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Richard Louw

Crawford College Lonehill

Business Studies

Fast Food Research Task


Executive Summary


A Brief Background

In 2003, the idea of a family restaurant with efficient restaurant facilities and a play area inspired the founding of the first Papachinos restaurant in Fourways, Gauteng. The brand soon developed a philosophy of quality service, a satisfying meal and value to the customer.

A Unique Brand

Firstly, through Facebook and other marketing strategies, Papachinos has created a unique, well-known and reputable brand. Their advertisements have shown that they can cater for many different types of people. For example, the advert below shows that the franchise uniquely demonstrates culture, while providing discounts to their customers and staying ahead of the market.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE] Available at:

Catering for Everyone

Secondly, the advert below shows that they can cater for the technological youth as well as businessmen and -women who utilize technology daily. It also shows that Papachinos allows these individuals something that is valuable to their lives, while providing their franchise with a potential profit by inspiring these people to dine at their restaurant. While using the branch's free wifi, these customers will likely order items such as coffee.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Make Your Own Pizza

Another beneficial marketing venture taken by Papachinos is one that is common yet has remained effective for some time. Many family restaurants allow children to make their own pizza. This is profitable for 2 main reasons: Because children cannot legally work, their parents or guardians would have to accompany them to the restaurant if they felt interest in making their own pizza. This means that entire families may decide to dine their for dinner. Also, children can be wild and loud. This means that parents would love an opportunity to keep their children occupied while they relax and enjoy a peaceful meal.  As the advert states, 'keep your #bambinos busy this weekend!'

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Mascots as a Unique Brand Representative

On a similar note, it can be argued that businesses should create a unique brand for themselves. This can be through a unique selling point or a mascot. As shown in the source below, a mascot is a character created to represent a brand and to have the immediate connotations of that brand attached to it. Papachinos attempted to create this brand by creating their mascot, The Stig.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Furthemore, it can, therefore, be said that this mascot should be well-known. Papachino's success in this regard can be debated in 2 ways. Firstly, in a poll conducted on Instagram, in which users were shown an image of The Stig and were asked if they recognized him, 85% of voters had never heard of this character before after 12 hours of having the poll online. However, through research, it has been discovered that this mascot was only introduced in 2018, meaning that the updated brand of Papachino's may still be evolving into something reputable.


Source: Richard Louw, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Temporarily available at:


A Brief Background

In the early 1970s, Mimmo and Mary made the decision to begin making the pizza from Mary's parents' delicatessen in Brookvale. In 1973, Mimmo's pizza was born. The pizza quickly became a success, just as the quality Italian food of Modern Mimmo's has been.


Firstly, any potential customer who views the Mimmo's website can see that convenience is a priority for the franchise. As shown below, the website demonstrates easy access to the franchise's aspects. Convenience is a vital aspect in the marketing process.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Finding a Branch

The source below shows that, if an individual wishes to dine at a Mimmo's restaurant, the closest and most convenient branch can be selected.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:


A customer can also view the specials of the franchise i.e. what separates them from the rest of the market with regards to lower pricing and/or more attractive products.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:


Furthermore, the images below demonstrate another unique selling point of Mimmo's.  As shown, one can receive an incredible complimentary meal after dining at Mimmo's 10 times. This is effective as it encourages people to spend money multiple times before receiving a discount.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:

Easily Contactable

Finally, the image below shows how easily one can contact the franchise involving any queries or questions they may have. This shows that Mimmo's is conscious of improvement and progression.

Source: anonymous, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Available at:


Comparing the Success of Mimmo's and That of Papachino's

From the information above, one can see that both Papachino's and Mimmo's have constructed a unique and efficient online platform for their brand. Both platforms demonstrate what the franchise offers and what makes it unique. It also seems as if both franchises are equally successful. However, an online Instagram poll suggests otherwise.

Source: Richard Louw, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Temporarily available at:

Source: Richard Louw, (2018), unknown title [ONLINE]. Temporarily available at:

From the images above, one can see that many people do not view Mimmo's in the same way they view other restaurant franchises, like Papachinos. Therefore, it can be said that Papachinos is more successful of a brand due to the public awareness and reputation of it.


Finally, it can be suggested that Mimmo's should create more of an awareness of their brand by creating more advertisements and forcing the knowledge of their brand onto the public. Pamphlets can be handed out at shopping malls, advertisements can be placed in magazines, in newspapers or on television and other marketing strategies can be taken to create a better awareness of the Mimmo's franchise.

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