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Ever since my first career day, at my father’s old job in engineering, my mind was intrigued by the way maths and science had revolved around the world and was inspired to continue learning new things every single day. With my parents helping me on the side I have always been striving to be the better me and constantly trying to being the best I can be at anything I do, this includes my passion for swimming. But swimming is not only about improving yourself, but also by supporting each other and helping the other fish in the sea.

The first day the world of physics was opened to me, 6th of April 2012. This day is so fresh in my mind, like it happened yesterday. My father woke up at 6:30 am but my body leaped out of bed. I helped to make some pancakes with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, bananas and drizzled with maple syrup. We both packed our lunch bags and left the door to go to my first day of work. Of course, all the parents had to go to work, but the children got to receive a tour of their workplace and were even able to partake in hands-on activities and engineering challenges. From this day my interest for engineering has only increased, as my knowledge increases everyday, and it would be an honour to experience more of engineering in the real world.

My parents have always stood by me, encouraged my decisions and provided me with the best opportunities any one could ask for. Because of them I was able to attend one of the top  schools in Western Australia and am extremely grateful for every thing they have done for me. But as the adolescent caught up to me in year 8 my academic focus suffered and my grades decreased from this change. From that time my mind has been concentrated not only on studying for test and exams, but also being mindful and focused on awareness of negative influences and avoiding them at all costs. After this downfall in my life a flame inside of me has been pushing me to be the best at anything I try. And even though my parents have supported me through out 16 years of my life it is time for me to gain responsibility and independence, to prepare for the world outside.

Swimming has been one of my main passions and one of my motivators in life and only two years ago at a school swimming carnival the name Anastasiya Chudaeva meant nothing to nobody. I was not fast enough and did not have enough endurance to compete in a 50 meter race. This year I have changed substantially. I was able to go from coming last in the division B races to coming second and third in the division A races and even qualifying for Champion Schools Swimming Carnival, which is a day full of swimming and competing against the best swimmers in each different school.  But swimming for me was not just climbing up the ranks, it was also helping others below you. Teaching them the technique you have learned and assist them in levelling up too. Swimming has taught me discipline, learning how to cope with failure and setbacks and how to work in a team.

Team working is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal (, 2018). But why is team working an important component in anyones life? Well, it is a more synergistic way of working, where the sum is greater than the parts. This allows for different thoughts to be joined to create one excellent idea. In the past, I have been presented with assignments which expect us to use these skills to create a finished result. This year, in my accounting class, we all joined to make groups of four and each group was given $80 each to quick start a business. The four of us had to work together to figure out; What is the most profitable business? How do we save the most money? This assignment had not only helped us understand the world of business more but also learn more skills in team working, as every day had its ups and downs. Some days we would argue but we learned how to overcome it and we all used our thoughts and merged it into one business. We discovered the best way to collect our thoughts together was by appointing a leader to sort everything and everyone out.

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