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Title: Against Animal Testing by Sophia Xiang

Exact Purpose: To convince the audience that commercial animal testing should be discontinued

Although it is part of your outline, DO Not begin your speech delivery by stating your exact purpose.  The first thing you should say is your Attention-Getter.


1. Attention-Getter:

Think about your dogs at home and their undying love for you. These animals are considered “man’s best friend”, but imagine the pain and betrayal they would feel at being used as experimental tests for products that could be tested elsewhere. Your own pets could have their skin burned, eyes blinded, or even be killed. (using fear)

2. Bond: Link-to Audience:

This is what happens to the millions of animals used in labs as tests for commercial products― animals virtually identical to those in your homes, with both feelings and thoughts.

3. "Credentials" of Speaker (Credibility):

Based off of much research from multiple credible universities,

4. Claim/Speech Preview:

commercial animal testing should be discontinued due its immorality and the pain and millions of deaths it causes.

B. BODY of your Speech/ One of the paragraphs should contain a counter-claim with evidence and commentary as well as a refutation with evidence and commentary

1. Reason #1:  counterargument

a. Counterargument: On the other hand though,

some may believe that animal testing is justified as it benefits humans, and animals cognitive capabilities are not as great as that of humans.

b. Evidence 1:

They may argue that, as Adam Hepworth, a researcher in human biology says, ¨the benefits to humans from animal experimentation outweigh or ‘make up for’ the harm done to animals.”

c. Commentary:  

These experiments are done in humans’ interest but the way animals are treated is not even a consideration and torturing innocent animals cannot be justified.

d. Refutation

Additionally, this torturing and killing of millions of animals each year can not be considered humane when there are other viable options available to replace animal testing.

e. Evidence 2:

For instance, according to Dr. Donald Doll, a board certified practicing physician, “human skin patchtests, tests using tissue cultures or egg membranes, and computer models are all cheaper and more reliable than animal tests.”

f. Commentary:

How can we so adamently protect our pets from animal abuse but not condone this unnecessary brutality that can go so far as essentially killing them in a slow and painful way without even euthanesia? (rhetorical question)

Transition to Reason #2: This goes against animal rights and is entirely unethical.

2. Reason #2:  Further, commercial animal testing should be ended due to its unethical basis.

a. Evidence 1:

It is accepted that animals are unable to understand or exercise rights, but as reported by Lonestar University, “many animals possess internal systems and organs that are identical to [that] of humans. Also, animals have thoughts, goals, needs, and desires similar to humans” (“Save the Animals”)

b. Commentary:  

Because of this they should be treated with some of the same respect that humans are given due to their equal capacity to experience pain and pleasure. (alliteration)

c. Evidence 2:

Also, Dr. Barbara Orlans, a professor and researcher at John Hopkins and the National Institutes of health, argues that  “animals are a subjects of a life just as human beings are, and a subject of a life has an inherent value. They are… ends in themselves.”

d. Commentary:

By forcing their suffering, their basic rights as living beings are being violated and our being humans does not give us the grounds to declare other species as morally less significant than man.

Transition to Reason #3: Ethically, commercial animal testing is unjustified and should not be permitted, as by asserting animals inferiority, their suffering is overlooked by companies seeking a profit.

3. Reason #3: Lastly, animal testing should be entirely discontinued for the primary reason of the immeasurable pain and deaths it causes.

a. Evidence 1:

Two of the most common tests used in the industry include the Draize Test and the LD50 test. Dr. Orlans explains that the Draize test is conducted by placing product in animals eyes to test for damage to the cornea and it generally results in blindness or death. Meanwhile, the LD50 test tests for the maximum dosage an animal can take, done by pumping “huge amounts of test product into their stomachs until they die. This test is extremely painful… because death can take days or even weeks… [and] since death is the required endpoint, dying animals are not put out of their misery.”

b. Commentary:  

Not only are these living beings being tortured, but they’re also forced to face the full brunt of it without any alleviation of pain. This practice establishes itself as undeniably merciless, and clearly sadistic. (paralellism)

c. Evidence 2:

Moreover, according to Queensborough College, dogs, just like the ones kept as pets, are subjected to hundreds of eletric shocks in a small glass compartment causing them to defecate, urinate, yelp, shriek, and tremble― all this just to produce ‘learned helplessness’ as a model of depression.

d. Commentary:

As a group that loves our pets so dearly and would protect them at all costs, it is unrighteous to subject others of their species to this immense pain and overlook the unnecessary suffering inflicted upon them, especially when over a hundred million animals are killed each year.

  Transition to Conclusion: This barbaric, agonizing method of experimentation has no place in modern society.


1. Restate claim (reword): Ultimately, due to the unethical basis of animal testing and the intense pain, suffering, and death resulting from it, commercial animal testing needs to be ended.

2. Summarize main points: It is not up to humans to decide that animals should be sacrificed for our cause when other viable, and more effective options are available, and the pure pain (alliteration) they face without any mercy should not be allowed.

3. Call-to-Action: Because of this, it is up to individuals to take action and steer clear of products and brands that use animal testing.

4. Decision-Maker (optional):

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