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Background ILI started out as a translation application and the pilot users were mainly tourists, many travellers were asked to try it out but afterwards it was discovered that not so many people used it, these statistics only included the people who downloaded the application. On following up why people didn't use the application it was discovered that the reason was lack of internet connection which is the same case with the popular translation services offered globally.

While travelling abroad, getting WIFI connection is particularly challenging mainly because of secured logins and at times the mobile internet package may not necessarily be available while roaming and even if one usually connects to a network you would find that it is either slow or unstable, so the people who would have already installed the Ili application on their mobile devices would still encounter challenges when it came to using it while travelling.  

Another problem discovered  during the follow up was the mobile devices and how they were designed to emit feedback after audio input by the application user , the device speakers would emit the sound back to the user and the person on the opposite side could not clearly hear the translated message ,another key point was that when the application user was using the application on their  device , it was quite easy for them to get lost in their own world and this would affect effective communication since the users focus and eyes would stray away from  the listener .

Another problem discovered during this survey was that the application was not able to handle translating long sentences the process took too long and was tedious, this resulted again to users uninstalling the application because of the stress of having meaningless interactions.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

3 December 1, 2017

Because of the above findings the developers now opted to develop a new device that would address the markets need of convenience and reliability.

Executive summary  

Ili the world's first wearable translator that was launched in January 31st, 2017 is getting plans ready to have the products available for sale in January 2018 after successful sales in the first two preorder sales.

Our projections are to meet the oncoming sales and create value by ensuring all customers who place their orders on the recently created waiting list have early access to the item by next year.

Current marketing situation  

Globalization because of technology has created a lot of possibilities for individuals and firms and has positively contributed to the growth of economies. with the current development of ecommerce and international travels a lot of opportunities have emerged and based on the trends, Logbar the parent company of ILI is able to understand the market which allows it to better plan its marketing activities to cater to the markets needs and increase its market share.

  Internal situation  Mission ILI aims to create new experiences through innovative technology by enabling people to seamlessly and effectively communicate in a foreign language. It also aims to be the world's leader in wearable offline translation devices for travellers , at the moment it is a leader in this field as they were the first company to deliver a wearable ring that gives you instant access to shortcuts on your mobile devices by simply putting on the ring and making hand gestures to control your device.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

4 December 1, 2017

This marketing plan aims to extend the company mission by reaching out to new markets and generating sales that will yield revenues to support further developments in research and introduction of more cutting edge technology .

 Resources Ili Logbar has 20 employees who have specialised technical skills in the different work roles within the technology company. The expertise can be considered as a core competence that gives Ili long term competitive advantage. This has been proven by the cutting edge technological products they have launched from the company''s inception.

Based on the last sales the company registered revenues of $ 677305 USD. This was as a result of only selling 10,000 ILI devices and e intend to sell thrice the amount in the oncoming sales order since the previous two orders were unable to match the demand. From the revenues generated in the 2nd pre order sales, part of the proceeds are set aside to support marketing activities for the next order sales.

In January 2016 ILI was named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards "Honouree" a great achievement for this recently developed brand. This increased its brand awareness.

 Offerings  ILI is 'a wearable translation device that provides real-time language translation without a network connection. The wearable translation device picks up speech from a user in a first language using a microphone facing the user, translates it into a second language, and outputs synthesized speech in the second language through a speaker facing the listener. The use of large speakers allows for greater comprehensibility than with existing systems. In some embodiments, noise cancellation signals are output through a speaker facing the user to reduce the amount of the user's voice and ambient background noise that is audible to the listener. In some embodiments, the wearable translation device provides two-way translation.' click here to see how

The company intends to introduce more languages before the end of 2018 so that by 2019 it becomes a world renown brand like Google.

Previous results The firm's financial performance from its inception has been quite impressive, from the Smart ring that was launched in 2013 when the company was being launched as well as the first ILI pre-order sales were sold out! the smart ring that was the first product Logbar launched was a big success but at the moment it is on its decline stage of the product life cycle and this new Product Ili will take over it and build upon the achievement the item brought to the company Logbar.  

since the previous marketing campaign for the first ILI launch  was controversial during the first preorder sales, it aroused some negativity in the market due to the message it seemed to be passing and this year's marketing is aimed at reclaiming the good name and values that ILI stands for .

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

5 December 1, 2017

Business relationships ILI has forged business relations with Hawaii and in 2016.9.29 it was announced as the official Hawaii tourism product. It intends to form more relationships and partnerships with more businesses in the future.

Because of this partnership ILI and Hawaii will be able to offer value to the tourists who frequent the holiday destination which attracts over 8million tourists annually.

Hawaii partnership link .

   External situation  

Political-legal trends The company has patented all its products, but this still hasn't stopped competitors from developing similar products, which now come in the form of 'earphones 'with the same offerings but leveraging on design as a distinctive factor. This in turn can pose legal challenges relating to patent rights infringement since the initial idea of instant wearable translation devices was developed by Logbar ILI.

Being a Japanese company, Ili marketing its products in Europe will also involve some political and legal constraints relating to competition, data protection and pricing laws.

Ili has social media presence and a unified website for the Japan and San Francisco branch, these are generally used to track online consumer patterns but at the same time infringe on consumer privacy. This is governed by legislation and ILI should ensure it works within this to avoid penalties since a big share of its sales are carried out online.  

Economic trends In the internet age we are currently in, e-commerce plays a big role in the global economy. Previously held business barriers are fading out as people are now able to order items straight from the comfort of their living room.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

6 December 1, 2017

The projected market forecast from e-commerce for the coming years provide an optimistic prediction to base our marketing activities on.

Social-cultural trends  According to neuroscientist surveys consumers are now spending more on experiences and travel is at the core of this, our sales will be targeted at enabling the customers to gain better travel experiences which Ili will provide through breaking language barriers and making travel more rewarding. This trend makes our offering stand out as being one that offers long term satisfaction and creation of memorable experiences.

Technological trends Consumers are now more connected than ever thanks to digital access, this is good since it facilitates e-commerce that ILI utilises to sell its products online as well as gather consumer data from cookies and makes it easy for the company to have one on one relationships with its customers. technological trends 2017

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

7 December 1, 2017

Ecological trends With the increasing pressure on companies to show ethical responsibility, marketing Ili will focus on avoiding any campaigns that may be associated with unethical behaviour, since consumers are moving towards shopping sustainably the marketing campaigns would be ethically sensitive due to the power consumers have on the e-market.  

    Competitive situation  

current and potential competitors The translation industry somewhat resembles a monopolistic type of market. There Is differentiation, but the items can closely substitute each other.

Our primary competitors compete with us based on the current market share they have, they have invested heavily in marketing for a long time which makes our potential customers to consider them more credible than a recently launched brand like ILI LOGBAR, as well as the fact that they all offer unique products.

ILI''s competitors are; ' Google is offering the pixel buds powered by google translate.

Google has been in the market for a long time and it has a strong brand name paired with google translate application that has been integrated into the earpiece this may pose a market threat for ILI should they develop it further. ' Skype is now offering live video translation. Skype is an established brand and the translation quality is decent, the company has a lot of resources and should they decide to invest in further translation development, it may pose a threat for ILI. ' The pilot an instant translation earpiece developed and offered by Waverly technology.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

8 December 1, 2017

This is a new product in the market and sales have not yet started but from the ads despite offering different languages, the offering is a bit like what ILI is offering, this makes it a potential threat should they decide to develop their product further.

 Competitive Strategies and Advantages Ili is adopting a differentiated strategy aimed at increasing brand loyalty and market share of the innovative market. Being the first company to launch this type of innovative product gives ILI a competitive edge and an opportunity to charge premium prices since its offering is unique from all competitors.

The company has won several awards for its outstanding innovative products this reputation will sustain positive marketing results as well as gives it a competitive edge in the tech-industry since the positive branding portrays it as a market leader. achievements

SWOT analysis. Strengths ' Positive brand image from consecutively winning innovation awards. ' High investment in technology development ' Dominance in the offline instant translation industry

Opportunities ' growing demand for the firm's unique product ' increased online presence and social media attention ' market leader in wearable devices, this steers our differentiation growth strategy. ' global increase in tourism and travels

Weaknesses ' Limited resources, and the company only has 20 employees. ' Still new in the technology market ' Limited languages the device can presently translate ' High lead times as our products are currently being shipped from Japan and USA

Threats ' Rising competition with competitors introducing similar devices. ' Social media influence on brand image. ' The firm is relatively small compared to the competitors

TOWS Our strategies for internal factors are to exploit strengths to utilize opportunities by further investment in technology development therefore consistently introducing new innovative products. Followed by using opportunities to eliminate weaknesses by producing and selling more as well as launching two-way translation with more languages thus increasing customer satisfaction through meeting their expectations, and encouraging social media reviews to build on brand awareness.

Strategy for external factors is to exploit strengths to avoid threats by differentiating our offering to get a competitive edge in the translation and tech industry. followed by Minimising weakness and threats by forming strategic alliances like in the case of Hawaii to secure long term competitive advantage.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

9 December 1, 2017

    Market situation  

ILI is intended for the consumer market therefore marketing activities will be targeted on how individuals shop therefore develop strategies that make us more visible to them.

Market Definition Ours is an `available market` we plan to target online consumers, tourists, international students and expatriates who are visiting foreign language countries.

The offering is catered for millennials and baby boomer's audiences (16-45 years).

Market share, Seeing that the two previous pre-order sales were sold out, assures us that ILI has the potential to gain a larger market share than it currently has in the next coming sales to do this we will closely try to match our supply to the rising demand.

 Customer needs  with the increase in travel opportunities travellers are seeking better travel experiences and interactions, this product offers just that by eliminating the need to use translators for day to day tasks. Electronics consumers are always looking for quick to use and reliable gadgets with long battery standby, ILI will address this and offer much more through its design and features.

customer behaviour according to Euromonitor report, consumer shopping has been reinvented with a lot of changes on how people previously shopped, and now influence is on what is popular. this insight reminds us that our marketing activities for the next sales should be relevant to the consumer psychographic characteristics and showcase practicality to have a 'fresh look' in the market. consumer trend review 2017

Segmentation  Our market persona is an international traveller who is active on social media and is travelling to a foreign language country.

Presently ILI is focusing on one target segment, the consumer segment demographically categorised as international travellers who do not speak the foreign language, based on market research carried out by ILI they exhibit the strongest affinity to purchasing the instant translator. The demographically segmented group is characterised as average income to high income, with a monthly disposable income of $249 USD.

Psychographically our target segment persona can be described as socially outgoing and interested in experiencing different cultures.

Positioning  An analysis of customers brand perception of ILI in the global market is that of a premium brand due to its online campaigns, aesthetic design and features. knowing that consumer perceptions change over time we intend to continuously evaluate this and reposition our Brand.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

10 December 1, 2017

Targeting Targeting B2B and B2C will involve outsourcing marketing services who will work on paid advertisements of ILI through SEM (search engine marketing) on holiday bookings and travel websites specifically, Sky scanner, Trip advisor, lastminute .com, Momondo, Holiday pirates and STA  

we aim to target potential customers by increasing our brand awareness on Google search and social media through viral posts targeting all social media users who show interest in travel, this service will be in collaboration with Google SEM.

Objectives  A breakdown of our long-term and short-term objectives are as follows; ' Creating brand awareness and improving brand engagement through social media platforms namely YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. ' Increasing customer acquisition and satisfaction. '  Achieve a sales turnover of $7470000USD in the next sales order by targeting to sell 30,000 pieces of Ili devices. ' Consecutively lead in the innovation industry as per the status quo on the last three sales orders.

  Marketing objectives  Based on our previously sold out pre-order sales it is our goal to meet the growing demand for ILI by successful order fulfilment.

We intend to introduce more languages before the end of 2018 to reach out to more people and make ILI a global must have gadget.

Societal objectives Our social media marketing activities aim to increase community involvement that might potentially offer us long term advantage when developing future products mainly as a result of co-creation based on customer relationships and interactions.

Marketing strategy   

We are focused on delivering customer value through increasing customer trust and product differentiation to achieve this our strategy will aim to use undifferentiated marketing due to the nature of the market we are in i.e with the growth in technology and use of internet people spend more time online as opposed to old traditional methods of advertising such as print media as well as the fact that everyone with an interest can travel , by using a mass marketing approach our marketing will be catered to large audiences at a global level.

Communication and delivery of value to the target market(s). To clearly communicate our offering to our customers, our website is designed to give clarity to the customer by clearly, holistically and briefly stating important information that is beneficial to the customer on the landing page, online leads and the videos shared online

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

11 December 1, 2017

How marketing will affect stakeholders. By using High-involvement Model of Response through content posted on the website and viral marketing, the customers beliefs and behaviours will lead to increased demand and sales by means of the trust established after seeing product reviews that give a sense of trust and push for transparency.

Marketing programs

 we aim is to enhance our customer relationships, by effectively doing this we will be able to influence their perceptions and encourage them to purchase our offering.

   Product ILI supports English to Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin.  

ILI''s battery lasts approximately 3 days when used on an average of 10 times per day.

No wi-fi connection needed, users won't have to worry about getting connected to a network while travelling.

The device is designed for travelling, it is preloaded with a list of commonly used travelling sentences that also come with a user manual.

The device is simple to use with no load times and no need of technical expertise to use.

    Pricing  Our price of $249 USD per device is intended to support our market positioning of a premium brand, the price is fixed and at the moment there will be no quantity discounts. Purchases from alternative e-commerce sites might be slightly higher as a commission is added to the total price, for informed buyers it will still be affordable to purchase the device from our website.

   Place (channels and distribution)  Direct Selling on e-commerce sites like eBay and amazon, distributors from e-commerce sites are invited to purchase and resell the device on their websites where they can charge an additional fee to the product for marginal revenue.

Email marketing by mailing newsletters to subscribers on the waiting list created before order sales

Advertising through affiliate programmes such as google ads SEM and SEO.

Viral marketing over social media and hosting give-away on bloggers and influencers' sites

Pop up events like in the case of the Harajuku popup event where the company utilised empty spaces in shops and buildings for product exhibitions and the potential customers can test out the product for themselves. We intend to situate them in airports targeting travellers by personal selling who now will perceive the product as a must have tool for their trip.

Promotion (marketing communications and influence)   We will use a combination of pull and push strategies through direct marketing for joint ventures like Hawaii tourism, online advertising and sales promotions.

To target B2C sales will make prize competitions on social media pages i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, google+,blog, periscope and YouTube. Bloggers and social media influencers from

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

12 December 1, 2017

blog directories will be invited to share their product reviews and experiences on ILI''s social media pages the more viewers share the posts they would stand a chance to win ILI as give-aways.

  Service   ILI has a web based FAQ section on its website designed for customer service before and after sales to answer any questions consumers and the public may have as well as instant feedback feature on their Facebook and YouTube pages for customer relationship management.  

The website is also updated regularly with news and resources that customers can use to enhance their experiences , an example is the updates section that is aimed to make the customers feel closer to ILI by showcasing the recent developments.

To foster network alliances Contact details are provided on the website, specifically designed for customers and clients who may want to do business with ILI. This also enables us to nurture our leads through CRM by providing us with contact details of clients who we can update on our recent developments.

 Internal marketing Since our employees will be representation of ILI to our customers we are going to ensure their commitment to offering superior customer interaction by ensuring the employees are involved and informed about the marketing activities for goals alignment. Training on communication will be offered to the employees to help them effectively communicate with our clients and portray a positive brand image and leave a good impression to potential customers throughout all interactions even during customer complaints. Our mission and goals are on the website as a reminder of what we are here to do, This will act as a daily reminder to our employees and supports marketing objectives by ensuring employees focus on customers thus creating value for them, the company and our customers.

Financial and operational plans  

Financial and operational requirements and results related to marketing programs:  Expected revenues and profits  We target to earn thrice as much in the first quarter of the year as mentioned in the Objectives

 Projected budgets Budget Dec 2017-February 2018



Internal costs Description Amount

Salaries and fees: Marketing team  Salaries paid as per contract

Pop up event For public relations and direct marketing at airports


Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

13 December 1, 2017

Digital advertising Online promotions and advertising


Media launch Trade shows, conferences and events


content marketing On our social media pages and content creation


website IT support and landing page development


Data analytics Market research and results evaluation


  Internal costs total 14500

External costs Description Amount

Miscellaneous including travel

To direct marketing locations. specifically to the pop up vents we intend to host at airports targeting direct sales to individuals travelling to countries our language packages include.


Promotions on influencers and bloggers sites

Design of online advertisements and content


Google SEM advertising 1000 flyers, 20 posters 1500

Insurance Obligatory insurance of public events


Photography and video creation

Paid to professional photographers and media houses



The budget allocation is based on a three-month period that will see ILI make heavy investments in marketing to increase market penetration as the product is fairly new are considering ourselves as though we are making entry in to a new market.

The heavy investment is targeted to build exposure to the online community and arouse interest in our target segment. we will be conducting market research on a monthly basis to monitor how buying is affected by marketing initiatives as well as conduct satisfaction surveys from customers who have already made purchases to find out how we can create additional value to them.

Metrics and implementation  

Plan implementation  

Since our marketing is online based our strategy implementation is going to be digital.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

14 December 1, 2017

The ILI  website`s landing page is now not only desktop friendly but also mobile and tablet friendly, this is aimed to make us more responsive to our customers queries. contact details are included on the landing page for faster access to personalized information.

We have included downloadable content on the landing page that act as a lead magnet to our clients where they can download manuals for the device as well as pictures for press release targeting bigger companies. Typically, this would mean that the people would be giving us data about themselves that we can use to offer them updates on the new products we will introduce as well as enhance long term interactions.

To make sure we are visible on searches we intend to use Google, will make our brand visible on organic searches (SEO) this focuses on getting us visible and ranked on organic searches. More people click on this and will let us remain visible for a long time without having to pay for it.

Then paid google AdWords (SEM) we pay google to have our ads appear on the sponsored links section of the google search results.

We are also focusing on using Back links from all social media platforms, affiliates, news releases, testimonials, galleries, and blogposts that when people click on, it  takes them back to ILI''s website. This strategy drives traffic directly from other sites which in turn enhances our visibility and ranking results on google.


To measure marketing effectiveness, we will focus on three areas namely;

Targets -they will be used to determine what goals each channel should and has achieved, and determine whether the targets per channel are still directed towards the overall strategy to ensure alignment.

Budgets ' they will be used to determine the projected investment in each channel based on the return on investment and contribution to the overall targets for digital marketing. A critical success factor is that all the activities are within the allocated budget.

Usage- we will evaluate how the allocated resources have been used as well as how our marketing activities reach our customers, this information will also show us the amount of money used on social media advertisements as well as the amounts incurred in creating quality content (videos, pictures, online advertisements etc.) for our marketing activities.  

Control metrics  We have four key metrics to measure marketing effectiveness, mainly;

The conversion rate representing the number of visits we have on our sites. our target Is 5% conversion rate per two weeks based on the new and old visitors. Resources such as sales force and HubSpot will give us this information.

Return on advertisement efficiency. this we will measure through our paid media channels for advertisements, we currently target on 300% return on sales, we will be measuring against this and target to improve on the % monthly.  

Channel by channel growth we will look at the list of the different channels we are using for advertising i.e. direct referrals, social media backlinks, SEO, SEM, emails etc and monitoring

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

15 December 1, 2017

individual growth every two months to check progress and determine which channels need more effort on.

SEO rankings, this will show us how Google classifies and views us as well as give us insight on what people are interested in when including ILI in their search queries.

Performance measurement Marketing effectiveness will be measured weekly in terms of views, shares and likes on the social media sites we are currently active on as well as the traffic generated to our website.

We intend to track the number  of sales generated on each channel we are using to determine which channel to categorise as our cash cow as per the BCG model particularly on the social media front.

Sales generated through our website and e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay will be measured through direct KPI's from our projected sales returns and attributable results.

conclusion although it may be challenging to pin point direct return on investment on brand awareness from social media interactions, ILI still aims to constantly increase its online audience market share by constantly reviewing and improving the quality of the content it shares so as to attract potential buyers to its sites.

our online marketing approach is going to steer our mission and lead to cost reductions in marketing as well as add value to our customers by prioritizing on how our product will benefit the customer in terms of the cost savings they would make as a result of e-commerce.  

Bibliography Gold, Charles D. WEARABLE TRANSLATION DEVICE. 2016. 20 11 2017. <>.

Perloff, J. Microeconomics Theory & Applications with Calculus. Pearson, 2008. 20 11 2017.

Product Differentiation Definition | Investopedia. n.d. 20 11 2017. <>.

Dazerel Amolo Hawi ILI Marketing Vealo16ei1

16 December 1, 2017

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