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Huawei, operating in the consumer, enterprise and telecommunications industry. In Europe and the Netherlands, the company is primarily known for its smartphones, even though this is just a very small component of the company.

The company's core business is in ICT solutions, telecommunications and carrier networks (4G).

In the West, the company faces quite a lot of corporate stereotypes. The most predominant corporate stereotypes relate to quality, user experience and trust.

These stereotypes lead to the following question,

How can Huawei make potential partners and end-users focus primarily on its high-quality products?



After conducting a survey amongst 20 respondents these are the results and analysis.

Problem analysis

Let's look at the results of the survey. When we look at graph 1 we can confirm that Huawei has brand awareness amongst the respondents.

So, no need to worry about brand awareness anymore, you got it.

The only thing that does not completely fit Huawei's plan is that they only know it for the phones and not the core business. (see graph 2)

What we would think, looking at Huawei's core business, is that most employee's or working people would be familiar with the products. But surprisingly it is not it is with the students.

When we look at graph 4 and 5. We see that the overall feeling of the quality is positive/neutral which is a good thing. They even think/feel that your core business will be of high quality.

Taking in to account graph 6, here we can see that also the satisfaction of the phones is good. There is one thing we do see in graph 6, that is that, overall they are neither dissatisfied nor satisfied with Huawei's core business products why? Because they do not know about them.

Thus, how can we get Huawei's core business and their high-quality products under the focus of potential partners or end-users? We will provide you with some of our suggestions.


We would like to suggest the following. We believe the first step to solving the 3 problems mentioned before, is to broaden the familiarity of Huawei amongst employees and others.

' Why this first step? ' The importance of broadening Huawei familiarity amongst employee's and others is because these will primarily use the core business products. Doing this also will expand Huawei's name in the Netherlands and Europe.

By means of a new product for example. We suggest a 5G carrier for businesses. Releasing such a product will not only make Huawei a leader in this niche market it also spreads Huawei's name amongst businesses.

' How can Huawei do this ' one thing they should do is partnering up with another company, that already has a broad and good brand awareness in the European market, for example, KPN. Or by marketing Unique Selling Points (USP) that for example, Huawei's carrier has less radiation coming from it. Huawei states that they are consumer-centric, use that as a USP. We assure that doing this will get consumers familiar with Huawei's core business and its products.

What we want to propose last is. Recently the Huawei P20 has been released, in the high-quality market, amongst Apple' and Samsung'. This is good, but we would like to go just one level higher.

' What does this mean? ' to combine the consumer market and the business market would it not be fun to use this new 5G carrier together with the P20. What do we mean with that, well when creating the 5G carrier contrive an application or something like a chip for the P20 so that it also works as a transmitter for the 5G internet. One other option we have is a router for homes, businesses and schools that communicates on 5G. If Huawei chooses this last option, it will have the opportunity to show to the European market how high quality their products can be.

Next Steps

Don't be the best but be better than the rest!

To take the most advantage of this proposal the next steps to take must be:

' Broadening familiarity amongst businesses

' Researching possibility for a new product

' Winning your way into the European market

We were happy to may have been of help for Huawei and like to thank you for this assessment.

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