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Juliette Sur

Erasmus student

Finding relevant information on a new product was quiet difficult. Every time, I was directed to enter the website of the company that provided non-objective information to promote their products.

After a lot of research, I decided to create an imaginary company of eco-friendly cars, H20PE.

The environment is a major issue all around the world. Therefore, I tend to believe that an internationalization of that kind of company could work.

I made several researchs ion google advanced search to find some report about solutions against cars that release a lot of CO2. The best option that I founded was hydrogen cars. (That’s why I came out with the idea of Hope for this imaginary company: H2 is the chemical sign for hydrogen and the word hope is linked to a better future).

As a consequence, I chose that a hydrogen car will be the new product of H20PE.


A hydrogen car has many advantages.

Surely, a new age of hydrogen energy is dawning. Hydrogen stations are appearing across U.S, Europe and Japan.

So why the interest on hydrogen energy now?

There are several reasons.

Reason 1:

The emission of CO2 that produce a hydrogen car is equal at 0. Hydrogen has been described as the ultimate in green energy.

Indeed, Hydrogen bonds with oxygen to generate electricity. The only byproduct released is water.

Reason 2:

Unlimited supply. Hydrogen can be extracted from a wide range of substances including  : oil, natural gas, biofuels, and sewage sludge. It can even be produced from electrolyzed water which make for the earth, hydrogen an inexhaustible source of energy.

: It can be stored and transported. Electricity is difficult to store or convey over long distances but by using electricity to make hydrogen from water both storage and transport become possible. Increased use of hydrogen will equal greater sustainability. Described as the ideal energy form to address the challenges confronting humanity.

I hope that my research and my work on the term base will help to understand the opportunities that this product is providing and to make it more attractive.

I tend to believe that hydrogen cars are a huge opportunity for automobile market. Especially after the scandal of Volkswagen.

People are becoming more and more conscious about the environment; a high demand could be expected.

There are high chances that hydrogen car will reinforce the value of the company.

How did I find my sources?

To find information, I entered “hydrogen car” in the bracket “This exact word or phrase” and I also selected pdf as a type of file and “English” as a language in the search engine: “google advanced”. The first result that came up in all of them was the source that I used for this assignment.



Item to be found Resource(s)* used Strategy/ Syntax No of Results

Results selected Duration of the search

Hydrogen car Google advanced search engine 1. « All these words » field

2.  « Language »

3. « type of file » 6 380 000

1st  pick 0,47 seconds

I only put the source of the documentations that I used, because it was too long to include pictures of it on my report. All the research that I made was on this report made by POPA (the Panel on Public Affairs of American Physical Society) and with the external links that they provide.

To validated this report made by POPA, I used the General Evaluation Indicators.

After analysing it, I came to the conclusion that it was a reliable source that I could use for my term base.

Source :

Criteria Punctuation Brief explanation


9/9 This report is made by members of the  American Physical Society wich is a  is a non-profit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. The source is reliable.

There is a possibility to contact them (e-mail address are posted on the report).

Moreover, you can see the autho’s current job before the introduction.

Document preparation and presentation

9/9 The site is an organizational site.

They used reliable sources and

of the information is very organized.

There useful links to fully understand how work a hydrogen car and also titles of books in this topic.

A bibliography is included to the report.

Metainformation and links

7/9 There is no possibility to comment or rate the content.

They have links for external websites (books, websites, magazines, blogs). The quality of those websites are high since professional of science contribute to them.

Accuracy of content

9/9 The content is accurate. There is no error.

Timeliness of content


On the first page, we can see that the report was made in 2003. The content is not up to date.

All the sources that they used are anterior at 2003.

Coverage of information


The level of topic exploration on their report is depth: you can also reach more information if you use the external links that they advice.

The level of comprehensiveness is not high, meaning that not everyone can understand the content because they use a lot of technical terms.

Consistency of information

 9/9 Apparently, there are no contradictions on their report, no data is not changing.

Objectivity 9/9

The writers used a neutral tone.

They have to be honest and objective, because they are trying to improve knowledge about science. They are not trying to promote anything.

Audience 9/9

The target audience is general and also professional since they make the information easy to understand and you can reach in depth exploration if you use their external links.

I decided to extract all the terms manually since the extractions made by free terminology extraction tool were not relevant for my subject. Some words that were extracted were name of specialist. In order to select 40 term candidates, I read the entire report several times to fully understand the subject and decide which words were most important for my database.

The 40 terms that I selected are the one that appeared the most on the report and that describe the product. They are also related to the issue that this product is solving, being petroleum dependent.

1. hydrogen 2. Internal combustion engine

3. CO2 emissions 4. Electrical energy

5. Hybrid electric vehicle 6. Fuel economy

7. prototype 8. kW

9. Battery electric vehicle 10. hydrogen station

11. Renewable energy 12. atmospheric pollutants

13. gasoline 14. crash testing

15. petroleum 16. Fuel cell

17. oxygen 18. range

19. Natural gas 20. tank

21. Diesel 22. Spark ignited

23. carbon nanotubes 24. Graphite nanofiber

25. nitrides 26. wind power

27. Automotive industry 28. pipelines

29. hydrocarbon 30. cycle energy

31. oil 32. oil refineries

33. lithium 34. Storage

35. Fuel reformer 36. carbon fiber

37. Ogden 38. refueling station

39. Nuclear 40. multi-walled

The 20 terms that I chose by all the one above are the one that, in my opinion, sum up the best hydrogen car.

1. hydrogen 2. Internal combustion engine

3. CO2 emissions 4. Electrical energy

5. Hybrid electric vehicle 6. Fuel economy

7. prototype 8. kW

9. Battery electric vehicle 10. hydrogen station

11. Renewable energy 12. atmospheric pollutants

13. gasoline 14. crash testing

15. petroleum 16. Fuel cell

17. oxygen 18. range

19. Natural gas 20. tank

My data base that I made with this 20 terms will be in the SDL file.


Over my research, I hope that you were convince by the possibility that offers a hydrogen car.

I believe that it can be a “comfortable reality” for our consumer due to the ever-increasing prices of gasoline and that it will add value to our “eco-friendly” brand image.

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