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...There are important 5 functionally job you have to do it daily in your E-commerce

1) (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization:

' Create unique related content that is related to what your site is all about and make sure that you use the good keyword that you want to focus on.

' Use the Keywords in make the best or most effective or optimized use in page titles.

' Make sure to use the Internal linking. Bind the unique content keywords to that keyword related to pages.

' Use the H1and H2 tag, the H1which that is about what the focus of the page like product name, category name, and each page of website should have it. And the H2 tags which use for the important other page sections.

' Use with the related phrases friendly URLs. Example: when you talk about Microsoft Hardware solution, the URL looks like this:

2) Choosing or picking your new Products/services:

' Search and collect information about what the customer really need and Create your the products/services.

' Sell and Focus on what the products that the customer wants to purchase, not on what you want to sell! Because a lot merchandisers think when they are given a unlimited price to sell a specific product they doing a good job while this is a common mistake the do, plus they need to considers that if the consumers wants to purchase that product, they  doesn't take the price you set on it as matter.

' Decide what is your value suggestion or offering on products you want to sell, and finance and benefit on your marketing niche, Look for what customers need and want and try to turn that want to needs.

3) Merchandising the new productions:

' It is huge and very important to use high quality images and very attractive one for the products.

' Mart your product to consumers who have bought related product from you in the past.

' Hero photos: if you have a big seller, feature it on a category page with a hero image of the product.

' Advertise, sell, and hype the product that newly and latest releases in your newsletters and on your homepage.

4) Customer Service

' Ensure that your customers are happy and satisfy.

' When they order make sure your delivery reached to them on time.

' Make sure that the orders are correctness and your order thoroughness.

' Do not question your customers: if the customers say that he did find or receive, you will ask him to recheck it again, but you have to refund or reship it even if you get the confirmation from the shipper.

' You have to reship instantly if a package was unsuccessful delivered, came damaged or having missing parts to the customer.

' Value very order you make and don't try to search or save every penny on each order. You may loss some money in order to make your customer satisfy and happy in order to gain their loyalty to you.

5) Monitoring your KPIs / Analytics

' Check and monitor your analytics reports always. Check and see what products are selling the most and put them on the top of product list so consumers can find them fast and easier.

' Resolve cart abandonment issue. If you have your customer's email addresses then remarket those products to them, encourage them to complete their checkout within days.

' System design:

Website designing for e commerce online shop is not an easy task to do. Because you will not only building a website, you are creating a digital technology or images that actively engage one's senses and may create an altered mental state of online shopping experience that influences guests to become consumer. In this overall guide outline for the new design best practices that your e-commerce website must merge in order to prosper. When you do it, you'll have a website that can effectively keep traffic and drive online sales.

1. Header/footer design:

The header is the navigation center of your online shop. It should guide guests to their want it destination or you won't find a lot of people buying the product for your shop. And there is the footer is also the important for navigational should be more about establishing credibility with your guests that visit your site. And useful for liberation mess in the header and there will be no confusion from the online shopping experience.  And it consists from (COMPANY LOGO and links, SEARCH BAR, SHIPPING OR RETURN OFFER, ACCOUNT AND CART ACCESS, CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT & ADDITIONAL SERVICES, MAIN NAVIGATION (MEGA MENU), NEWSLETTER SIGNUP & SOCIAL LINKS, BORING LEGAL STUFF).


The homepage designs have maybe the fewest who agreed upon best design practice of any other page type. On one hand, it most likely to attract more entries than other page of the site, but on the other hand, it maybe gets less attention for contributing to the general shopping experience than it worth. It is the sample for the entire site; it is very easy to create, for a t is very important to get the guest's attention and lead them to go deep into your site, if they see the mix of offers, promotions and other resources that will confusing them  and make the engagement to the site less.  That's why is needed here to be that less is more. Don't overcrowd your homepage with pictures, CTAs and links. Make the choices and messaging limited, making the next likely activities very clear (FEATURED AND SUPPORTING IMAGES, FEATURED PRODUCTS).


The main category pages are the first or second page your visitors will check it, after the homepage, it is an important portal for leading and getting your guests on the path to other product has many purposes: it is the logical step of navigation from the homepage or subcategories to other pages. Functionally, they use as pages for search. Keywords of this pages lead to the pages would be described as is introducing the website's catalog products. The information on this page should relate only to that category page itself and the messaging must designed to lead and move guests into a subcategory pages. It is consisting from (SHIPPING AND RETURN MESSAGING, IMAGE (SIZE AND CONTEXT), CATEGORY TITLE AND MESSAGING, SUBCATEGORY NAVIGATION, SUBCATEGORY DISPLAY, FEATURED PRODUCT, CONTENT). Like the product menu.

4. SUBCATEGORY PAGE DESIGN: The website's subcategory pages are where the biggest work of the online shopping experience happened. Here where your guests see, order, isolated and elect the products to their want or desire for before they choose or select the product that really needs or right for them. By empowering them to customize the subcategory pages to their personal predilection or preferences, you'll be able to influence them to move to the next product pages. And it is consists for (SHIPPING AND RETURN MESSAGING, IMAGE, SUBCATEGORY TITLE AND MESSAGING, HORIZONTAL FILTER, PRODUCT DISPLAY, LEFT-SIDE FILTERS).

5. PRODUCT PAGE DESIGN: to make your product page effective, you need to do that: limit from high attention on adding products to the cart that will cause the mess. Build trustiness that you have the ability of successfully deliver a high-quality product/service.  Focus on satisfying a lot by asking questions about the product to gain trust. Create it to keep them on the site even if they do not find their product that they want. Product pages are not for the transaction to happen; it is where the buying decision happens. And consist from (BREADCRUMBS, PRODUCT TITLE, PRICING, REVIEWS and IMAGERY, INTRODUCING THE BUYING AREA, CUSTOMER RATING, BRIEF and DETAILED P RODUCT DESCRIPTION, ADD TO CART BUTTON).


There are reasons for cart abandonment, and there are solutions for it, by the checkout process must show the following quality: Transparency-show the whole price of the transaction up front. Free from obstruction-remove the barriers and make the move to the 'thank you' page smoothly. Trustworthy ' create a secure environment for the private information, and it is consists from (ASSURE CUSTOMERS OF THEIR ORDER IN THE CART Validate for the customer that they've added the right items to their cart. Clearly display the following: Product photo Product title Product attributes (size, color, dimensions, etc.) Item Price Item Quantity Subtotal, CONFIRM THE TOTAL PRICE, HAVE OBVIOUS CART NAVIGATION, ASSUME GUEST CHECKOUT)

' it helps you with

' When you want to build your own website: it helps you with Web hosting and domain names to storage and bandwidth, and have additional functions like content management systems, Web design.

' When you want to have a control over your online store.

' Helps in a simple and easy-to-use solution.

' Help with marketing your product.

' Keeping all profits to yours.  

' Simply your operations.

' Have a lot of features that will help you help you to sell and manage your online shop.

' Customization capabilities.

' Online storefront.

' Payment processing.

' Merchant tools.

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