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...  Abstract.

In this documentation, the importance of online preference of my company will be looked into depth and explained thoroughly.'


Google spreadsheet :

Google slides:

Google sites:

The purpose of this documentation is to explain how I went about in creating and managing my google site company pages and the essential elements of the research made in which I explain the importance of creating an online preference for my company, JTECH.

This documentation is to be used as a guideline to help incoming employees to understand the techniques and values taken by this JTECH.


     1.0 GOOGLE SITE.

Google sites is a designed app that allows you to create a website without having to know how to use it. In this app you can get other google users to utilize the website creation process which is what made it so powerful and it is also considered as a very valuable tool for teams. In google sites you can play around with its contents like adding gadgets for instance. However, before you can use google sites, you must create a google account which allows you to have access to google site.


Jtech has always wanted to be a publicly noticed company and one of the best mobile selling companies. It has always been our plan to expand globally and we did this from no other source than google site. We started off by creating our own site in which we let external users to visit and explore.

I started off by creating my own google account then I created my google site in classic sites. I used classic sites because classic sites lets me view my site and edit it with any g-suite. I named my site as my company name which is Jtech.



 I then created my pages by clicking on the create page icon which is located on the top right of the site page and looks like this:


Moving on, I named my first page the 'about us' page by typing it in the page title box:

I used this same method to add more pages on this site which were the product information, company information, product gallery and customer feedback.

   1.2  Site Pages: informations and images

Company information- where I introduced my company, how it started. In introducing it I mentioned what year jtech began and talked about the founder of jtech. In addition I mentioned a little about where it started and how successful the company is in its present day.

I also inserted my companys location by going on the insert and clicking on maps.

After clicking on map, a google map page showed up and entered my companys location

I pressed select which then saved my company's location on maps which then appeared on my company's site location page.

Product information- A description of each of the products are given, their prices and specifications. I went to the product information site page and made a layout of five sections to place five of my products in and give information about them.

First I clicked on layout and then I chose the option that said left and right side bars.

After choosing that option it was then displayed on the page like this:

Moving on, I then inserted images of my company products which were HP, BLU, APPLE, NOKIA and CROWN mobile phones. I inserted one of each of these phones by clicking on the insert and going to images. Like this:

After clicking on image I chose to upload my images instead of typing in URLS because I had images of my products saved as pictures on the documents on my computer. I uploaded images of my five products and described their specifications.

For instance, after inserting the image of the Nokia product, I gave its specification which was that it is a GSM mobile phone,68GB, removable battery with a micro SD and a back camera with flash. This here is the specification of the product and for the rest of the products I did the same where I insert the product image and give its specification.

Contact information page- in this page the email and contact numbers of jtech are given which gives customers opportunities to make enquiries either by calling or emailing us. I had to create my own form by using google forms.

I opened the google forms and clicked on contact information, which displayed a form that requires filled in contact details

This form was then saved on my google drive and then inserted it on to my google site contact information page. I did that by clicking on insert, then drive and finally I clicked on form.

After I clicked on form, the contact information form appeared and I clicked on it and saved it. This then appeared on my contact information site page.

     1.3  Inserting plugins.

In some of my google site pages, I also inserted plugins using '' on the following pages.

Product gallery- on this page the products of my company are displayed as slides which showcased my different mobile phone brands. First I created a layout of left and right side bars.

I then continued by inserting plugins of image slides of my product by opening a new tab and typing '' in the URL box.

I then went to multi slider, and began adding my images for the slide show.

After uploading all my company products to the plug in, I saved it and copied the plugins URL and then went back to my product gallery page, clicked on insert and then went to more gadgets and added the gadget by URL. I pasted the URL inside the box.

I pasted the copied URL and then clicked on add. A slideshow of my products was then added to my product gallery page. It looks like this:

Because I have five products, I created a slide for each of these products still using the powr multi slider.

Customer feedback- the final page where customers have access to give feedback on our products and this is important in my company as it helps us improve the business and its products. First I went to a plugin source which I typed on the search box known as '' and this displayed different types of plugins and I clicked on forms which was on top

After clicking on forms I chose survey form which allows you to collect honest feedbacks from customers.

The survey form was then saved on my plugins and I then continued by copying the URL of the survey form which is saved on my plugins and inserting it on my google site page through the use of gadgets.

After copying the URL, I returned to my google site and clicked on insert then more gadgets.

Because my plugin is a URL, I had to add my gadget by URL so I chose the 'add gadget by URL option'. Proceeding, I pasted the URL I had copied before from the plugin I saved. The URL for the survey form was:


Online marketing also known as internet marketing is basically advertising and marketing effort that use the web and email to drive direct sales through electronic commerce. Online marketing will help my company in moving forward or expanding greatly.


     2.1  Adwords

Adwords is google's paid advertising product. They show up as ads which are seen at the top, sides, and a times bottom of search results. They can be extremely successful in driving traffic.

    2.2  Adsense

Adsense is seen as a strategy to earn money from web pages. It is a system of google contextual ads that you can plave on your webpage or search engine. Google, in return gives a portion of its earned revenue from these ads. Adsense also faces restrictions with google. Google restricts adsense to non-pornographic websites and you may not use ads that may be confused with google ads on the same page.

    2.3  Social media

Social media can be defined as the communal of online communication channels dedicated to communicated-based input, interacting, content sharing and collaboration. Examples of social medias are :

' Facebook

' Google+

' Twitter

' Wikipedia

' Reddit

' Pinterest  etc

Companies use social media to advertise themselves this is known social media marketing which can be further defined as gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing really helps companies who are looking forward to reach more customers so they can interact with the company's brand through social media. So if a company has a strong social media marketing plan and presence, they easily tap the interest of the customers which attracts them to their side.

I decided to use social media as an online marketing tool because it will speed up my rate of expansion and the company will easily and rapidly grab the peoples interest because millions of users of social media around the world are always on social media especially Facebook.

     3.0 Advantages of adwords

1. Measurable- unlike traditional marketing channels like TVs and magazines, adwords is completely measurable in the sense that most of the time it is extremely difficult to make measurements in SEO(search engine optimization) because you can detect what exactly led to increased or decreased rankings which leads to some confusion. However with adwords, it is more transparent and it provides you with PPC metrics which allow you to see and know clearly what works and what doesn't work.

2. Flexible- it provides variable options so you can customize your campaigns and ads to your requirements. For instance, in adwords you are given the option to:

' specify keyword match types in which you can display your ads to people who specify or give the exact search they are looking for.

' Use add extensions where you can showcase images, contact details or even hold chats

' Narrow your audience by putting location, time of the day and languages.

3. Faster than SEO- for new businesses and sites it can take a lifetime to see results from SEO. On the contrary, adwords is a great way for new businesses because you don't have to wait for so long to get results.

    3.1   Disadvantages of adwords

1. Very expensive- in google adwords, every click made to the company website is a charge towards the company, even if the visitor makes a purchase from the site or does not. The company will have to pay an amount.

2. Failure to make payments can get you suspended from google- if your google ads are not paid for your business will not gain access to google in order to perform campaigns .

3. Not easy to tame- it is very easy to get lost on google adwords especially when it is mismanaged. It will be very hard to manage it again and you will have to seek help from a google adword specialist which will also cost you money.

   3.2 Advantages of adsense

1. No expertise required- you don't really need skills to make google adsense

2. Easy to get money- if you have losts of contents on your adsense and traffic as in customers you visit your adsense you earn money.

3. No cost involved- participation in adsense is free. Unlike google adwords, you do not get charged for click or visits.

    3.3 Disadvantages of adsense

1. Very difficult to make money- money is important in a company and in adsense it is not as easy to make money from it like in really need to attract traffic and have interest contents on your google adsense.

2. Hard to manage- you cannot control what sort of ads and links appear on your website or blog. And you cannot format your ads according to your wishes.


Finally, from all these procedures in the walk through of google sites. We can see that google sites is not as easy to do. It requires a lot of inserts and detailing. However, I strongly believe a company can merge up and gain more traffic which will bring them in high profit if they have an attractive site and can manage their products in the site very well. Also using one of the online marketing tools be it adwords, adsense or social media can help a business company massively although there are pros and cons to online marketing.

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