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Your technical suite to manage the hotel. Central reservation system for advanced booking, instant booking with the trip advisor, resourceful product training, automated property management. Need to update the training process as per the latest features; automated and centralized reservation system hangs some time. DJUBO is your most reliable help to streamline the entire hotel management. Booking and reservations are now hassle-free and effortless. Its multi-leveled support system will help you out to manage the sales over a single platform. All thanks go to its cloud-based integration. In addition, we are also finding its booking analytics as it streamlines the booking process.

Analyzing guest reviews is now easy. Robust operating system, easy to handle and operate, a mobile app for better accessibility and around the clock updates, handles entire housekeeping activities, a centralized messaging system to inform the guests and clients about their bookings. Mobile app needs to be updated time to time; dynamic pricing has to be more effective. Meta search marketing of DJUBO with Trip Advisor is indeed a great help as it helped us to reach out the customers easily and effortlessly. Sending daily reports is now easy owing to its centralized reservation system. We completely loved its automated SMS system that helped us to enhance customer experience.

Multi-lingual support makes it a must-have tool for all. Reporting tags for better and accurate reporting, VAT, and GST report generation can be done with accuracy, multi-level support system; can easily handle multiple locations with the same system, automated invoice generation. Though Zoho Books is a brand, it needs to update its system from time to time.  There is a scope to enhance the user experience. Zoho Books has established itself as one of the most trusted hotel management systems. It helped us enhance customer experience with a robust feedback system. It deserves 10 out of 10 when it comes to tax filing.

Got a big thumb up for its automated system. Very fast and responsive system, sales analytics to leverage the service, ensures timely tax filling, web-based reporting for all-inclusive operations. Though it has been a great helping hand, it consumes a lot of time for installation and up gradation If you want to own something which will give a total control over all the activities then I would recommend Zoho Books. It has been a great help for us when we were struggling hard to do get a hold over-invoicing and other related operations. The cost-effectiveness is another major advantage.

The unmatched performance with the ability to get customized as per your needs. High-performance mobile app support has peerless support for advanced functioning, easy and wide-speared payment system. A regular update of the app is what required the most. In addition, it lacks informative customer support as well. With the help of its integrated operating system, HRMates has been a real help for us. We can easily provide a peerless guest experience as it provides all-inclusive help. Whether it is invoice management or asset management, it does it all with minimum inputs. If you have it then your life is much simpler.

 Keeps me updated on all the details and activities. A well-integrated operating system with a suite of advanced features, austere implementation for maximum utility, informative and useful training, mobile app support system for around the clock accessibility. Only Android-based app support system that limits its functionality. All other users are going to be disappointed. The administration is easy only if you have HRMates. Starting from reservations to the feedbacks, it caters you all-inclusively. You can easily print check-in cards as well. Alongside, its ability to get a merge in any operating system is really commendable. We are finding is way beyond useful and effective.

Deserves a pat on the back for its great usability. Offers all-inclusive HR solutions, gives maximum output with minimum input, great sense to find out the loopholes, pay slips generations and employee database management is easy. We faced issues like buggy API and unresponsive mobile app couple of times. It is little cold when large files get to upload. PeopleApex is what you need when you need to have organized HR operations in your organization. It has made our lives stress-free by handling tedious tasks like performance management and task management. Multi-user login is another major advantage as it gives better accessibility.

Using PeopleApex has made my life simple and trouble-free. Comes with inbuilt Online Tests & Psychometric Tests to asses performance of the employee, effective work-flow management, easy and informative employee training. Need to work on the integration as it is very complex. In addition, it needs tones of effort in installation. PeopleApex is a real falcon to your organization as it takes over all your HR activities. All you need to do is ask for a free-trial and the team will be there to help you out. Email integration is easy to use and very helpful as well.

Great software to manage with speedy and responsive operating system.  Effective customization to get adjust as per the need of the organization, great mobile support, easy data import and export for having all-inclusive access. They should work upon their user-interface as it is buggy and unresponsive at times. Alp Consulting is a boon for your organization. We are a big fan of its speed and accuracy. Plus, you will be amazed at its ability to handle all the operations single-handed. Training provided by the company is also very useful. The staff was also very informative about the modules.

Useful but lacks the mobile app support. Managing the employee data is easy and effortless. Ready-to-use-features with advanced integration. The lack of the app support limits is usability. The team should work upon this. In addition, some of the features need to furbish the scalability. Own this software to reduce the efforts involved in HR management. Well-integrated with the latest and updated software, it is your most productive virtual help. We are in awe of its functionality and ability to handle all the tasks without any further assistance. We are now easily asses the quality and performance of our manpower.

Use this for pay slip generation and statuary compliance. Web-based development along with the robust mobile app support system comes with integrated modules well-suited for SME���s and start-ups. It lacks viability at certain levels including performance management and API development. Use ezpayroll and take the delight of stress-free HR operations. Our firm was struggling hard to do the continues performance assessment but it made it possible. All thanks to its robust and meticulously designed operating system. Now, we can keep a hold over the manpower with minimum inputs. But the lack of API limits its performance and usability. The tran9ing could improve a little.

 It will do what is needed with accuracy and promptness. Amazing performance with integrated modules, better development, quick installation along with useful training. Though it handles all the tasks some of the features, especially the Statutory Compliances, are complicated to use, they should work upon its integration. Ezpayroll is your best bet to have a virtual HR assistance for your firm. Low-cost investment and high-end deliverance are what impresses you the most. In addition, mobile app support is a great help when you need all-inclusive access. But some of the features are a tough nut to crack owing to their complex integration. The training could be more useful and informative.

Good product with average service. Handles multi-currency platform effectively, one-time payment for hassle-free usage, manage multi-property with accuracy and effectiveness. The product is good but the service is bad. The staff has no whereabouts about many modules. We had to Google it out. We are using Cheerze HMS for quite a long time and I must say that hotel management was never so easy and effortless. The development team deserves and pat on the back to make such effective product. But the user-experience get reduce with its poor after sales service, the training provided was also not so useful and informative.

Useful but needs to improve user-interface. Prevent revenue leakage, offers all-inclusive solutions with minimum investment, multi-leveled booking system for reach out the customers. The software has to work upon many aspects and mobile app stands first, It is very buggy and needs a lot of time to perform some actions. Starting from house-keeping to inventory management, Cheerze will help you out in everything; It serves all POS purposes with minimum cost and efforts. If there is anything that needs to be changed and altered then this is their mobile app support system which is buggy and unresponsive while handling large database.

Two business plans designed with perfection. Multi-level security to protect all your data and details offers easy cash flow within your firm and multi-currency support, mobile app support. Little pricey and lacks good customer support. The team is not through enough about the features. ProfitBooks has made accounting easy than ever before. You can take a breather with its multi-level security program that zips locks all your details. However, the app needs to e more responsive and upgraded. The training has to be more informative. Cost is on the higher side but it totally worth it as it handles almost every accounts related operations.

Packed with innovative features and great usability. Innovative modules with the responsive operating system. Taxation management is error-free and time-bound. Web-based development and SAAS based payment system for easy accessibility. Lacks good customer support. Need to improve it���s after sale service as well. Buy it if you want to sit back and enjoy error-free accounting operations. We are using it for quite a long time and finding it used way more than our expectations. However, it lacks viability at certain levels and complex integration stands first at this place. Its email integration is highly laudable and streamlines the operations all-inclusively.

Own this for a sleek and effortless personal accounting experience. Modern integration and well-built. Alongside, the training provided is also very useful. Cloud-based integration which allows you to have an access to the database around the clock. Only one business plans and lack the ability to get customize as per the need. Whatever is there, you can use that much only. Zipbook has redefined personal banking and finance management a cake walk which is tedious otherwise. I am using it and I am impressed the way it handles all my finance related activities with ease and accuracy. Banking and accounts are now all-checked and updated.

A useful mobile app which makes finance handling as easy as clapping. Better integration and ultra-responsive mobile app. Web-based development and easy installation, straightforward implementation and cost-effective business plan. Mobile app needs to be extra responsive. At times, it hangs and becomes too buggy to operate. I must say that handling finance matters were never as easy as it is now. Zipbook is my sole ally when it comes to financing. Starting from bookkeeping to the EMI calculations, it handles all leaving no scope of errors. However, it fails to get adapted as per your needs. App has been little extra responsive.

Real-time accounting for non-account individuals. Handles all the accounting work with minimum command, no need to hire a professional, saves operating cost, fully automated operating system. Need to simplify the integration of few features; Working over Cash Management is indeed a tough nut. Though Wave Accounting has made handling accounts and finance ease and effortless, it needs to work on its integration. Slow and buggy API is a big issue. If we keep these two aside, it is a great help. I never thought accounting would e so easy. Now I handle all my accounting work and perform all the actions with speed and accuracy.

Limitless usability. All you need to do is learn it properly. Advanced integration with high-end scalability. Invoicing payroll is seamless and prompt, accurate sales report generations. The app only comes with a support for IOS and Android. They should expand its usability. Wave Accounting has helped me save a huge chunk of money by taking the charge to handle my accounts. Now, I don���t require my CA, Starting from sales report generations to the tax filing, it has helped me in all aspects. But the development team has to work upon the integration of its app as it consumes a lot of space.

Xero is your best bet for personal financing. Cloud-based integration to have all the information readily available, well-integrated to handle all the personal accounting operations, various business plans that suit almost every organization. A finishing of the mobile app is highly recommended. It lacks usability at various levels as well. If you have Xero with you then personal accounting is effortless. With minimum output, this innovative product will yield out maximum results. Another major advantage of using Xero is that you can choose from a variety of business plans. But the software has a major drawback and it is its complex integration which makes it hard to gain an expert hand over it.

If you have it then life is easy. Easily reconcile bank transactions with minimum efforts, user-friendly layouts of the modules, mobile-app with various features, handles more than 20 bank transactions at a time. The customization is a lengthy process with limited accessibility. In addition, they should pay attention towards its sluggish customer support. Based on my personal experience, I can easily give away 10 out of 10 to Xero. It has helped me to save a huge chunk of money as it handles all the operations alone. But it comes with its own all drawbacks. Customer support is not at all responsive.

Easy to use and user-friendly accounting software. Highly innovative integration, designed to meet the requirements of small to medium-sized organizations, useful training with advanced audiovisual tools. No API and mobile app support. It limits its usability. The team should look into this. We bring the ease and accuracy in the accounting operations of our organization by choosing Alpha Books. Earlier, we were struggling hard to eliminate the technical errors while doing manual entries. With this, it is a thing of rarity.  But they need to makes it extra comprehensive by launching mobile app support system. It is the need of the hour.

Good software with not so good service system Easily handle multiple locations, gatherers all the product database over a single platform, SAAS based payment system, can be customized as per the need of the hour. The absence of a mobile app, lack of satisfactory after-sales service. Well, Alpha Books has proved its viability for our organization in various ways. The most essential role of it is to handle multiple location accounting tasks. We need not hire different software for different offices. However, it has a limited usability due to the absence of mobile app and API. It���s high time to enhance after-sales service.

Drives your business with the accurate accounting system. Will help you out to generate batch wise barcode, an inbuilt notification system that keeps you updated on each activity, useful training, and onetime payment system. The software needs regular updates. In addition, the tedious and lengthy installation part also consumes a lot of time. No need to do much of brainstorming while handling accounts. Install Marg GST software and all the accounting related tasks can be performed effortlessly. Fully automated system make sure that no error occurred while functioning. The viability reaches another level with its app and notification system. Now you are always ahead of time.

Most preferred software for GST filling. All-inclusive bank reconciliation, Android app support system, serves Windows platform easily and efficiently, can be customized easily as per the requirements. Not so feature rich. Limited accessibility and app becomes buggy at times. Marg GST was our sole savior when we were struggling hard to understand the work process of GST filling. Indeed, GST takes a toll on you. But with this software, it is very easy to filling GST. In addition, you will be assured of the accurate operations. But the app needs to be advanced. Only Android-based support is not sufficient.

Want to have fast billing system? Go for it. Well- planned four business plan, the free trial will help you out to store unlimited documents, A5 invoice template, password protection access, will provide delivery challan. No customization. So, you have to work with whatever you install. I never thought that GST and other account activity could be so easy and effortless. The software will provide product-based delivery challan as well. Operations are pretty straightforward. Sleek Bill India has redefined the accounting. It was never as easy as it is now. But it is not flexible and completely shuns customization.

Invoice templates are highly versatile. You can easily create A4 and A5 templates of invoice, online access with a robust security system, offers multiple user access, easy banking integration. Complex operations.  Need time to get expertise in it. In addition, the training is not up to the mark. Sleek Bill India is innovative GST software that will help you out to run your business legally and effortlessly. No matter what business you own, it will help you out to do proper listing and invoice generation. No API and rigidness towards customization are its biggest drawback as it limits its functionality.

Excellent tool for accounting. Need to furnish user interface. AI-based lead scoring system, automated profile enhancement, drag and drop navigation for easy usage, helpful to do action-oriented follow-ups. Not all-inclusive mobile app support, email-sync lacks speed at times. We are a big-time fan of the functionality of Fresh sales. It has really improved our revenue figures and customer experience. All sort of workflow management is easy. Integrated Webhook helps us to get connected with other apps related to helpdesk and accounting. But you need to pay extra attention in learning its know-how as it has complex integration.

Made the sales tracking easy and prompt for us. Inbuilt Zapier to get connected with MailChimp and Google Sheets, 2-way contact sync, push notification to keep you update and connected, send automated mail to any new lead. The integration has been little straightforward. Implementation takes time. We had faced a couple of issues while working with Zapier. FreshSales is a real boon to all sorts of organizations. We are using it and taking the delight of fresh leads and booming sales figures. I like its ability to provide a 360-degree view of entire sales activities. But good customer support is what requires the most.

 One of the most comprehensive CRM tools that I have ever come across. Different business plans, will capture the leads automatically, filter the need as per the categories, 3rd party integration for better service, will help you out to do report customizations. The API is little buggy that increases its response time. Working over large files is very tough. Leads are important and Cratio CRM is the only software that understood it. It will carefully capture the leads from all available sources and will help you out to take your sales figures at the pinnacle. Its API is little slow which is a major issue.

Captures the leads with utmost care. Responsive operating system, very quick in lead generation, sorts them based on categories, push notification system updates your about each activity. The software takes a lot of time in installation. Plus, regular updates are required. Cratio CRM has been a real help for our SME as it helped us to stand tall in the marketing. The leads provided were very genuine and revenue oriented. We can easily sort them out and forward to the respective department. But it has to work upon the integration of several features. The training provided was also not very thorough.

A full suite of innovative modules. A whole pack of features which streamline everything and anything, GDPR regulatory system for the protected data system, supports multiple companies at one go. We had a tough time while working over its filed sales management modules. It cracked a couple of times. LuitBiz is what we need for our organization. Its biggest advantage is its audio-visual tools for training. As it has a very complex integration, it is very useful. In addition, its all-inclusive mobile app is a real help. But it consumes a lot of time to learn its basics. Pay attention to the training else you won't grasp anything.

Great tool to import and export leads and data. Well-integrated handles almost everything, customer database is now just a click away, on-demand payment system. The biggest disadvantage of this software is that it has a very complex integration. You have to do much of brainstorming to gain an expert hand. We were in search of an all-inclusive CRM and Sales and tool and our hut stop with LuitBiz. If you have it then nothing else is required.  With integrated social CRM, it will promote your business at all leading social media platforms. They need to look out the customer support as it is not that up to the mark.

 Restaurant billing and invoice generation is now easy. Advanced point of sale for your restaurant, will do hall and table management, will help you out to print customized barcode and invoice billing printing. While generating KOT with a mobile app, some features get merged. This issue is still persisting. Managing any restaurant was always a tough nut to crack since we install HDResturant. It has taken the responsibility of all the related tasks over its shoulders and streamlines all the operations. Table booking management can be done according to the customer preferences. The window-based client-server app is a great help. But the software takes a lot of time to respond at times and print merged invoicing.

Very cost-effective restaurant management software. Pictorial billing generation manages combo orders easily and effectively, has password protected access and supports multiple printers. When working with multiple printers, the software often gets crashed. We always had this issue. HDResturant has been a great virtual helping hand for our restaurant. Now, we can easily cater a huge mass without creating any mess in orders and delivery. Multiple locations and combo orders are now easy to handle. The software needs to update its operating system as some of the features hang a lot. Multiple printer integrations need extra work.

Designed to help you out to serve your customers better. Compatible with IOS and Android operating system, cloud-based integration, work seamlessly offline as well, offers a set f free features for start-ups. Need to enhance the user-interface. The invoicing got slow at times. I recently opened a restaurant and was in need a competent POS for my business.  SlickPOS was my best bet as it impressed me a lot during free-trial as well. The team has designed an innovative product well integrated with all sort of features. Some parts need improvement. For instance, invoicing refuse to work properly at times.  

Quick serve mode is commendable Will help you out to create order tickets and digital receipts, will collect customer feedback, sales analytics easily available, suitable for all sort for business. The app has to be more feature rich. It consumes a lot of space and needs to work on the integration. We were facing multiple operative issues with our earlier POS software but SlickPOS has resolved the issues at one go. No need to have a fast internet connection while working on it. It functions properly even without internet. It helped us to get the right customer feedback as well.

 All-inclusive app support is what makes it stand out of crowd. Supports all mobile operating systems, gives various merchanding benefits to the customer, reduces the probability of errors as it has fully automated the operating system, help you out to streamline HR activities, TDS calculations are error-free. Very complex and tough integration that makes it hard t understand. A regress and useful training are highly required. With Zing HR, you can easily keep a track over your manpower. Starting from on-boarding to resignation, it handles all the tasks efficiently. But its complex integration takes a toll on you as you have to practice a lot. Once learned, it will be very useful.

Will implement best HR practices in your organization. Very innovative module, easy and all-inclusive implementation, mobile app support, will help you out to prepare details analytic reports, calculates PF and ESIS with accuracy. They need to work upon performance management. Sometimes it takes ages to response towards a particular action. Zing HR  is your best ally when you want to manage your workforce with the right blend of accuracy and satisfaction. It will help you out to streamline the operations as well as to recognize the efforts of your employees.  However, you have to extra cautious while learning about its modules as it has complex integration.

High-leveled resume parsing is possible with it. Impressive formatting of resumes, resume parsing, mass email to keep the entire team updates, Microsoft Outlook integration, you can easily search anything within the document. Data sharing is little lengthy and slow process. Sharing of large files is like a nightmare sometimes. Zoho Recruit will help you out to pick the best one out of thousands of applications. You can set filters and it will sort out a heap of resumes within minutes and provide you the best talent. Time-based actions can be taken with its help. However, data sharing with this is a real pain.

Zoho PhoneBridge is wonderful. All modules are high-end and useful, field updates keep you informed, a high-level security system to protect your database, prompt resume search. Slow API and app support need to be extra comprehensive. Social recruiting has to be more precise. We got a pool of below average talent through social recruiting Zoho Recruit had mend to help you out the pick the best mind for your organization. I would suggest you shun using its social recruiting tool as you will hardly get the right and desired candidate. However, all other features are very useful provided you learn to use them.

Applicant tracking on cloud Entry and exit of manpower are effortless; ensure to hire the best talent only, self-service portal that helps employees to get involved. Need to come up with robust mobile app support system as its absence limits its viability. ADP is what you need when you want to sit back and relax while an efficient team is working. The software will help you out to pick the best one. I am very impressed with its ability to get mold as per the need of the task and organization. Things are fine until the time you start using time and attendance features. Using it is nothing less than a headache.

You will now have all the details about your employees over a click. Certified for data security, international auditing standards serves all platforms and purposes, help employees to raise reimbursements requests. Report generation can include more templates and features. In addition, the API crashes sometimes. The biggest advantage of API software is its certified data security. It ensures that all your database is in safe hands. Plus, its operating system is very quick and performs all the actions with minimum clicks. But, the developer team should launch its app support system as soon as possible. It will enhance its viability.

Easy to use and pocket-friendly software. Sophisticated encryption for advanced usability, free technical support, calculate work based payroll instantly, paycheck generations can be done as per the payroll based. Its app version supports only Android operating system. Rest of the mobile users will be disappointed. Install this software in your organization when you want to have a streamlined work and HR operations in your firm. You will never miss an extra effort made by any employee as Patriot Payroll will track the work hours simultaneously. But it disappoints when it comes to attendance management. This module needs a rework for sure.

Keep your employees happy with Patriot Payroll. Prompt response will help you out to file federal, state, and local payroll taxes on time. Easy implementation and can be learned after few training sessions only. The customer support has to be extra responsive. They take ages to resolve the issues Patriot Payroll is a must-have tool for an organization who struggle hard to pick the best talent. We have implemented it and now own a talented team. In addition, employee payroll is also easy and effortless. But the developing team need to look out the integration of PF modules as we faced technical issues again and again.

Budget-friendly applicant tracking tool for business Very economical business plans, centralized leave management system, filter based resume searches, ease resume sorting and award-winning performance. The software comes up with widespread modes which are not easy to learn and understand in short duration. They should increase the free-trial duration as well. HRiS365 has been designed with a sole purpose to streamline the entire applicant sorting ad tracking process and I must say that it has succeeded in it up to a certain extent as well. The software cover all accepts. You name it and it handles it. Easy on the pocket as well.

One of its kind self-service portals. Very robust back-office assistance which handles all the queries efficiently, various templates for reviews, consolidates all your employee data, automation scheduling saves time and efforts. Online activation takes time to implement. In addition, you have to pay attention to its training part. Implement HRiS365 once and take the delight of hassle-free and prompt applicant tracking forever. The software will pick the right candidate out of millions. But training is not that through. It lacks proper information. We had to take help of Google for better understanding. Some video and audio aids are highly required.

Different business plans help you out to choose the right tool. Can handle bills of around 500 active clients at one go, will help you out to search candidate based on age and qualification, takes a note of all the skills and abilities of the candidates, can be customized as per your need. Some of the potential candidates get rejected only because they haven���t filled their details properly. Fresh Books is all you need when you are in need to hire the best talent. Its configuration is superb and innovative. It helped me to build a potential team. At times, it misses some potential candidates owing to pre-set filters.

It will help you out to avoid interviews blunders and efforts. Allows you to set as many as filters you want, will upstate your manpower, easy navigation, communications can be tracked any time. You need to oat attention while setting filters as it may neglect potential candidate as well. I lost a valuable candidate due to stringent search filters only. Fresh Book is indeed a great help while hunting down the right candidate. All you need to do pay attention while setting filters else you will lose good candidate. The team has done a commendable work in its integration.

Advanced Real-Time Reporting Real time reporting &analytics, Montiors the activity on real- time, Updated the reports, Very simple to use and enables you to request real-time data. I am running my own clinic in Allahabad. I was searching for the best software which tracks all the medical related activities of my clinic. After using MediXcel the growing need of my business has been fulfilled. It has advanced features which are so simple to use. Best tool, I always recommend to my colleagues and my friends.

Manages Patient Records Efficiently. Manages all the records, Helps you to manage lab tests, Vitals Tracking, Monitor the activities of each patient, and allow you to track the location. The app only run in Android phones rather than iOS, WinPhone and BlackBerry. To manage the patients we require a well- experienced staff but it is not enough, MediXcel EMR is effectively managing my all patients records by tracking them. It gives me real-time reporting of my all patients. Through this feature, I can easily diagnose my patients with their cause of illness. Now my whole family is enjoying a huge benefit from this wonderful product. You will find it very easy to use.

Latest Inventory Management Software Simplifies GST Returns Filing & GST invoices, Manages the inventory and file your GST Returns with ease and helps you to stay organized. No such more cons. The inventory management software organizes your order,inventory, and customers in one place. It uses barcodes for tracking the stock and it manages inventory levels and set reorder points to replenish stock. The inFlow helps you to strike the right balance and provide you the beautifully designed reports. This tool offers you the multiple payment options and eliminates the need for manual entry. You will not find any difficulty to set-up this tool on your desktop.

Digitally Manage the Business Improved cash management and less paper wasted. Electronic invoices, Automatic invoice validation, and Generate financial reports. It eliminates the need for paperwork, A small-training is required for each new employee. Electronic invoicing introduces the several benefits to a business. It captures the invoices digitally and lets you send them to your clients professionally and start accepting payments online. It helps you file GST Returns easily, by letting you work on a simplified and intuitive user interface. This software provides you the smarter options for managing the cash with automatic reconciliations for easier cash management processing.

Reduces your business complexities A free trail option available for satisfaction. It���s a boon for traders with one- time payment option and ultra-responsive API with easy installation option. The app hangs and is buggy at times. Video training would be for help. As a manufacturer, It is what I was looking for a software that would understand and objectify my business strategies. It has rich API which eases my work and I am using this product for more than a year. The features are highly powerful and it meets all the growing needs of a business. Through this app,I am easily handle all my suppliers. And fulfill the growing need of the market.

Easy-to-use and robust API. Installed with all sort of trading tools and technique, Robust API, Easy to deploy and support multilingual use. No doubt it simplifies the global trading, after this, no manual professional assistance required, you can have multiple logins, supportive in andriod only. No doubt it simplifies the global trading, after this, no manual professional assistance required, you can have multiple logins, supportive in android only. You never need any training to use this product. By following simple steps you can complete the installation steps and enjoy its feature. The interface is user-friendly through which you can easily meet your goals. The options are very simple to use and provide a complete guide of the further steps.

High-Powerful Project Management Software Provides you project management solution, Cost control, and budget management, Helps you in planning estimation and scheduling with an online work execution platform. Fit for every type of business else SMEs. This software allows you to better understand the project scope and all the necessary tasks and helps you to carry out the project planning. It has a clean and straightforward interface with an excellent array of features which allow you to make data-informed decisions and you can deliver your projects on-time. Their inbuilt features help you to gain maximum profits and improve your financial performance throughout the year. I always like to recommend others.

Easily manage all project related issues. Track time and reschedule projects, Manages all project related issues, Updates the real-time data, Share the feedback, files and status update. No doubt it makes the communication easy and meets the deadlines. But it's mobile app only supports the IOS platform which not meets the demand of every user. The Tiemchart Project management software helps you to plan, organize and manage your teamwork. This software act as a collaboration tool. It gives you the complete view of work so that the teams tackle the right task at the right time. It is user-friendly and robust API. Love this app.

Sales-focused CRM tool. Prioritize customer insights, Gets Real-time customer information and activity, Insights with dashboard and reports. Improve your relationships with your customers. It doesn���t support Windows & Macintosh. It is a customizable CRM platform that covers a broad set of applications which are designed to help businesses. The CRM software manages your business contacts, employees, clients and sales leads. This software gives you real-time customer information and activity at one place. You will find it easy to use and it creates a custom field to store any contact information. It is developed by its team to help businesses to meet the overall goals of customer relationship management.

Powerful CRM solution Make data-driven decisions, Easy-to-use and powerful CRM solution, User-behaviour tracking, and Supports entire-sales process I didn't find any bulk deletion option for the untracked emails. E-Techs MR Reporting software is a complete, front-office solution that is simple for every type of businesses. And it integrates all of your customer-focused related activities. It has a user-friendly interface which saves your time, cost, and paper. If you are searching for a simple robust CRM solution then you are on a right way. It has customizable dashboards, advanced analytics with project management tools. This software includes multiple features like- Lead Generation, Contact and opportunity management, sales forecasting, workflow automation and many more.

Analysis Reports and organize them. Organize your data, Designs your analysis plans, Maintains contacts, Access data and build interactive dashboards, Create business intelligence reports and monitor your team. No such cons, I found in this software. To work as a manager in any organization is not as much easy. On a daily basis, I find new challenges in my work. But thanks to the team of this software who has given this product to its users. I am very happy with the functionality of this software and you will find it very easy to use with few minutes of quick installation. Really amazing and wonderful.

Increases productivity. Maintain bills, Live Track sales calls, Review bills and match them with reports, Interactive dashboard and simple user-interface, Takes the order and captures the data. You can't make it use for your own personal use. It can customize to the needs of your enterprise. It has multiple features- Data capture, order taking, inventory mapping, maintains bills of your customer, monitor your team and so on. I adpat this before six months ago and found it very useful for my organization. By using this product, you will get so many features in one tool. I have started using it now it's your turn. All the best.

Best Lead management software. Helps you to track your business, Import leads, Add leads to your account, Track competition and it automates lead assignment, Add lead scores or other CRM metrics. It only supports Web App, not Windows and Macintosh. This software tracks all the information about your CRM leads. The timeline lets you access the most up-to-date contact information. You can write e-mails and even track them. Buying and selling leads can be difficult to manage especially when you are working with multiple verticals. This powerful system simplifies the management of vendors, clients, advertisers, affiliates and also for your salesforce. It delivers leads quickly and accurately to any CRM.

Track marketing campaigns. Manage and track campaigns across all channels, Allow you to make smarter decisions, Shows the impact of your marketing activities on the sales pipeline. I am happy with the functionality of this app. Through this software, you will be able to manage and track the campaigns across all channels. This software allows you to make smarter decisions and let you think where you have to invest. It shows the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline. You can set up automatic lead scoring and route through this software. Don't believe my words just use it and then see the magic in your business. Love it.

Forecast sales and track them. Nurture Sales Lead, Forecast sales and track them, and reduces the complexity of manage sales leads. The mobile app only supports iOS platform. It lets you track the right information about your CRM. We all know tracking and managing lead for any business is always important. You will get so many features - Integrated E-mail marketing, Billing/ Invoicing , Task Management and many more at very affordable cost. You will find this app more efficient in your business as it will make all the tasks very simple and easy. The installation part is very easy so will never face any difficulty while installing it on your system.

Reduces the time and effort of your team. Helps you to organize leads and schedule follow-up contacts, Tracks and manage your potential customers, Improves lead management with lead scoring. It is the best app in a market but while generating the reports sometimes my system slows-down and hang in-between. The scoring methodolgies into lead business is an effective way to get success. More and more companies like to invest in scoring technology to reduce the time of manually sorting through leads. My team is very happy with this feature and believe me, friends, it really helps to reduce the burden of your team.

Easy-to-use SPA management software. Easy to handle all customer related activities, Send appointment reminders via messages or mail, and allow you to add appointments from any location. The best part it is fit for every size of business but it doesn���t support iOS,Android & BlackBerry mobile platform. You will find it very easy to use as it simplifies all your task. I am running my own Saloon in Faridabad and very happy to opt for this software. The features are very easy to use and highly functional. It is very convenient for my customers to schedule spa treatments and purchase memberships. Every client gets their unique profile and you can send them greetings on their birthday. It will make your daily tasks so easy.

Effectively manage cash-related issues. Manages cash-drawer and handles the membership of your clients, and updates the cash balance up-to-date. Allow you to take more effective financial decisions, and reduces the overhead costs. Wonderful app, but I found some features are difficult to use. This software simplifies the client checkout with POS features. The best part is that it encourages loyalty with customers using its customized spa Membership and Packages. It streamlines the membership collections with powerful processing and automated billing. On this app, there is a unique profile for each customer through which you can send them greetings on their birthday.

Highly efficient to manage orders of your business. Manages orders and keeps the records. Improves data reliability,Provides real-time visibility for faster decision-making, and support the entire business with one-system. Very good features, no any con. It streamlines back-office processes for the growing and mid-size businesses. The functionality of this software accelerates business cycle by multiple features-Improves data reliability, offer the high level of service to its suppliers and partners. My all friends are using this product and happy with all its features. In 6 months I never find any con in this app. Its my personal suggestion to all if you want easiness in your work. Just start using it and see the results.

Monitor and keeps the records of your employees. Track the employees' information and manages the records, Helps you to find the best talent for your organization. Small businesses can use this but not fit for the enterprises. This software manages my business with very ease. I am using it from last 3 months and you don't believe it my seniors started appreciating my work. Even from the home, I can monitor the activities of my employees through its mobile app. I can give them feedback in real-time which helps them a lot. In any organization, employee monitoring is an important task for every manager. I found it very useful for me and for my team.

Simple Inventory control software. Create inventory catalog using barcode readers, Easy-to-use, Quick installation, Automatic update of inventory, And reduces the overall cost of inventory. High powerful system but not supports Macintosh. This software is real-time integrated with your financial system. It manages inventory control, manufacturing, direct delivery and work order. After a market research, I came to the conclusion it is best from all others. It automates order processes with greater efficiency. It is so flexible and easily meets your organization needs. You will get more profits in your business as all the things are set in this app in a more systematic way which helps you to meet all your goals.

Track the orders and manages your purchases. Manages the purchase order, Real-time tracking of your resources, and helps you to improve the productivity of your business. Highly efficient to use, I am happy with all the features which it has. This software gives you at-a-glance of your purchase orders. It has powerful purchasing tool which has purchasing automation options which let you know when to re-order the goods and how much. The features are very powerful which helps you to save your time and effort. This online approach eliminates the need for manual work and provides you a strong interface through which you can handle your multiple clients. At last, I want to say it improves the efficiency of your business.

Allow you to manage your users. Create user-groups and manage them, Add and remove a new user, Maintains the identity of each user and keeps up-to-date records of all users. The mobile app is only available for Android users. It has enriched API with customizable response formats. This software manages all the local users in a network. You can call it a straightforward tool for administrator and they can easily manage user accounts from it. This software helps you to create an individual identity for each user and maintains the authenticity by providing them the strong password to each user. If in any case, a user will lose their password then the administrator is able to provide him/her a new password.

Provides high security to your system. Enables secure system administration, Secure file transfer and provides the security to your valuable data, and Highly efficient and reliable. The most secure system can use up more processing power which slows down the speed of your system. Security is the major concern for any organization. It gives multi-vector protection against all the threats. To transfer the file over a network without any threat and facing challenges is so much important. By using this software, it is possible now. You can deliver your files over a network and it is highly reliable which allows you to maintain your data without any worry. It is the best suite for any organization and easily fulfills all your needs.

Smartly manage the assets of your business Manages IT and non-IT assets, Track asset detail throughout its life cycle, Auto-discovery of new resources and powerful configuration management. It runs only on Windows operating system. This software manages IT and non IT assets like- contracts, hardware, and the software. The features of this tool put a refreshing user experience and provide you with asset management capabilities. It simply saves your time and allows you to deliver faster services to your organization. Nobody likes complexity in his or her work and this app reduces the complexity and gives you a right path. You can deliver fast and smarter services to your organization.

Automate your processes Automating the collection of software consumption data, and helps you to optimize software value delivery and its information. I always recommend it to my peers. This software automates many of your tasks. It maintains compliance with software license and facilitates the in-depth analysis of software assets through different mechanisms. It automates the collection of software consumption data and maintains the purchases order records. You will find multiple solutions in a single package. I am really appreciating its team who made this product. It will meet all your financial needs. By using this app, you can save your valuable time and money.

Effectively manage your staff Maintains the leave structure of your staff, Track and analyze the best performing staff, Notify thousand of your staff via email or messages, and generates the flexible and reliable reports. I found it highly functional because chances of errors are very less. As an owner of a school, It is my duty to keep my staff happy with a proper management system. E-Smart sankul is very powerful in doing all such activities which are required to run a school, colleges or universities. My staff is very happy to opt for this software and always recommend to others.

Keeps the records of your student. Maintains the attendance sheet, Keeps all the updated records, Easy to access information and reduces the paperwork. No such cons, High features and easy-to-use. All the students are considered a charm for their societies and nation. This software has very rich in-built features through which you can easily manage all your student's information and it keeps them up-to-date. It will help you to maintain the attendance sheet for your students and you can manage all the records through this software. It always keeps the updated information in its database and allows you to make changes whenever you require. I am happy to use it.

Powerful Fee Management System. Records the fee-structure of each student, Makes the accounting department highly efficient, Notifies and kept up-to-date on the fee payment status. Android users can't enjoy its interactive features. This software presents an automated and highly adaptive comprehensive solution. Through this software, you can view and generate fee receipts anytime. I am head of the fee department and using it from few weeks. Now I can easily show all the records in front of School Principal at any time. My whole faculty is happy with my work. Even most of the time I got appreciation from my seniors. Thanks to this wonderful product.

Helps you to manage courses for your institution. Improves the learning skills of students, Gives them a list of multiple courses, Online videos, and keep them update to the latest syllabus. It is made only for Windows not for the other one's- Macintosh. This software provides you an online environment with multiple tools. It allows the students to communicate with each other through its chat tool. The courses are available online which gives an overview to the students and helps them to learn easily. Learning is very important for every growing child and through this app, multiple students at the same time learn the concepts. It will help you to increase the interaction with your students and reduces the communication gap.

Track the location of Patient. Eliminate the need for whiteboards, paper tracking, Updates the telephone status with real-time, Reduces the waiting room anxiety and improves the patient satisfaction. Very interesting app, Not supportive on Windows. This software tracks the patient records and proactively update your staff, patients and all the waiting members by a text message. It is a highly functional tool with multiple features. You can easily take a break from your work and spend a time with your family. By using this app the manageability gets increase and also it increases overall production of your business.Love to use it and always recommend to all.

Easily manages all room in a hospital. Keeps the records of each patient room, Gives you a view of all vacant rooms, Provides a knowledge of vacant bed in each room and updates all the information in real-time. All can enjoy the wonderful features of this app, but you can't use it for your own personal use. I am working as a doctor and I always want an efficient staff to manage all the assets. One of my friend who recently completed its training suggested me to start this tool. After starting this tool, I eliminate most of the staff from my team. Now the productivity has been increased for my business. Thanks to my friend and to the team who made this app.

Manages your patient records with ease. Keep all the patient records in its database, Gives you a list of all the maintains records, Updated the records, Acess you to find out the required information, And allow you to know them closely. It is very simple to use. This software is highly effective for maintaining the records. None of you find a difficulty to use it. My belief is that without using any tool you don't know it very well. So my suggestion is that use it first and then see the changing effects in your business. My management is very cooperative with me and I am thankful to them for a wonderful product.

Increases the revenue and makes the process simple. Maintains the billing system, Provides a list of the remaining balance, Always updated the current records, Flexible in nature, Easy to set-up and quick installation. High powerful features, but requires a small training for new employee. Every entrepreneur, businessman, suppliers, and manufacturers all want the revenue should be increased day by day. But it's not an easy part, the competition is increasing and you need extraordinary tools to face your competitors. This is only possible through a proper management and I am happy that I got this product. After using this product, the revenue of my business has been increased two times more.

Track the sales with full force. Powerful system & tracks your sales, Easy to maintain, Hide the complexities with simple functions, Rich API, Improves customer relationship and easy-to-setup. This app is not make for the enterprises. Only a businessman can understand the current situation of the market and the daily challenges. We all are here for an effective product which helps us to increase our revenue. At last of a day, we all want better results. This app tracks your sales and gives you a report. Tracking a sale is very important to deal with the current situations and estimate the extra effort required for a business.

Efficiently track the activities of all employees'. Track all activities related to your business and gives you a feedback. Monitor all team members, Helps you to increase the productivity, and enables you to create an effective report through rich API. No more cons, else it doesn't support Windows platform. I found it useful and I am using it for 4 months. This tool monitors all the activities and tracks your sales. You can easily go through the performance of each employee and gives them a valuable feedback. It doesn't need an extra cost to set-up in your business.  An only one- time payment which is so less and you can easily maintain it from the overall growth of your business.

Make global CRM efficiently   Immaculately designed software is easy-to-use and enhanced my business integrity across the world. It treated every nuance of business management perfectly. No such noticeable flaws are found, it may dwindle with your Sales Dashboards & Reports. Be careful I strongly recommend Infoflow to be used once, as it helped me to enhance the production and get me globally acknowledged and made sound interaction in many countries.  It helped me to create and get an insight on sales report and analyses it. It suffused integration, sales tracking and CRM analytics. Easy monthly payment mode simplifies the process further.

Multiple CRM solution in one app Handle all kind of management efficiently and helps in maintains CRM & Sales Dashboards globally with multilingual feature. With its email integration feature it provides easy way to communicate. Provides unreliable approaches often, so use your brains Infoflo is a complete business and available with multiple CRM solution. Supportive at mobile platform, it is easy to handle and maintain. It made sales tracking dash board and report affluent. It is easy to install and will boost productivity instantly. It manages lead and project management with utter smartness. Quality and quick CRM solutions would impress you.

Simple App to Manage Your Productivity Having an array of unique features and sales tools for pipeline visualization, Accounting, tracking, lead management, it increase the workflow and make management trouble-free. Didn���t find any cons, delayed functioning may annoy you. Force close and Keep refreshing To free the large database projects from troubles, it is one of the best sales & marketing tools. It marks balance between contractors, customers and clients. Now management is at your fingers in iOS, Android, Web App and winPhone. It has an��in- build email marketing tool which will launch targeted campaigns for your contacts. Isn���t it cool?

Outstanding Customer Management and easy-to-use system Equipped with instant customer support system and email integration, it makes communication simpler and easier. It is perfectly operative in case, project and workflow management. Email function is irresponsive at times. Doesn���t support windows and blackberry platform It helped me through automated campaign proposal management and sales force. Suitable for all kind of set up and is supporting all mobile platform except blackberry and windows platform. Easy to use API���s. Payment can be done on monthly and yearly basis. With its simple contact management system it makes conversation easy by call logging and conversation tracking

EffectiveIn Market Analytics and Sales Tracking Compatible, automated and simple to manage and can be customized as per the need. Support android iOS and webapp only. Intricate reporting and complicated technical support. It always interferes with other tools. With more than a dozen of features, it is the one I was looking for my large enterprise. As it is automated it made business management faster. It helped me to handle previously pending tasks. It helped us to connect with multiple business applications to extend our CRM within each division. I must say it is supported me when I was in crises.

Best Customer Support, Enhances Email Marketing Promoting cloud computing and document management it is the need of times. It is the user-friendly automation option for making sales automation easygoing Updates could be awful; it may block the functionality, may cause errors and delayed Reponses. It may limit intelligence don���t depend on it wholly. Best software to streamline Lead Management and supplier and purchase order management. It is supportive in Webapp, iOS and Android only. Payment can be done through SaaS. It Improved opportunity and contact management and brought me closer to my team and customers and managed my business economically.

 Reliable Accounting and Data Optimization Produces least errors and reduce cost, enhance communication through email. It is available with a trial version. Secure data optimization and reliable in maintaining accounts It kills innovations of minds, doesn���t support mobile platform. Found no more cons   I was in depression with the accounting issues related to GST but after using this app I found myself at comfort. With many useful features like barcode integration, mobile support, it is simple to access. It made generating invoice and reports easy by its warehouse management. Handling basic to complex workflows easily it is one of the most efficient app to be used for account management .

Stable financial management with POS invoicing Empower businesses with stable accounting and financial and inventory management. Easy to customize and boost collaboration, accepts multi-currency, from multiple companies at multiple locations   Would show benefits in a long run, the app may collapse or hangs and needs to be restarted often. It helped me a lot. To cater all my needs related to investment, job costing, POS invoicing, it is the most popular and economical ERP solution. Best for Startups, SME���s and other enterprises it can be used in windows only and promotes multilingualism. It requires one-time payment only and hence needs least efforts.

Ensures Accurate Financials for Small Business It is the best time saving app handling Project and Taxation Management with least errors. It has easily operative mobile app which is highly useful Lame customer service, gets slow at times and needs timely maintenance. Huge files may slow down the process. It proved to be a huge timesaver by instant budgeting and forecasting. Efficiently functional at mobile platforms like iOS and android and Webapps and is best to be used by startups, SME���s and agencies. It helps in Taxation and Supplier and Purchase Order Management. It is easy to operate through mobile.

Facilitates online document storage��for easy accessibility Accepts multi-currency from multiple companies, Allows Mobile Support and has powerful and instantly supportive team You may lose important data if not backed up properly. Hackers may threat your business by stealing your files. I am running a small business but needed someone to handle accounting but didn���t find any competent accountant. I heard about CelarBoooks some 3 months ago and switched to it. I was amazed. It handled my project & tax management adeptly. It made communication easy by its integrated E-mail service. Apt for small businesses and must be utilized once.

Focus on process management primarily Understands Business Rules, Lifecycle Management and Capture the process of management and change tracking effectively. Not meant for startup and mobile platforms, delayed processing, and hangs time and again. It affected our enterprise grossly, and maintained everything par excellence.  It is convenient for agencies and enterprises that are looking for Business Process Management Software. It expanded our process approach by inculcating Process Modeling & Design, Capturing every activity, controlling variation, providing required Simulation etc. Luckily Supportive at all OS including Web App, Windows, Macintosh with monthly and yearly payment modes, it is easier and efficient to handle your business processes

Increased transparency and profit maximization Inculcated with business rules and their management, it promotes agility and transparency. It simplifies the process management task and controls variation. It lacks communication opportunities and can limit innovation. Not suitable for personal or startups management. It has been three years I am handling all the processes, it is a tough task but with this software I found it easy going. It made processing easy by allowing team collaboration and now I can share maximum benefit with my clients.��It helped me to turn to customer-centric business processes. It is well-organized and is easy to use.

Perfect task manager and productivity booster Direct task, workflow, process management and much more, it is supportive in IOS, Android and Webapp Operating System with monthly and yearly payment options Not supportive on windows platform, hangs and stop working often, use it with utter care I am from France and have been using this app for the last two months; deployed on web base it helped me improving business process. I must say it is a highly customized platform. As an enterprise, have had been going through highly complex processes, they maintained and helped us boost the productivity by handling work automation easily, it served as boon for us.

Acknowledge business rules well and act accordingly It is updated with API support, effective management, E-mail facility, precise processing, and many more great features. Delayed process, uneven rules may mess you up. You may find complexity at times, nevertheless we should try new things every time. After utilizing it, our productivity maximized. It is best known Business process management software infused with customizable database and E-mail facility. It is supportive at iOS and android and web app platforms. Featured with Data mapping, Centralized communication, process analysis, it is reckoned to be the one of the most needed app of business sector. With its E-mail facility communication became easier for us.

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