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Campaign Paper

Government 2306


Campaign Project Paper


Every American has a right to elective position in the office as facilitated by the constitution. This right allows anyone who desires to serve the nation and its people an opportunity to do so. By so doing, every elected personnel has to ensure that the decisions made have to reflect the opinions of the people who elected him/her to office at the same time ensuring that the guidelines stipulated by the constitution are followed. In this context, a campaign project is being practiced to allow students to have an understanding of the entire elective process and what generally takes place between an aspiring elective candidate and the roles that awaits him/her upon being elected.

Elective position selected

The elective position I will be running for is the Texas Senate. The reason for running this elective office is that through it, I will be able to responsibly represent the concerns of the people of Texas through ensuring that laws made not only benefit them but the entire nation as well.

Political ideology

I will be running for the senatorial office as a liberal. Liberalism is a political ideology that takes into consideration freedom enhancement and protection of the American people and uses it as the foundation of its politics (Smith 21). This ideology therefore stipulates that the government has the responsibility of protecting its citizens and safeguarding them from harm, regardless of where the harm might come from, since harm can come from the people themselves as well as the legislative arm of the government (Smith 22).

Issues to be addresses if elected

Several issues affect the people of Texas and if elected as their senator, first in my priority of to do things will be to address the issue of health. While the national government has ensured that Patient Protection and Affordable Act is the best way to handle health issues of Americans, it is not the most financially responsible choice that meets health demands of the public (Kazin et al 51). For the sake of the Texan people, I will work towards ensuring that quality health care is made accessible to all people and to achieve this, I will work with fellow congressmen to change and/or cancel the act and pass one that takes into consideration financial status of all people (Kazin et al 55).

The second issue is ensuring that Texas is secured from both domestic and international threats. I will work with Immigration and Homeland Security towards ensuring that our borders are safeguarded from external threats (Kazin et al 29). At the same time, the immigration department and I will ensure that the immigration system welcomes individuals that will enhance our wellbeing. The next issue will be working to ensure that economic and environmental goals are achieved. This will require effective collaboration with the Energy, Water and Environment departments to brainstorm for ideas that will improve our creativity and innovation to bring change in the way we use our natural resources (Kazin et al 46).

The last of the primary four issues to be handled will be the veteran's affair. There have been allegations that the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) has been messed with in turn failing to provide timely and quality care to the veterans in the country (Kazin et al 67). If elected as your senator, I will work to ensure that PVAHCS employees working within the system are investigated to resolve the challenge that our veterans have been facing.

How to raise money for campaign

In order to raise funds for my campaign, I will stratify my fundraising. This technique will work through utilizing a fundraising campaign that will aim for multiple donors at the same time (Kachinske 35). For this to work, every mail sent for every fundraising event will aim for donors of all levels meaning that for the regular seats, there will be set aside a certain amount of money while the VIP seats will be charged differently (Kachinske 36). If for example the regular seats will be charged at $450, every VIP seat will be charged at $1000. Deserts will be provided for all donors at $30 per individual creating room for contribution from small scaled donors that might not be able to pay for the $450 or the $1000 seat.

Types of advertising or marketing technique

Selling out ideas to potential electors is very important. To be able to achieve this, broadcast advertising will be used. I understand that there are issues associated with the rise of 'ad skipping' and DVRs but still the majority of Texan people are reachable through television and the radio (Espejo 16). The other platform that will be used to reach the Texans is the use of guerrilla advertising. This advertising will invite potential electors to participate or interact with me to establish innovative and creative ideas for the senatorial office and how to run it (Espejo 22). This technique is both low budget and allows people to share information by both word of mouth and social media.

How to recruit volunteers

Volunteers will be recruited simply by asking them. Nonetheless, to be able to get the right personnel, the best personality will be selected (Pollitt 51). Once done, they will be given duties and responsibilities that relate to the campaign program. This will also be based on what they enjoy doing and be led to do the same.

Impression of the project

The general impression of the project was quite remarkable. It left me feeling encouraged towards elective positions knowing that I have the chance to do something positive in the lives of the Texan people. I have gained interest in running for office in the future because the impression provided has allowed me to understand that everybody can take part in changing the lives of the American people and making the nation a much better place than it is now.


The campaign project paper has given an opportunity to understand what takes place in an election period. With it, it has been established that every individual has the same rights towards ensuring that the lives of the people and the good of the nation are achieved. Through this project, not only have I gained understanding of how to fund for a campaign, advertising, and how to recruit volunteers, I have also gained interest in running for office in the future upon realizing that every person has the same rights to do so. This will go a long way in defining my understanding of American politics and what it takes to improve the wellbeing of the American people as well as what it takes to make the nation a good place.


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