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...We want to build a website without writing any code then we select the best website and android application builders to develop our knowledge.

After hours of looking online for some web design inspiration, you're ready to get started with a new site and need a website builder. So we can used this website.  There are a multiple to choose from, so which is the best? Well, for a start, you'll be looking for a web apps builder that can create your website + android in the latest version of HTML, HTML5 and secondly, you'll want a tool that simplifies the process of web design and enables you to create a great site without needing to know a lot of programming or coding knowledge.

We've scoured the web to find you the best HTML5 website builders and online android development tools as per the user's requirements in no particular order that fit these requirements and more let us know you get on. The development of the internet has given birth too many technologies. It provides data on the pay per use basis and eliminates the need of having website application.




Most of the people who build their own websites used by Word Press, which can be relatively easy to use after you have become a familiar with the general interface and different plugins that can be added to your sites. But everyone is not technologically savvy, or has the time and energy to invest in learning on web, how to use website building tools if the setup , management and maintenance of a such website is still too much hard for you to handle , we have some other better and easier solutions for you to try for best performance.

There are a lot of options are present there, but here are my five favorite website and android apps builders many of them are free or very affordable and they are all easy to use better performance. They are design for nontechnical person in mind, but someone who still wants to have a beautiful, professional looking website or android application to showcase their small business. We have used all them over the years to build simple but effective website and apps for different purposes and for better performance.

1.1 Advantages of Queuecom :

  So with the help of Queuecom Blog post user can create there an android application in  a few minutes with the help of android compiler.

1. Queuecom is more reliable and efficient way to generate websites with the help of Android application which is provided by Queuecom.

2. User does not need to learn java, XML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript MySQL for making software of smartphones and other resources.

3. In Queuecom it has unlimited space and bandwidth provided by our best quality servers.

4. By using Queuecom User can host unlimited free websites and applications on just.

1.2 Characteristics of Queuecom:

' First update your site anywhere by using Queuecom.

' Search engine optimization is ready to searching the data.

It has Responsive web design.

' It always Upgrade your sites capabilities easily.

' Ideal for aggressive content marketing.

' It has unlimited social media integration.

' It increased the site security and applications.

' Easy transition from one designer to another designer.

1.3 Objectives

' It has accessibility 'mission' statement.

' Development and extension of coding and style guidelines.

' Development of formal education and outreach programs.

' Providing the multiple resources.

' Theme and the plugin reviews.

' It growing the accessibility of group with active members.

1.4   Problem Definition

' According to the WORDPRESS is limited for developing websites.

' Joomla provides the best plugins for developing only (HTML, CSS, JS, JQUERY, and BOOTSTRAP).

' Drupal is based on the PHONEGAP.

' Wax is front end editor for developing sites.

' SWIF-DIF (basic knowledge of programming is required).

' For all platforms user have to know the basic knowledge of programming.




3.1 Load Balancing Approaches in Grid Computing Environment [12, JUNE 2013]

The researchers of this paper [1] did a survey on the already developed and defined load balancing. They gave a detailed overview of the already defined load balancing algorithm. As we know that load balancing and scheduling are somehow related in the field of grid computing therefore I am defining this paper as a part of my thesis in the Literature Overview section. According to the author of this paper Grid computing is a kind of distributed computing that involves the collaborative and integrated use of distributed resources. It involves big amounts of computational task which require reliable resource sharing. Load balancing in grid is a technique which distributes the workloads to the multiple computing nodes to get optimal resource utilization, avoid overload and maximize throughput and minimum time delay. It is a challenging problem that has been studied extensively is the past several years. This paper attempts to provide analyses the job distribution and system behaviour and also a comprehensive overview of load balancing in grid computing environment. Furthermore, this survey various load balancing algorithms for the grid computing environment, identify several comparison metrics for the load balancing algorithms and carry out the comparison based on these identified metrics between them. Grid computing also reviews the latest research activities including characteristics, capabilities, architecture, applications, design constraints, scheduling and load balancing and presents a set of challenges and problems.

3.2 Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy for Grid Computing-2008.

The researcher of this paper proposed Load Balancing approach where resources management and workload are two essential functions provided at the service level of the grid software infrastructure. To improve the global throughput of these software environments, workloads have to be scheduled among the available resources. While obtaining this gaol several loads balancing strategies and algorithm have been proposed. In this paper, we proposed a layered algorithm which achieves automatic load balancing in grid computing. Based on tree model, our algorithm presents the following main feature:

1. It is Layered

2. It support heterogeneity and scalability

3. It is totally independent from any physical architecture of a grid.

Load balancing algorithms can be defined by their implementation of the following policies [10]:

3.2.1 Information policy: specifies what workload information to be collected, from where and when it is to be collected.

3.2.2 Triggering policy: determines the appropriate period to start a load balancing operation.

3.2.3 Resource type policy: according to its availability status classifies a resource as server or receiver of tasks.

3.2.4 Location policy: to find a suitable partner for a server or receiver uses the results of the resource type policy.

3.2.5 Selection policy: defines the tasks that should be migrated from overloaded resources (source) to most idle resources

3.3 A novel approach for job scheduling and load balancing in grid computing environment-2015

The researcher of this paper proposed Load Balancing SJF algorithm which require maintaining load balance in the system and thus improving the overall performance of the system. In the grid environment, the resources vary with time as they are provided by remote and idle computers whose conditions are not stable. Moreover, new resources join and old resources leave the grid environment unpredictably thus leaving the grid unstable. Thus any job scheduling algorithm should be designed bearing in mind all the complex factors and conditions that affect the grid and the algorithm should also vary dynamically along with the grid.

Due to uncertain job patterns and irregular job arrival rates, some nodes may be over loaded while others are under- utilised. The main goal of a load balancing algorithm is to evenly spread the load across all the resources thus improving the utilization, throughput and response.

The environmental conditions that need to be satisfied to build a grid environment are given below:

(1) Whenever a new site joins the grid, the site has to provide the grid with its hardware information i.e., speed of CPU, size of memory, internal registers etc.

(2) Every grid has a grid scheduler whose main task is to administer the state of all the sites present in the grid.

(3) The grid scheduler should provide the user with the required hardware information of each resource they asked for it [T+05].

(4) The user can provide accurate details of the information related to resources that are in high demand.

(5) The current level of resource contribution and the current time taken by a resource to process the job are recorded and taken as reference for scheduling in the future.

3.4 Implementation of Load Balancing Algorithm for Grid by Heuristic Approach-7 July 2013

The aim of grid computing is to promote the development and advancement of technologies that provide seamless and scalable access to wide-area distributed resources. Computational grid has been considered as the best paradigm for managing very large scale system which is distributed geographically and having allocated resources worldwide. Load balancing algorithms are very big issues in the development of network applications. In this thesis we present an algorithm which reduces the task average execution time and cost of the tasks. The methods presented in this thesis include both time and cost factors. In this thesis we use Gridsim simulator for simulation of the decentralized modules. Gridsim allows modeling and simulation of entities in parallel and distributed computing systems such as users, applications, resources, and resource. The algorithm presented in this thesis gives resource discovery service. For determining the advantages of this algorithm we presented the comparison of average execution times and cost of the tasks to other algorithms and resulted generated through it support our work

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