Trading strategies

Theoretical background This section gives a summary of the concepts that will be used during this paper. Firstly, the general concept of trading strategy analysis is discussed. Afterwards, more in-depth information on the concept of technical strategy analysis is given. Since this is an empirical research, several technical trading strategies will be used for analysis. … Read more

Banking regulatory & market framework of the Ghanaian economy

Introduction Banking crises triggered development of regulations to safeguard the system. Domestic and international banking regulations were instituted and reformed over time to strengthen regulatory and supervisory frameworks since risky banking procedures were attributed to the financial crunches (Bertus, Jahera & Yost, 2007). Specifically, the crucial role of banks necessitated regulation and supervision of capital, … Read more

HSBC strategic management and marketing

Many banks have been established over the years, HSBC is one such bank which prides itself in being one of the largest financial institutions worldwide. The bank has used a popular tag line ‘world’s local bank’ over the years but recently the bank has had to change its strategy and adopted a new tag line … Read more

Fundamental analysis on selected Indian banks

INTRODUCTION Investment is putting money into something with the expectation of profit. More specifically, investment is the commitment of money or capital to the purchase of financial instruments or other assets so as to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, dividend capital gain sends, or appreciation of the value of the instrument (capital … Read more

Challenges faced by Islamic commercial banking

The banking sector is a pivotal contribution to the economy of any country. The performance of the banking sector at a given time is usually a barometer of the level of economic development in a country. Over the years, there has been a transformation of banking from traditional brick and mortar banking to electronic banking … Read more

Co-operative banking

Chapter-1 Introduction Co-operative credit is the basis of co-operative banking. The co-operative banking system also performs the basic functions of banking. These banks are set up under co-operative Act. The credit provided through co-operative banks is called co-operative credit. The evolution of co-operative banks are voluntary organizations set up by collective ownership and unlimited membership … Read more

Carry Trade VS. Momentum

Introduction This paper is written to investigate the investments strategies Carry Trade and Momentum. The plausibility of the theories proposed in the literature will be assessed to explain the profitability of these strategies. The carry trade consists of borrowing low–interest rate currencies and lending high–interest rate currencies. The momentum strategy consists of going long (short) … Read more

Risk measurement

Every new method that emerges in risk measurement has been developed by improving the weak aspects of previous models. Researchers and investors discovered those aspects in consequence of past experiences and economic crises in financial markets. For example in 1970’s, fluctuations in interest rates caused high inflation rates which were resulted as economic stagnation in … Read more

Psychological factors that affected the 2008 financial crisis

Recently Behavioural Economists have increasingly challenged the classic efficient market hypothesis with theories based on human psychology to explain short-term swings. This Extended Project will be exploring the extent to which psychological factors have affected the 2008 financial crisis. This paper is broken down into financial and psychological factors. Traditional Economists argue that the 2008 … Read more

Overview of Crypto companies

MICROSTRATEGY INCORPORATED MicroStrategy CEO and co-founder Michael Saylor say This is NOT a small investment! MicroStrategy is a potential sea change for how companies might consider allocating capital on their balance sheet. Bitcoin has emerged as a big addition to the worldwide economic system, with useful characteristics. To the two people and establishments. MicroStrategy has … Read more