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This intervention was carried out by accurex consultants, commissioned by the CEO Asia irlines on april 1 2018, regarding a possible organization development project. During the meeting the Ceo described th airlines challenges that included staffing and public relations and finances.according to accurex, overall systematic approach to organization development would be the appropriate way to address the airlines major was agred that the intervention would kick on june 2018 and end in august 2018 . it was agreed that the contractual amount was to be calculate din terms of the number of weeks.there were different provisions on refunds to relevant expenses like travel and accommodation.


This intervention was conducted between June 2018 and August 2018.It was meant to to resolve and make recommendations on the systematic approach that asia airlines should take inorder to address the problem of staffing and public relations and finances.asian airline was able to put up new administrative systems andwork out the challenge of communication.


The results of the intervention told us that we are in good position to meet the targets. The respondents were asked to indicate on various systems in their organization and were asked to indicate whether their organization had implemented them.

The responses regarding the   implementations in many dockets confirmed the need for capacity building support in human resource, board development, information management and financial management. The respondents felt that some departments stood out within their organizations including skilled and committed staff, good programs that were in line with the organizations mission and vision and great managerial support.

Situation before the intervention

Respondents shared their concerns; they talked of different challenges that might impact their realization of the organizations targets.

The intervention revealed that the organization was faced with accountability issues and the respondents felt that the record keeping system should be upgraded. The sysem that wa sin place had different administrative challenges. Uploading of some formats of files was not accepted. With the dynamics of technology an organization is supposed to have a system that is accommodating and easy to upgrade in order to compete with other organoizations and also to efficiently curry out tasks.

Some respondents were to the opinion that training and information support should be era that is very reliant on information and technology, if an organization is left out on technology it also gets challenged in its services. An improvement in information support would held the workers in different ways. For example an organization should share the information on the merits it comes up with the individuals that it rewards or promotes.

Poor managerial response, some respondents felt that the management does not respond to their grievances. The gap between the management and the rest of the workers in the organization can be a challenge because whenever there is information upwards ort information downwards, there should be a flow. Without the flow the effectiveness of communication is challenged and the juniors may feel segregated and left out leading to demotivation.

The organization has not been able to retain their top qualified personnel, address the problem of fair and competitive salaries. When an organization is not able to retain its top performing staff or the highly skilled technicians, also leads to potentials employees not being interested by the organization. Competitive salaries attract top talent, a clear structure on how remunerations are awarded is always important to an organization.

There has been a challenge in engaging staff in decisions that affect them. The feeling of being involved in making decisions that are important makes one feel loved. Leaving the staff out when making decisions that affect them pose challenge of disloyalty and ineffectiveness due to the feeling of being unwanted.

Everyone thought that there is need for more training for both the management and the general staff. A group that is trained together brings about unity. More trainings and team building can bring about unity and passion of what you are working for.

Majority did not even know what the organizations strategic goals were. The board and the top management were the only people that were informed on the goals and visions of the organization. The rest of the staff worked for the sake of it.  

The recruitment of new workers was carried out by a single person who did not access the on candindate on his beliefs to certain values that the organization hold dear to.

Intended post intervention situation

Stronger financial management; with the new system in place it is expected that bthe decisions and analysis made by the finace department are supposed to be better and that overall financial management shall be stronger. It is intended that after the intervention, the organization shall have a great accounting system. The better the system the higher the quality of work and results; efficiency and effectiveness is highly determined by the system you are using

Better image by the stakeholders; with the whole organization working as a team, all the stakeholders on board should feel the change.

Common goals for everybody; the intervention was intended to make every worker share the same vision and goal. By working together and availability of information this is achievable.

.The staff and supporting staff shall be a working team. The effects of a team working together are different from a bunch of a group working. Staff working together brings about desired results. There should be improved knowledge and technical know-how on different departmental requirements. With effective communications and trainings it’s easier a craft perfect professional.

There will be improved managerial response. Whenever the juniors have the attention of their seniors and work together as a team, effectiveness and effectiveness becomes the end result. Because they feel involved, this motivates the junior staff. Challenging the management to ease the communication opens up and helps make instructions easily. There should be a clear coordination between the management and the rest of the organization

The organization should increase the access to training and information in order to improve the human resource management, financial management and the staff as a whole.

One on one support for the staff, availability of mentors and peer support is very important because it acts as a way to deal with some challenges and specific needs for the organization and individuals at any given time.

Enhancement of human resource and coordination: lack of accessing resources can be addressed through improved organization planning and learning about strategies to acquire funds for administrative staff. Human resource issues can also be addressed by hiring an experienced human resource manager.

The recruitment of staff and the method used should be changed in order to recruit only the candidates that would not only serve the purpose but also value the culture and the philosophy of the organization.

There shall also be a committee in the human resource department that shall be in charge of recruitments.this will help in scrutinizing the candidates before they are hired.

Program logic

The intervention is tailor-made to help:

The organization to choose effective models to address the challenges of retaining skilled staff, attracting, recruiting and employing

Anticipate the systematic changes within the organization as they seek to upgrade their accounting system.

Establish performance acknowledgment and reward framework in order to motivate the staff to ensure a productive workforce and realization of the organization’s target.

Interventions contribution to change.

Through this program, the organization has been able to recognize and work out on the challenges that it has been experiencing. Some situations like demotivated workforce can directly affect the goals of an organization. Lack of time or staff to research on some matters leaves the organization open to challenges, for example in the case of demotivated workers, if the problem is not resolved early it can lead to underachievement of the organization’s strategic goals and targets.

The involvement of the management and closing the gap of communication was a good resolve in helping to solve the communication breakdown and delineation of the management .

The intervention was able to point out on various remedies on different challenges encountered. For example a system upgrade will not only improve the efficiency but also improve the quality of work done.

It is easy to assume the effect of sharing, but whenever a person shares a concern they expect the challenge to be the respondents answering to the questions is change; for people whose welfare did not matter before.

Interventions relevance to change.

The intervention has recommended a lot of actions and changes to be taken in order to attain workplace development and improve the working conditions in order to attain the expected targets.


The staffs, who were the respondents, were competent because they were able to easily identify the weaknesses of the system and also the challenges directly affecting their productivity. After the intervention the productivity increased, there was team building became easier to associate with others and work together as a team. The program was able to solve the problems of communication and barriers that challenged the organization.

The intervention was also able to provide remedies for various demotivating human resource issues which made it difficult to hire and retain top talent and skill.

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