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This assignment has been prepared with the purpose of comprehending the part of marketing to achieve organizational objectives or goals and understanding the present marketing trends and the markets in which the organization operates. Moreover, learning to make efficacious marketing ideas which would help to accomplish the objectives of the organization is also an objective. The main focal points of this report are the vital success factors prepared in the marketing analysis completed in Component A.

In the end to recommend as to the elements of The Blackpool Grand Theatre's marketing mix that may need to be addressed the most important critical success factors and support them with true evidences such as the data and the marketing theories provided with contents correctly using UWE Harvard referencing system.

This business report has been made based on the selected critical success factors for The Blackpool Grand Theatre and the products that the company provides along with special offers and other activities and recommended target market and the 7p's.

The information included in this report has been collected from the official Blackpool website and other sources supporting The Blackpool Grand Theatre.



The black pool theater is located in 33 Church ST, Blackpool FY1 1HT, UK. The grand (Blackpool Grand Theater) is one of the few remaining theater of grate architectural character, designed by Frank Matcham. There's the incredibly ornate, gilded plasterwork, baroque ceiling, cavorting cherubs, cantilevered balconies allowing every seat a clear view of the stage and elegant new seats all creating a real 'wow' factor.

This place was opened in 23rd of July in 1894 by a person called Thomas Sergenson. It has a magnificent 4-level auditorium with 1,100 seats. All-year-round program covering all live art forms. Thomas Sergeson, he is the very first local manager who was able to run this theater successfully in several years as a circus. It took nine month to build with a cost of 20 000 part of which he received by working two small rented theaters and from an event that he staged for five summer seasons on the location of the grand. enter the Victorian auditorium of the Blackpool Grand Theatre you will understand what people mean by 'the glorious Grand'. The Grand was named the United Kingdom's National Theatre of Variety. The title was awarded nationally. The finest and oldest entertainment services provider in verity of performance in UK entertainment industry.

In the inventive community, performer's see marketing signify cooperation of their creativity. Publicizing means presenting to the taste of the viewers rather than performers articulating their idea. Experienced sellers think that it is unsuitable to see promotion in such thin light with inappropriate interpretation.



COMPETITORS 1. Royal Nation Theater

2. , Sadler's wells theater

3. Art Theater

these theater is located in diverse location in UK. Even though there is a very big completion between these companies.


The market share is the percentage of total sales size in a market took by a brand, product or a company. From the UK's total population 63,182,000 of people the number of people who choose the black pool grand theater is more than 12 thousand people. And total there are 514 theater in UK's different locations. Every year the number of clients rises with approximately 10 because of the effective marketing and the clients like our services so they come back to us again.



 Demographic segmentation: The Blackpool's demographic segment is for both gender and the age is for mostly targeted to adults which is age group of 15 to 26. The Blackpool's occupation is to provide events and movies to the people or their customers. Each and every month they are selling more number of tickets to the different kinds of movies and there are a big audience to each movie.  

' Geographic segmentation: The Blackpool is UK Company which is located in 33 Church ST, Blackpool FY1 1HT, UK. And also, they provide their movies to different kinds of communities like gothic People Theater provides action movies, for youth they provide horror movies and so on. The Blackpool Grand Venue is very local theater in UK.

' Geo demographic segmentation: The 'Photographic Session by Sean Con boy' is a photographic session held at Blackpool for the both professional and amateur photographers and as it is targeted internationally, it could be considered that Blackpool uses geo demographic segmentation to some extent.

' Psychographic segmentation: Blackpool has a promotion of family tickets of 4 for ''50, which could be used to attract families for family based movies. The Theatre Fans are younger, average in family alignment, below average (among theatregoers) in education and income, and below average in years of attendance. They have a higher proportion of blacks than other groups, have a high proportion of women, and come from all regions and counties. With a strong interest in Blackpool theatre, they like serious and light theatre, musicals and plays. Their interest in drama is high, but without the critical values of the Traditionalists. They are well-informed about Blackpool output. Along with the Traditionalists, they have the highest frequency of attendance, approximately four shows per year, and account for 30% of the audience.

' Behavioral segmentation: The Blackpool has a wide range other activity segmented behaviorally. Occasions- Heavily consumed in parties, outings, theaters, sharing with friends (canteens, parks) etc.

' Benefits-Snack of good quality and taste bud's satisfaction.


1. political: The British existing 'Brexit' from the EU world impact the counties GDP, Jobs, travel, currency and trade would have main effects in the UK's prosperous films and TV production sector, as they can contact to EU subsidies and can employee EU workers without red lape. (Lodderhose, 2017)

2. Economical: Employment is increasing at more than twice the rate of wider UK economy currently (2015) at 1.8 million jobs. This will lead to get more employees to the industry and they can do their job to a wider range of people. As a result, they will grow their industry day by day.   (Anon., 2017)

3. Social: 80% of UK adults watch online TV/ film services in 2015. So, the entertainment industry is more focusing on adults. And they do more programs and event by targeting to them. (Anon., 2017)

4. Technological: the sales of entertainment products such as music, films and video games were growing again last a year. Because of successful digital services. The uprising of digital was also felt in the UK entertainment industry, where the number of tracks doubled to 7.4 billion.


  Environmental: the film and TV industries are responsible for a weighty amount of both air pollution and the greenhouse gas production. Because while they are producing films and TV programs there will be some pollutions. So, it will cause environmental problems. (corbett & Turco, 2013)


  Legal: in the entertainment industry, an information of performance should be given by their agents before agreeing to perform under any entertainment contract. So, that the audience will have some information to which category this film will be suited. (MC Knight, 2017).


' In the critical success factors the Blackpool grand venue can use their threats by their strengths. As there are no other theater in that location they can use a stronger marketing strategies to gain wider market share which they may lose due to the failure of their size of the segment.  By having a wider range of market share they can have high profits. And there is no other theater in that location more number of people will come to Blackpool Theater.

' The company can overcome from their weakness by using their opportunity of using celebrities as their advertisements, promotions and appearance strongly.

And also, company can create more numbers of events by using celebrities.

As a result there will be huge support for the events from customers.

' The Blackpool Grand' has to know where their clients are, and how they could communicate with them. For this company, the best way to do it is in magazines, through direct mailings, a movie on 'YouTube' and also blog on 'Facebook' because the business wants to take care of their clients with special attention. With Responsiveness, the other critical success factors, the company got to do some commercial contacts with our clients, to tell about the prices, conditions and a lot of other things. The last topic for the business success is about, Relationships between the costumers and the company, sending e-mails to them, give them some news, answered their questions, invite them for events or fairs is the best way to get a good and lasting relationship between the customers and the company.


Segment Teenagers, youngsters and children

Target Group Youngsters and young families living in UK

Positioning With a lot of thrill shows and a separate children's park, the grand offers something for all age groups.

' Families and children's- focuses on adults and parents with younger children's who seeks the an inexpensive, quality, family oriented entertainment experience

' Youngsters and young adults or teenagers- is comprised of the 16-30-year-old groups. This group is interested in seeing comedy and action/adventure, romantic, type of shows or dramas that are not directed at the younger and family market. Especially the company offers latest movies and shows.

These two market segments are targeted specifically because they comprise the two largest segments of Blackpool Grand Theater in UK population. Also, they determine to be community-oriented business and seeks to serve as much of the population as possible.   


1. People: They are the target customers of a business. More than 12 thousand people visit the theatre and this includes kids, young people and mostly adults. Blackpool has various movies targeted for various customer groups like movies for under 26.

2. Place: The Blackpool Theater is a UK company which provides movies and different kinds of events to the people. This place is located in 33 Church ST, Blackpool FY1 1HT, UK. The Blackpool Theater is in only UK and they are not operating in other country except UK. They also have a special website for the theater that also can book the tickets for the movies. The infrastructure of the theater is having a big hall that have many seats that are divided to stalls, dress circle, upper circle and gallery. They also have stage in the hall. (Anon., 2017)

3. Prices: The Blackpool theater ticketing prices are divided into different groups. For families of 4 people the ticket is ''50. Under 18s ''3 off. For under 26s ''12.50. Adults that are group of 4 ''50. For a group of people more than 10 the ticket price is ''4. And their special ticket selling group is for schools at the price of ''9.50. (Anon., 2017)

4. Products: The Blackpool Grand Venue give services so their products will be the movies they are providing to their customers. The movies like drama, family, entertainment, classical and many. In a month, they are showing around 11 movies in the theater. (Anon., 2017)

5. Promotion: The Blackpool's way of communication is directly to the customers through online websites. Bookings can be made online too, making it more convenient for both the customers and the business. The special promotion of selling ticket to the schools in Wednesday 1.30pm and Thursday 10.30 am (school performance) at the price of ''9.50. which is the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response. The 'Blackpool theater' will do promotion to make sure that all its services will get known. The company starts to communicate in the first year by doing some advertising, direct marketing, selling, Public Relations and promotions

6. Process: The outcome desired by Blackpool is selling as many tickets as possible. This is possible through making the tickets more accessible through online booking and offering the selection of seats from wherever the customer desires. This would help to increase the number of customers.

7. Physical evidence: The physical evidence from Blackpool is the printed ticket they get after paying for the services. This is a proof that customers have paid and will be receiving the service; i.e. they will be able to enter the theatre to see the movie.


o people: The Blackpool can create a new package by targeting to old age couples. There should something for everyone,

o Place: The Blackpool Location is a great location. View matters to everybody, it something that people prefer and feel that they belong to there and create beautiful memories. also, its advantage for Blackpool that they have no competitors nearby in the location. So, there is no recommendation for place.

o price: So far, the Blackpool the pricing of the theater is having good amount of income to the company. But future they might lose the interest of people because of the rate of the available services. They should consider their price and also have look at the rival's theater so they could come up with good market pricing to their customer or client.

o products: The Blackpool theater can use kinetics seats that tilt, crash and rotation according to what happen in the movie so the audience will be more attractive to the movie.

o promotion: The Blackpool can give provides foods to the audience in the season time. Like coffee, burgers etc... At the time, there are variety movies in the theater they can use this promotion to attract their customers. Also, they can introduce celebrity musician to the theater, because currently theater is not having enough celebrities to attract more customers.

o physical evidence: For a physical evidence, they are using up to date events like broacher, voucher or a gift cards to their repeated customers. They should do something like to their repeated customer's free admission for their birthday occasion so they feel accepted and valued.'


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