope campaign as it is a major business with branches in other countries as well. If KFC carries on with its advertising of the campaign, as well as releasing information on what is done with the monies collected, then customers should keep supporting it.

KFC is very popular as a fast foods company and it should be around for a long time, and with it, the various CSR projects can be advertised to its customers.

KFC can keep themselves sustainable by always reminding the customers about the add hope campaign at the till while they are paying for their meal.

South Africa has many problems, such as the high unemployment rate and poverty. The government can't provide the solutions on its own, but there must be participation from the private sector, as well as from individuals. In my case, I have chosen KFC as an example. KFC is a private company but it couldn't expect its Add Hope campaign to be successful, unless there is participation from us as customers.

I decided to test the ADD Hope campaign, in order to determine whether the KFC employee would promote the campaign by asking for a donation towards Add Hope. I asked my dad to check for me when he went to KFC. My dad said that the staff member did not ask him whether he would want to donate R2 towards the Add Hope campaign, but rather that my dad asked the staff member whether he could contribute towards the campaign. This shows that there is a shortcoming here, as KFC would be able to collect much more money if their employees asked each and every customer whether they would like to contribute. My dad has e-mailed KFC head office for its response to the matter and he feels that it is very important that KFC head office is aware of this shortcoming. My dad is still waiting for a response from KFC, although he did receive a case number in the meanwhile.

I think that the Add Hope campaign is one of most successful CSR projects in South Africa and it is really making a difference to all the starving children who are living in poverty. I am glad that I chose KFC since I have learnt the huge change they have made with something as small as R2 from contributing customers.

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CSR ' Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsibility of the business to give back to the community socially, environmentally and economically

SWOT analysis ' an analysis used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats of the business

Sustainability ' The business is able to maintain their CSR project for a long period of time without it failing

Social Responsibility ' The business or organizations obligation to do something for society by giving back

I am aware that plagiarism means taking someone's ideas and writings and claiming it as one's own, and this includes from records on the internet.

I acknowledge and understand that plagiarism is wrong.

I acknowledge that the contents of this assignment is my own work.

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