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My business idea is a domestic cleaning service which I am providing in my local area. My service is called pink ladies and is a business which cleans offices and houses in the local area. The cleaning services which I am going to provide are: Spring cleaning packages, Window cleaning, Domestic cleaning around home and offices, Emergency cleaning, Packages with different aspect of cleaning. My service will be providing trusted, trained and friendly staff.

My service is for people who do not have time to clean, older people who cannot manage to clean, offices and busy working people. I have decided to do a cleaning business as they are little competition in my local area around the local area where I live.

I will use the money from my loan to set up Pink Ladies. My aims and objectives for Pink Ladies:


Pink Ladies aims are:

Maximum profit- When Pink Ladies is provide cleaning I want to get the maximum profit I can by getting the market share I will have more customer which will create more profit so I pay off my loans etc. By getting maximum profit, Pink ladies will be seen as a success. I will do this by advertising so people know about Pink ladies. Also trying to breakeven so I am making a profit and trying to beat competitors.


An objective helps to set targets to achieve an aim. Pink Ladies objectives are:

Maximum sales- This helps me achieve my aim of getting maximum profit as the more sales the more profit I will get. I will do this by advertising Pink Ladies and making sure I provide a good quality service so people recommend Pink Ladies so I can the most sales I can.

To expand to public or private limited company- By expanding it will achieve my aim of increasing market share. As by doing this I will be a bigger company which people are more likely to know about. I will do this by trying to let people know about my service Pink Ladies with advertising.

Primary research for Pink Ladies

Primary research is getting information about a subject which is been collected and has not already been done.

I did a questionnaire to 50 different people within different age groups. This is what I asked them.

1) what is your gender

I asked equal amount of males and females so my results were fair as this would affect the people who I target my advertising on and the promotion I would do which would affect my marketing mix.

2) What age are you?

I asked this to find what age group were more interested in my cleaning services. This would help the promotion and find the type of people I want to help me do my marketing mix. I mainly get results from people above 21 year old.

SWOT analysis of Pink Ladies

A SWOT analysis is helping manage the risk of making decision and help see what a business current position is in.


This is something that a business performs effectively and it is strong in it. These are the strengths of Pink Ladies:

Provides Package deals different from competitors which make Pink Ladies stand out as it is a unique selling point.

High quality service due to the training the cleaner receive and what and how the services are provided.

High level of customer service- customer come first


This is where a business is performing poorly and not effectively. These are the weaknesses of Pink Ladies:

estricted service sure to the expensive of equipment e.g. One carpet cleaner.

Low sales when the customer base in growing.

Opportunities- this is the business could take advantage of in the future. These are the opportunities of Pink Ladies:

Expanding when profit is made, with more available staff to clean to make business increase market share

Technology development means better equipment which improve services


This is a potential problem within a business in the future. Pink Ladies threats are:

A lot of competitors within the cleaning industrial and people are setting cleaning company all the time

New legislation to do with staff and materials may affect the business in the futures


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