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...title page

Abstract :

In the recent days, most  of the businesses become fond of  improve themselves in order to continue in the market , having a cooperative advantage over their competitors  also the progressive increase in the fields of the customer service enhance all businesses to fight in order to survive in the market and keep their market share or even increase it beside keeping great degree of loyalty from their customers .

like any business GARIR book store has a leading idea in encouraging the youth, children and even the old people to read more with the aid of  the technological advances  GARIR start making them gain much more knowledge via reading a book in a different place via moving library moving the streets of most cities  .

via this truck the customer can search for the books they need and also it enable them to order it and the moving store will deliver it to them in their homes .also the new idea invented by GARIR will enable most of the reader to have a new atmosphere while they are reading with great of entertainment by moving in nice places and be served by clever and smart librarians.  

Introduction :

Company History

Jarir company founded 38 years ago since 1979 in Riyadh it was a Joint Stock Company, then become a listed company in the Saudi Capital Market since 2003 under registration No. 1010032264.

Jarir has a paid up capital of SR 900 Million. Jarir Marketing Company is a retailer and wholesaler of its products in Saudi Arabia and in other GCC countries. Jarir Bookstore, the retail division operates through its showrooms that are spread across 14 cities in Saudi Arabia, in addition to other showrooms in Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. The Wholesale division operates through several showrooms and direct sales offices.

Aims and Objectives   

Company Activities

Jarir Marketing Company is one of the most important companies that is listed in the Saudi Arabian stock market. Gariar has a wide variety of activities including trading in Office and School Supplies, Children's Toys and Educational Aids, Arabic and English Books and Publications, Arts and Crafts Materials, Computer Peripherals and Software, Mobile Phones and Accessories, Audio Visual Instruments, Photography Tools, and Maintenance of Computers and Electronic items. Jarir has two great fields it act in namely Retail and Wholesale under the trademark of Jarir Bookstore. The company had a great web of branches that are spread out of the Kingdome and other GCC countries with a  headquarter located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Project justification :

As I am one of the people who's their own favourite habit is reading I am interested in  checking all the new ideas of the companied that are acting in the field or even has any relation with it. Garir has a wide variety of activities which are mostly connected with reading and encouraging

to read .

' Why I choose this project ?

The idea it was much more attractive, because of several causes like in the closed environment in K.S.A it is unusual to have moving business which is introducing an activity that should be connected with a big number of wires and connected software.

Also the outcome of this new idea it was like amazing results , I thought that it will not have that success but it was the opposite like I found that not only the male youth who like to join the truck and try to use the facilities and activities introduced by it but also there are a big number of young girls and teenagers who like the idea and start to come for reading via this moving truck .

The idea , the idea ,once again it is somewhat customer service based . GARIR through this project they are not delivering services to customers but also GARIR encourage them to come to search for what they need as it make the whole branch near to the customer in any place you can find it just check you JPS ,check our location and you will find us much more nearer and you will be served very well.

Literature Review :

2.1 Environmental Analysis: SWOT analysis

The implementation of such an idea of Jarir mobile library  in the real life it require much more analysis of some important points ,SWOT analysis is the managerial analysis that will help JARIR to uncover opportunities that are well-placed to exploit. And by understanding the weaknesses of the business, it will help to manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch unawares.

It will help also to craft a strategy that helps JARIR distinguish itself from their  competitors, so that JARIR can compete successfully in your market.

Jarir Mobile library project SWOT worksheet:


' What do you do well?

' What unique resources can you draw on?

' What do others see as your strengths? Weaknesses

' What could you improve?

' Where do you have fewer resources than others?

' What are others likely to see as weaknesses?

1. Having a strong internet.

2. Collections of printed ,non printed, electronic and internet based resources .

3. Our librarian are well educated and all love reading .

4. Moving make the place attractive and inviting.

5. We have a great book buyer program.

6. Separate places for women and girls .

7. Customer service orientation .

8. Wide variety of services and facilities . 1. Space is limited.

2. Business is slower during the summer because of the hot weather and Ramdan because of the religious customs.

3. Inventory system need to be upgraded.  

4. Security systems need to be upgraded.


' What opportunities are open to you?

' What trends could you take advantage of?

' How can you turn your strengths into opportunities? Threats

' What threats could harm you?

' What is your competition doing?

' What threats do your weaknesses expose you to?

1. We can deliver much more way of searching for books

2. we can deliver the same-day to mobility impaired customer

3. we can introduce some videos that appeal to Spring tourist. 1. Younger reader do not like reading .

2. Library devices are exposed to theft and the truck also exposed to some traffic accidents.

3. Risk of virus for all its records .

PEST Analysis

Undertaking  'SLEPT analysis ' help any business in the matters of planning it involve looking at  the Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological factors that could affect your business.

The benefits we get from conducting such an analysis are :

1. It is better to consider outsider factors that are affecting the business to take decisions.

2. It can help to recognise the critical changes that are happening in the world around them.

3. It can also lead to grabbing short-term solutions that, if they do not exacerbate problems, certainly ignore the longer term.

There are many driving forces in the external environment that might impact on your business. These can be categorised as:

' Social;

' Technological;

' Economic;

' Environmental; and

' Political.

Here is the SLEPT analysis of the JARIR mobile Library:

2.2 strategy option

The idea :

JARIR tried to implement the following idea which is 'JARIR Mobile LIBRARY' which is a motorised vehicle carrying library material. 'Any library service that does not stay in one place is classed as a Mobile Library'. Books are by no means its only payload. The modern mobile library may carry DVD's, CD's, computers, pictures, maps, toys and leaflets as well as books.

It will have facilities to download material onto disk and memory device. Mobile library services are essential to the Public Library Service and should be seen as an integral part of it. When planning library services to meet community needs, mobile library services should be considered early in the planning process as a viable and cost effective means to serve residents disadvantaged in terms of access to a static library.  


The overall objective of a mobile library service is to promote equity of service provision by enhancing the opportunity of access to library services.

A mobile library provides the most flexible of library service, not being restricted to any particular population centre and able to respond to the needs of fluctuating populations.

How to implement it :the implementation of the project involve many steps

1. Obtaining a great design from one of the famous designers with a truck of 2 flours .

2. The van it should be a new one with a highly automated engine .

3. It is divided into flours the first one is for

2.3  Online value preposition (OVP) and revenue models of JARIR mobile library and bookstore

Brand : who we are ? and what we offer ?JARIR mobile library and bookstore , a new idea made by JARIR to enhance reading abilities and add mobility to some services like reading the master books, e-books , searching for some unavailable books and ordering and also delivering these books to the customers .

Main competitors: in the Saudi local market there are some competitors like Al obikan book store and AL Motanabi book store they are acting in the same market and they are providing the customer with some of the services and selling products related to reading and stationery.

Point of Parity

' Can satisfy student 's basic needs of textbook.

' Providing the customer with online library , he can search for the book he need to buy or even come to the our mobile bookstore to read it .

' Provide the customer with a wide range of after sale service to the customer for most of our products .

Points of Difference'

' Have wide range of master books of Arab and international authors  and e-books that are widely published  .

' Providing the visitors with highly qualified librarians can help them to find the required book s, articles and other products .

' Providing the customers with highly guaranteed products hardware ,software or even accessories with after sale services and further follow up with the customers  .

' Let  the customer to stay in the second floor to read in an attractive and interesting atmosphere and be served by some workers who can help you a lot.

2.4 Technology requirements :

2.4.1 hardware

In JARIR mobile bookstore there are a wide range of hardware devices that help fulfilling the work over working hours efficiently. These hardware devices are divided into some categories like :

1. Computer equipments : it include a number of

' Computer devices that are used to  keep records of our projects like keeping the orders of  books done by customers,

' Tablets that are used by the users to read some e-books ,

' laptops which are supposed to be used for searching ?????

' printers ,scanner devices used by the librarian, salesman and some available for the visitors of the project.

2. Audiovisual equipments :

' stand alone CD and DVD player

' Headphone and listening stations to be used by visitors if they need to listen to any sound file without disturbing others.

' and data show devices like projector  which are used by the librarians and the workers to display some videos .

' and high definition smart Screens also can be used for displaying visual files .

3. Helping devices : it include

' Cashier device :that are used for receiving money from the customers and receipt printing machine for giving them a receipt for their purchases .

' Barcode reader online, that can used to read the barcode of some available products in the bookstore.

' Some desks for the usage of all who are working in the projects .

' Reading tables , chairs  which should be used by the visitors for sitting while reading .

' Shelves and drawers for keeping books

' Storage devices

' Access for disabled people : Access for disabled people may be affected by a separate mechanical lift fitted to the vehicle or one can be fitted into the steps.

' Toilet facilities

' Heating and air conditioning

' Windows and Interior finish : The interior d''cor should be of a light colour to increase the sense of space.

' Power supply: This can be batteries, a generator or external source.

' Safety facilities

' Cleaning tools and , Coffee machine  for using by the staff.

2.4.2 Software : Although the range of software available today is vast and varied, most software can be divided into two major categories:

1. System Software

2. Application software

System Software: System software is a set of one or more programmes, designed to control the operation and extend the processing capability of a computer system. In general, a computer's system software performs one or more of the following functions.

Some of the most commonly known types of system software are:

' Operating System

' Programming Language Translators

' Communication software

' Utility Programmes

Application software: Application software is a set of one or more programmes, designed to solve a specific problem, or do a specific task. Some of them are available in the market-place as software packages. They are as follows:

' Education Software   ' Entertainment Software

' Desktop Publishing Packages  ' Library Management Software   ' Expert systems

* Library management system(LMS)/Integrated Library System (ILS) : It is now normal practice to have contact with the library management system, whether on-line or offline with evening uploading. That can keep mobile library stock as part of the whole library system and allows access to the rest of the library stock. The LMS can also be used as a security system.

2.4.3 Networks : there is a wide network must connect between the concerned branch and the Mobile bookstore of JARIR connecting them with the inventory department ,purchasing department and also with the information security systems of the company .

2.4.4 Security ,Ethics and legal framework

Ethics : Ethical principles for library

1. Provision of the best possible service within available resources.

2. Equitable treatment of all information users.

3. Respect for confidentiality and privacy in dealing with information users.

4. Respect for the skills and competences of all others, whether information professionals or information users, employers or colleagues.

Legal frame work: The international copyright system that will help JARIR mobile bookstore to keep their own services and products for their band not to be taken by others .

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