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'You're going to be late on your first day!'  Santana heard her mother calling from the kitchen down stairs. 'Coming!!' she yelled back. Santana, grabbed her open backpack and tossed a couple new notebooks, pencils, pens, and then whipped it onto her back as she rushed down the stairs almost missing a step. 'Did you eat something?' her mother asked her as she rushed to the door hoping the bus hadn't left her already. 'Yes mom!', she lied,' I gotta go, love you!' she yelled as the door slammed. She ran down the street waving her hands at the bus driver making sure that they saw her and knew not to leave. She approached the door and to her delight, she saw that her favorite bus driver Carl was waving at her. With an enormous smile she waved back eagerly. Carl was an older man about 60 years old with snowy, white hair, and rosy cheeks. 'Are you ready for your last year of highschool?' Carl asked. 'Gonna be a good year, i can feel it' Santana replied walking towards the back of the bus where her best friend Gabe sat. Gabe had curly black hair with brown eyes. He wore a black vest with tan khakis, and a red tie. 'Looking dapper as always' she said said looking Gabe up and down.

' This is going to be OUR year.' Gabe said moving his backpack so Santana could sit next to him.' Santana rolled her eyes and let out a sigh as she sat down, 'That's what we said last year, and the year before that--'

'And the year before that', Gabe finished, 'But this time i'm serious, senior year is going to be exciting and epic! Trust me.' Santana looked at him and laughed, 'If you say so.' Santana was about to say something when she looked out the window. The bus was stopped at the last bus stop before heading to the school. Her heart beat slowly started rising, she knew exactly whose bus stop this was, Felix Aragon.

Felix was one of the smartest boys in school, not to mention the star basketball player. He was about 6'1 with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He was absolutely dreamy to every single girl in the school, especially to Santana. When Felix walked onto the bus his name was called numerous times from several different locations. He smiled,looking around the bus for an open space when a kid basketball team called his name. 'Felix! Back here bro. I saved you a seat.' Felix made his way down the aisle high fiving people as he went.

Santana could feel her cheeks getting hot. 'Oh my god he's coming over here!' She said putting her head down. 'Are you serious santana? You've had a crush on that boy since kindergarten. Just talk to him! Or at least make eye contact' Gabe said under his breath.

Sanatana slowly lifted her head at the exact moment that Felix approached the seat across from her. 'Ready to own senior year?' he asked.

'Uh- yeah most definitely. Are YOU ready to own?!-- Senior year i mean.'

'Haha heck yes!' he said as he sat down in the seat next to hers. 'Was that flirting to you?' Gabes asked laughing sarcastically. 'Shut up' Santana replied embarrassed.

Santana's first period was chemistry. Gabe and her walked into class together and looked around hoping to see some familiar faces. They saw a couple people that they knew, and a couple that they hadn't talked to since sophomore year.There was even people that ranked in the  'popular' kids sitting over there. Gabe and Santana looked at eachother and then walked over to the group. When they approached the group they heard numerous greetings. 'Hey guys!' one of them said. 'Oh my god yess!! At least I know SOME people in this class!' another girl yelled. Gabe and Santana just smiled and figured they'd better get used to it because it's gonna be a long year.

'Hi guys!', Santana said smiling, she actually didn't mind this group of people. She knew them already so there wasn't going to be that awkward 'get to know you phase'. 'I'll be right back i gotta go to the restroom.' said Gabe as he walked to teachers desk to get a pass.

'So like I was saying,' one girl named Karmin started, 'It's supposed to be kinda 'hush hush' so don't tell anyone else, but i was thinking tattoos! You know little ones that say something about us, with a little '2k15' underneath?' Everyone immediately smiled and starting talking about how it was a great idea. To Santana, this was a pretty cool idea too, but she knew her mother would never approve, as much as she did trust her. 'I mean i guess i could ask my mom--' 'No! This has to be a secret until we get them done. As seniors we are adults and we can make our own decisions now.'

Santana thought about it. She was never one to rebel but this seemed like fun. She wanted to do it .I mean it's not like i'm being forced into it, she thought. 'I'm in!' she said just as Gabe was coming back. 'In what?' he asked. The 6 of them all shared quite glances at one another, then at Gabe deciding to fill him in. Gabe thought this was a cool idea too, and a great way to start off senior year. 'In your seats everyone. Welcome back!' They hear the teacher say as she walked in. 'My name is Mr. Gonzales and i'm going to be your chemistry teacher for the year.' 'Here we go again.' Santana whispered to Gabe rolling her eyes. 'One more year.' gabe said.

Next period was Trigonometry, then Spanish 4, lunch, Aerobics, and then finally English. Throughout the day this tattoo thing was running through Santana's mind. I've never lied to my mom like this before. She kept thinking about it, and when she got on the bus at the end of  the day Gabe couldn't take her silence anymore. 'Okay what is up with you? You've been quiet ever since first period.'

'Oh, yeah. I've just been thinking you know, about the tattoo thing. I'm so excited to do something like this with my friends, but i've never lied to my mom liked this. When my dad left her, I promised I would always take care of her and Claire and  be honest with her like my coward father never was.' Gabe could see her Santana was tearing up, so he tried cheering her up. 'You're almost an adult. Think of it as kinda like a right of passage. Now what do think you're going to get?' Santana took a second to think about it. She had no idea what she wanted. ' I don't know yet.' Santana said. 'We'll figure it out later!' he yelled as he got up to leave, 'Bye see you tomorrow.' 'Bye Gabe,' she said and sat there in silence for the rest of the ride.  

'How was your first day of 7th grade Claire bear?' Santana's mother asked while cutting into a large steak. 'It was good' she softly replied while petting the family husky named Chuck,'That girl Tori that's always mean to me is in my class though.' Their mother stopped chewing, and took a drink of wine. 'If you ever have a problem then you know all you do is go to the teacher and she will talk to her.'  

' I know, but she was surprisingly nice today,' Claire said. 'That's great!' her mom said with relief. 'Hopefully she stays that way. What about you Santana? Anything special happen on your first day as a senior?'. Santana Immediately tried to avoid eye contact with her mother.'Umm, no. Nothing too special. I only have two classes with Gabe which kinda sucks.' she said. 'Oh no,'her mother said with a frown as she cut the last piece of steak into two, 'At least you get to do all the fun senior stuff with him right?'

'Right,' Santana said getting up from the table. 'I'm tired and it's getting late so I think I'm going to head to bed now. Goodnight mom,' she said leaning in to kiss her mother,'Sweet dreams kid' she said rubbing her sister back as she passed by to go up stairs.

Santana changed out of her clothes and into her her pajamas, and then went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. When she finished, she went back into her room and checked her phone that was at her bedside desks. 2 New messages, it read. One was from Gabe wishing her a good night's sleep, and the other was from Fleix. She was so excited she started dancing around the room when her foot caught a sweatshirt that was lying on the floor and she tumbled to the ground making a loud THUNK! as she hit the floor.

'What in the world are you doing up there?' Santana hear her mother call from downstairs. 'Nothing i just dropped something, sorry mom,' she replied a little embarrassed. 'Okay good night honey.' She heard her mother say as she walked up the stairs past Santana's room and into hers. When the door shut Santana immediately grabbed her phone and got up. She opened the message and read it aloud silently,  'Hey I heard about the tattoo thing. It sounds so cool! Anyway, everyone is going in groups to go get it done

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