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To: The Kroger Company President

From: The Kroger Company Marketing and Sales Manager

Bulletin#: 12-0724

Date: 5/9/2017

Re: Development of Vegetables using the art of Information Systems

For many organizations, the aspect of growth, development and success is the main target when it comes to set objectives and goals in relation to the products and services they offer. For a diverse company or business, the managers will strive to come up with the most marketable product and find ways of developing it in order to gain success using it and to also develop the product in question. In this case, as a member of the Kroger Company I came up with the idea of developing the vegetables by utility of technology, precisely upgrading and adaptation of current information systems (Westland, 2008).

I have a firm belief that the use of extensive capital on the advancement of the product will give the company a higher rate of returns. Technology is a very important aspect in enhancing the operations of any business especially in the current world. Technology is important in overcoming a variety of challenges. In addition, the concept of technology is very important and requires governance to ensure that everything is performed in accordance and in the most suitable way possible. Information systems are comprised of a variety of concepts which will boost the image of the company and give it a better customer relationship reputation. In addition, there is likelihood of gaining a competitive advantage (Westland, 2008).It should be noted that information systems are vital in enhancing the processes associated with the business. Information systems assist a company in fighting competition that can lead to recession and inflationary associated pressures within the organization. In addition, it is useful in the achievement of adequate and appropriate information storage and analysis.

By use of information systems, the company can utilize sophisticated databases that usually contain all the necessary and imaginable sources of relevant data. It helps keeps the company updated in terms of internal performance and also in relation to external opportunities and the threats that might arise (RAINER, 2011). In addition, information systems are essential as they help in accomplishing the art of decision making as the long term associated with a company is dependent on the adequacy of its put in place strategic plans.

When it comes to the art of business processes, information systems play major role. Information systems help businesses in carrying out development of great numbers associated with value-added systems in relation to the company. It assists the company in ensuring that the output it comes up with is compliant to the requirements associated with various quality related management standards. Firms that are associated with possessing a competitive related advantage are known to have access to a variety of special resources that others lack. Using information systems in an appropriate and consistent manner assist an organization in attaining a competitive advantage (Westland, 2008).

Through the utility of capital resources to develop vegetables the company is able to utilize resources in a more efficient and appropriate way which results in gaining of higher revenue growth and development. When this happens, it in turns leads to higher levels of profitability in the company and enhances productivity growth. Information is considered to be a source of power and as a key to prosperity (Solmes, 2009).Advantages that come along with the art of information technology are making it easy and efficient for businesses to run as they bring along a myriad of opportunities.

The company can either choose to update the existing information technology or choose to install new information systems. There is need for organizations and businesses to update such information technology associated infrastructures to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, it is evident that upgraded information systems lead to efficiency associated with a certain product like in this case vegetables and hence the company in general benefits.

There are various kinds associated with information systems that can be developed in the organization like transaction processing systems, knowledge management systems, databases management systems, decision support systems and also office information systems (Solmes, 2009).It should be noted by the organization that a bad culture definitely destroys good and appropriate strategies every time. Appropriate technology and advanced systems are vital however, it should be noted that the critical origin and enabler in relation to innovation and also productivity is within an organization or company which is usually the employees. Therefore to implement change in a company with an aim of increasing productivity commences with looking into the needs of employees (Solmes, 2009).

These are transaction processing systems which are associated with meeting data gathering, processing, storage and the art of outputting functionalities used for the core operations associated with a business. In addition, there are customer relationship management systems that are utilized by managers to carry out synchronizing of sales and also marketing related efforts. Nonetheless, there are business intelligence systems which are associated with the extraction and analysis of data needed for various operational related needs specifically during the art of decisions making. In addition, they can provide predictions involving future sales. Furthermore, the company can use a knowledge management system that are involved in organizing and dissecting knowledge and then later redistributes it with persons associated with an organization (RAINER, 2011).

It is therefore evident that the art of information systems plays a diverse role as it is broad and has numerous advantages to the organization and is suitable for the development of vegetables. It not only gives an opportunity for the art of marketing the product in a single way but in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the company is also likely to benefit greatly as it will have a better way of handling customers even when dealing with the other products. In addition, it will easily curb competition from its rivals through the art of competitive advantage. Furthermore, it will be better placed when it comes to data storage and management hence its information is unlikely to land unto unauthorized hands which may lead to downfall of the company. I would advise that the management looks into the issue and to mainly concentrate on upgrading of the existing information systems rather than installment of new ones to save the company financial crisis. Upgrading saves the company the expense and the learning curve that is needed in adjusting to a new computer or other relevant machines. There are several ways that can be used by the company to bring back their old computers into efficiency. Research reveals that the ability to store massive amounts of data is one the most vital characteristics of a computer. To upgrade a computer, therefore necessitates hard drives which come along with accessories and are usually very easy to install (RAINER, 2011). It makes the process associated with upgrading quick.

In case the chosen product does not have positive returns to the company by experiencing low sales, the company can try to use a related product or service to gain confidence of it audience. In addition, it can use the art of offers like gifts on the purchase of the product or even free samples. Furthermore, the company can strive more by putting in more efforts like by offering door to door services to its customers, this will increase the associated sales. There are a variety of marketing channels that can be used by the company to promote the product in order to boost the sales and this includes but not limited to newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, encyclopedias associated with business, websites, social media applications like twitter and face book, television and radio. All these are viable channels of promotion that can be used in the advertisement of the product and hence boost sales. There are arioso implications that might be involved during the development of the product like cultural effects and hence the process should be carefully carried out to avoid inconveniences. It is my hope that the management and my fellow employees are adequately and appropriately convinced that the idea proposal I made in regard to use of capital resources in regard to the chosen product. I am as much convinced that my proposal is efficient enough for the organization (RAINER, 2011). I believe that change does not occur in a single day but it occurs progressively and there is need for an agent of change in every organization. I made the move as an agent of change for the prosperity and success of the company. I believe it will help the organization in growing further.


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