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In modern era, the ground is that a good organization must have as a moral basis the well-being of its working staff. Amid companies of the UK, Funcover Ltd, has held up their car agency since 1993 by developing their own innovative marketing approaches fairly. And able to accelerate their sales rapidly. As an organization, they count their politeness among a number of valued traits.


As HR Manager Miss: Daisy Smith at Funcover ltd says their main interest is to maintain employee's welfare by giving staffs intranet. A simple liberal support act where senior employers meet a cross representation as post bureaucratic unobtrusive peer based cooperation controls (Sewell, 1998; Barker, 1999; Black and Edwards, 2000; Fairtlough, 1994; Miles and Snow, 1996). Hence Daisy Smith at Funcover ltd, evidently central to their numerous staff council implementation. Its refurbished combination of old types in dynamic perceived as new. In such organizations, strategic planning processes would assumes a more creative and open form, while control within organizations would have to be softened (Lenz and Lyles, 1985; Marx, 1991; Mintzberg, 1993). The other important feature that this theory discerns in the post-bureaucratic organization is the importance of networks or cross-cutting links between members (Mintzberg,

1980; Doz and Prahalad, 1991; Hedlund, 1994; Dess et al., 1995; Frost, 2001; Gooderham

and Ulset, 2002; Josserand, 2004). These changes allow organizational learning to

increase (Starbuck, 1992; Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1994; Nonaka, 1994; Hermes, 1999;

Gupta and Govindarajan, 2000; Ravasi and Verona, 2001; Foss, 2002), leading to more

innovative and 'exible organizations. (iedema, 2003)

The overall picture of the post-bureaucratic organization sees it as distributed with cohesion obtained through cross-cutting networks of various kinds, and in which the role of management shifts to being a catalyst (Hedlund, 1994; Josserand, 2004). (2012) As disappointed staffs like David, where they feel like they're been ignored completely. Since employees like David, of a bureaucracy give their obedience to the organization because management exercise authorities through their formal position and the orders or direction are based on formal rules or laws of the organization this is the example of cultured post bureaucracy of   lack of human emotions would have been considered merits of bureaucracy because decision without emotional influence would be better ,more effective and importantly unbiased in character as personal interests and human misconceptions have created instability seen in the feudal system of society. What is needed is giving more autonomy and responsibility to the bureaucrats and allow room for independent and accountable decision making - encourage policy

entrepreneurship and 'out-of-the-box' thinking, solutions for the ever changing and dynamic set of challenges and problems. (iedema, 2003)

From Bureaucratic to Post-Bureaucratic: The Difficulties of Transition (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Jul 4, 2017].

(M., 1987), Funcover practice bureaucratic organizational structure, where they give a yearly based share plan that permit staffs to be part of company profit. This usually encourages a company culture focused on rules and standards, where operational processes are strictly controlled with best-practices methodologies and close supervision. The CEO of the company exercise a great deal of control over organizational strategy decisions, and expect boosting morale and productivity. By expressing free share arrangement means motivation for staffs. Since the power of staffs are equally distributed among the top level to bottom shareholders within the organization. this will expand the expertise of the organization. However, some of the staffs argued that, they feel trapped and bring more work responsibilities consistently. Organization is ensuring that, they impose loyalty. also, cannot leave organization since they are tied with their shares. As CEO of the company suggested, its designed to reward employees who stay long period of time. Employees who are interested seeking deferent jobs outsides must wait few more years till they can take out their shares. employees may receive less satisfaction from their jobs in a strictly bureaucratic organization, increasing employee turnover percentages.  No matter how resourceful organization is, it is virtually impossible for a single individual to generate the range of strategic ideas possible in a large. Organizations bound by inflexible controls can also find themselves less able to adapt to changing conditions in the marketplace, industry or legal environment.

In Funcover ltd there is a business trade online where staff can engage and discuss anything that is relatable to business with all the level of employees within the organization can answer.  Its seems like Conception of post bureaucracy combine element of an organic structure (Burns and Stalker, 1961) with changed modalities of more indirect and internalize forms of controls. Among the superior managerial staff once in few times in a year, the CEO of the company will go through the discussed things in online chat facility and share their experience with the staffs. Using this facility workers who have missed these conversations later can access to it. (Baumol, 1998). The availability of procedures does not directly ensure that they will be followed but it does make obvious responsibility for action (McCarthy et al. 1997:738 cited in Yakel 2001:235). Moreover, from post bureaucratic approach it is seems like funcover techniques which are seen as resources or toolkits that can be used to peruse a wide variety of strategies in many diverse contexts. (Fairclough 1992:215). Since anybody can access to online business trade its seems there is no privacy. Adams (1995), proposed that people are calculators, but in a somewhat different way than proposed by Vroom. In 1957. This theory suggested that tention exist when individual hold 'dissonant cognition (incompatible thoughts).

(Frank j landy, 2009)

It's pretty well documented in this case study that Funcover Ltd, has a unique culture. It's not the typically cooperate culture. In fact, just by looking at picture inside the Funcover ltd, we are able to see that it looks more like an adult playground, not a place to work. However, it can be attributed to this culture. Funcover ltd management whose job is to keep staffs happy and maintain productivity. It may sound like bureaucracy structure (controlling).  A formal entity (The Treasury) is made subject of the sentence, but only to become participant in mental process (a belief). 'The Treasury believes' may be seen as agnate to 'I believe/think'', an interpersonal metaphor meaning 'probably' (cf Halliday 1994a:354). (Bulygo, 2015)

  The funcover has (COF) as their leader who will invest staffs be more dedicated to their jobs. Take control of amusement easygoing outfit and have diversion rooms including PlayStation, table tennis and so on. As an added bonus, they organized charismas parties, hiring big club venues and celebrity guest to show how much they value their employees hard work.  Mitchell and Colleagues (2000) suggested if the fun requires interdepends and cooperation than group fun be more appropriate whereas if work is independent and workers are sole contributors then individual fun may be more appropriate. Once again, however, in collectivist cultures, it may be difficult to work within an individual goal setting program; to do so may even be viewed as offensive. They like to be control rather than being controlled: As Caitlin Adler says, 'I could never work somebody else.' Hence, they say Funcover ltd is best organization in Europe to work for. (peters, 1999)

To sum up, Funcover ltd has fun working environment that is convinced success nonetheless of the critics are being made. The organization primarily focuses on the wellbeing of the staffs. High among them is belief that people are entitled to work are safe and not significantly harmful to their health and to be fairly rewarded for their work. Since such conditions do not happen automatically or irrelevantly. So, they ensure that employees motivated and makes the work environment happy place. By encouraging employees to engage in various activities in Funcovver ltd better place of staffs.


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