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PART A - Describe in a page what aspects of this chapter you think are most important. What would you tell your friends, parents, or children are the key points? What points are important for future presidents or just good citizens?

Chapter 1 is full of so much interesting information and different facts. Some of which I can honestly say that I honestly would have never believed, like how there is more energy in a chocolate chip cookie than in TNT. While this is quite a strange and peculiar piece of information. I definitely think there is much more important information that is talked about, like energy usage in vehicles, whether it’s a gas-powered car or a hybrid car. Nowadays it is so common for people to own their own car, and for it to be driven daily, but I do not think all of the people that own these cars, put as much thought into purchasing the “right” one as they think they do. Of course, for such a big purchase, research is to be done before picking which car they’ll drive out of the lot, but I do not think people look at the energy aspect when buying a car. A majority of people just drive a gas-powered car, as I do, and everyone else I know, but after reading over the chapter, there are much more efficient ways to power a car. Electric-powered cars are not common amongst people due to their high price, but they save more energy than most. Tesla is a common brand, and a popular one at that, but due to their high prices, it is rare you will see one driving next to you on the highway. Although the initial cost of the car is expensive, the cost for driving is not. If you were to charge the car from your power plug at home, it would only cost 1, maybe 2 cents for each mile driven. The electric car definitely has its ups and downs solely based on the fact the batteries are the costliest thing about them; it is why the car costs so much in the beginning, and of course when the dreaded time comes around to replace the battery, you basically have lost all money saved by having an electric car. While it seems as if you are saving money by using an electric car, you are, until your battery goes bad, and all money saved is now money lost.  I was always aware that electric cars were expensive, but I didn’t know the reason for that was because of the batteries, which is why people cannot afford the upkeep of them; thus, it is a rare type of vehicle for people to be driving. What really befuddles me is why by now, there is not a more efficient or cheaper battery that has been discovered or one that is at least in the works. While electric cars are not the best option, recently hybrid cars have been making an appearance in the “green car” scene, as they are 2-3 times more efficient than an engine in a regular (gas powered) car.  Hybrid cars use both gas and electricity to fuel the engine in a more effective way. The car gets the energy from a battery which is charged and energized by a small gasoline engine. It is said that some hybrid cars can actually convert mechanical motion of the cars back into energy into the rechargeable battery. I never knew hybrid cars did this and I think it is kind of amazing. Especially in a town like Tallahassee, where there a lot of hills, it can use the extra speed from going down a hill and convert it into saved energy. I think this is something all cars should have as a feature, it is economically efficient, and it just makes sense to have in every vehicle. A majority of people coast, or idle and use the natural flow of gravity to save gas, this is such an easy and efficient way to reuse our gases that have already been put to use. All of the information in the textbook regarding other options for cars is so useful, and personally is something more people should be better informed about. There are so many different and upcoming ways that could be put to use in the car industry to be more efficient, people are just misinformed. I for one was one of these people, but after reading the chapter and doing a little more research I found the true value of a battery compared to other forms of energy, like gas.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg, it is a long-going argument, and one that many people can debate but still never come up with a solid, somewhat reasonable answer. In this article, it seems that they have an answer, but it is not just the chicken, or just the egg. Scientists are proposing that they came to existence at the same time. To back their claim, researchers are using the concept that electrons were able to exist in two places at once. They are saying that quantum physics has this “weirdness” to it that means events can happen without a set order, or both things could happen first and the other will still happen, order does not matter. I find it interesting that researchers are turning to quantum physics to get to the bottom of this continuous question that has always been in the back of our mind. I always looked at physics as something that related to motion and equations, never would I have imagined that it would provide an answer to the chicken or the egg question.

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