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Elon Musk, who is an american executive, was born on 28 of June 1971 in South Africa. He has founded in 1999, Space X in 2002 and Tesla Motor in 2003. He was become very rich in his late 20s after he sold his start- up company, which name is Zip 2, to a division of compaq Computer. He made the headlines in 2012 when the spaceX launched the rocket which would send the first commercial vehicle to international Space Station. He bolstered his portfolio with the purchased the Solar City in 2016, and bonded his standing as a leader of industry by taking on a consultative role in the early day of USA’s Donald Trump’s administration.

As the age of 17, he has move to Canada for educational in Queen’s University and avoid mandatory services in the South African military. So, he has left the Queen’s University in 1992 to studying the business and physic at the University of Pennsylvania. He has graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics. Moreover, he was staying in the second bachelor’s degree in Physic.

After he has left at Penn, he has gone to the Stanford University in California, United State of America. So, he is a pursuance of doctor of philosophy in energy physics. However, his moved was timed perfectly with the internet boom. Moveover, he has dropped out of Stanford after just two days to become a part of it. He has starting his first company which name is Zip 2 Coporation. In 1999, the division of Compaq computer corporation has been bought Erol’s Zip 2 company for 307 million dollar in cash and 34 million dollar in stock options.  

There are many career that he has been working for. He has been founded his first company’s Zip2 in 1995. Next 4 years, he is sold Zip2 for 10 million dollars and he co-founded the online financial service and email payment company named One year later, the company merged with Cofinity, which had a transfer money service called Paypal. In 2001, the company has changed their name to Paypal. Other, he was conceptualize Mars Oasis under the company name’s SpaceX, which project is about to land a miniature experimental greenhouse on Mars. In 2002, he is become an CEO of the Space X company.  In 2003, he is incorporated of Tesla Company. In 2006, his company, SpaceX, was awarded a contact from NASA to continue the development and test of SpaceX Falcon 9 launch machine in order transport cargo to the International Space Station. On February 6, 2018, SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy, the fourth-highest capacity rocket ever built and the most powerful rocket in operation as of 2018. There are other company that he worked for. For Example, SolarCity, Hyperloop, OpenAI, Neuralink The Boring Company, Thud and So, his net worth is approximately 19.1 billion dollars (updated on June 2018). However, he is a part of the team of builder kid-size submarine for Chaing Rai Tham Luang Situation.

His characteristics is very rare and most strategically capable personality type. He is a one of people with the INTJ personality type ,imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, but they do not squander their energy. He is become successful person because he has a right attitude from achieving his goal. He is put a very high effort and try very hard. He also hard working and never give up. When he has an opportunity, he did his best until he is becoming a very successful guy at the moment. Overall, he is an exemplary person to teenagers.

His businesses are very successful because he is a very good leader who lead the employee with the right attitude and he is working very hard. He also has a good opportunity as well. Other, he was an originator of new technology like financial electric service or Paypal. It is a very good thing that we should to follow if you want become successfully.

There are many contribution that he has made for the community. For example, he is an innovation of kid size submarine for helping the Moopha soccer player to rescue from the cave. He also was helping NASA to send the spaceship to Mars. Moreover, he is an innovation of the new transportation like the hyperloop as well as Tesla cars. So, in my opinion, he is a helpful person who are innovate new technology of transportation and online financial service

Thank you very much for concentrated and listened my speech.

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